Week 3 of 8 results, video of my Warrior Wrap, Eischens Yoga

Here's a video of all the ingredients needed for my some of my favorites you might see in my diet every day including my Warrior Wrap! This meal is strong and filled with lots of good strong foods and just some good tasting plant based stuff too!!
This week has been good, we did alot of work, got alot done and i got my training in too...AND IMPROVED:) on every workout!!
QUESTION for you all - are you following all the 8 week workouts or just the strength ones and if so are you using the conditioning days for your more specific training like long distance running, biking, etc. Just like to hear your feedback :)
MBG 1 - restoration: did 3 hours of EY on thursday...then did a cold shower after BJJ training today and some playing on the playground:) and that felt good too:) that is the goal right:) haha
MBG 2 - Thursday and Friday workouts
Thursday - needed a simple rest type workout today after shooting 3 hours of our new Eischens Yoga dvd...so just did a VFF run 2.5 miles, then did some box jump training practice and then a few sets of power wheel rollouts for 2 x 25 to chest.
Friday - 20/15/10/5 BODYWEIGHT VERSION (bar muscle ups, bw cleans, bw push press)
Improved again this week by almost 5 minutes!!
Week 1 - 41:34, Week 2 - 39:43, Week 3 - 34:52
For sure the bars in madison made this alot harder as the ones i use are only 6' off the floor and chicago's are higher to allow more swing...= easier:) Made up time on the bw push press off 6" boxes as cut down the sets by a good amount. Feel pretty good about cutting even more time off next week, shooting for under 30 minutes next week!
MBG 3 pb nutrition:
  • spice tea
  • bananas, blueberries, walnuts, plant protein, almond yogurt
  • kombucha
  • kale, pine nuts, cranberries, cous cous, walnuts, black bean burger
  • air popcorn
  • limeade, banana, coconut milk and ice....man this was tasty!!
  • ezekial wrap, daiya cheese, vegan sausage, kale, hummus and some green beans
  • spice tea
Feeling stronger each week and getting more rest so started bjj again today:) so that is always good:) haha Another question for you all....are you progressing your workouts each week? Are you doing your EY? and are you eating strong and clean foods still?:) guess that's a few:) haha
sleep, train, eat, restore strong my friends!!


  1. Jon,
    I am following the workouts exactly as laid out except I have skipped a tuesday, thursday and friday during the first three weeks because of travelling and being a little tired. I have definitely progressed. Tomorrows workout I gotta go down to a little park down by the bay and setup my stuff and get to work. I'm hoping everything I need is available and my numbers are going to take a hit because I will use the power pushup to make it more difficult. I'm also working on one arm pushups and chinups and pistols a little everyday and I have seen amazing progress. I have a few weeks vacation down the jersey shore so I'm just going to relax, do yoga, swim, follow the workouts, work on the pushups, chinups, and pistols, and try to eat as best I can.

  2. Hey Jon! Following them pretty close. Missed a few on the first week. I've been getting in a little biking or running on the shorter workout days if I have time and have the urge. Just once or twice a week. Aftet seeing the improvements thus far on the workouts i dont want to miss any more haha! And yes,yes, and yes to the other question. I hope to make it up for the seminar this weekend with David Sandoval. It looks pretty cool! Thanks!

  3. hey guys, good feedback! keep it up my friends and yes the ppu will for sure drop your numbers as it did for me for sure:)
    lets make this week even stronger for us and ALL those around us...inspire by leading thru example my friends!
    gonna be a strong week!!!:)


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