Week 2 Finished and all looking strong!!! MBG 3 and 3B's baby!!!!

Man what a great week again! Down here in chicago for a few days and everyone is getting everything super tight! Love seeing that! For myself and my trainers the gains and improvements are right on par for what i knew was going to happen...mental and physical improvements each week!!
QUESTION - what is the MBG way of training?? the 3B's my friends...what is the 3B's?? :) Also tell me how you are feeling and if you have an exercise that is too easy or slightly too hard ask me and i'll explain a simple modification for you so you can train at a solid level for improvement next week.
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga class, did alot of back domes and warriors
MBG 2 - Training thursday and friday this week
Thursday was easy relaxing day perfect for recovery as i was feeling a bit tired and we drove alot too. So did 10 x 100 yard ramp runs, could not do the box jumps for speed as the drive down made my knee a bit tight and hadnt done EY yet....after of course knee felt fine:) haha
Today (friday) 20/15/10/5 afap
  1. Bar muscle ups - 9*, 5, 4, 2 (20)   7,5,3 (15)   6,4 (10)   5(5)
  2. BW cleans - 13*, 7 (20) 10, 5(15) 10(10)   5(5) Power Jumper 120 12" box onto 24" box
  3. BW push press - 6*,4,3,3,2,2 (20)  5,3,3,2,2 (15)  4,2,2,2 (10)  3,2 (5) off 6" boxes
TOTAL TIME - * 39:43 (1:51 less time!!) *means PR

MBG 3 - plant based eating!!
  • maca cafe
  • almond yogurt, lifes basics, blueberries, pecans, raisins
  • kombucha
  • kale, pine nuts, garbanzo beans, tomato, potatoes, peas, corn....whew ate too much:) hahaha
  • kombucha
  • greens, almonds
  • organic food bar
  • popcorn:)
TODAY was good and strong! Got 2 PR's too which is always a good sign your training is on point! Make sure you all get alot of rest this weekend AND do remember WRITE OUT YOUR GOAL NUMBERS FOR NEXT WEEKS TRAINING THIS WEEKEND!!!!:)
peace my friends...and i really mean that:)


  1. man i don't have my notebook with me but i totally killed b2 yesterday and beat all my scores on b1 the day before also! im a little off on the workouts due to conflicting schedule but i'm going to keep up as best i can. thanks for posting this 8 week workout program jon! looks like everyone is going to make some awesome progress!

  2. 30" box jumps, 24" lateral box jumps, 1 leg squat on 24" box (no rest between), 48k suitcase squat off 12" boxes. Could you provide some possible alternatives? I don't have boxes at the moment.
    Also, could TNT be a good option on Fridays?

  3. Things are going great. Love the workouts.

  4. glad you guys like the workouts!!
    NICK - we have a great alternative listed as well instead of the heavy kb deep squat too. it's listed and it's a power jumper 120 squat to butt to heels or 12" bench, box, ball, etc will work...it is very similar in reps to the heavy squat i found. tell me how you like it and take a break btwn the legs too on the step ups:) i did and it keeps a good balance on this workout.
    lets keep it going strong my friends!!

  5. Jonny, what are the BW Cleans BW Push Press - do you have video? Thnx, Homie, time to crank some BODYWEIGHT WORK! BOOM!!

  6. yeah, something we just came up with and they are very cool and match up pretty well with our reps using the kb's.
    BW Cleans - sit on a 12" box + power jumper 120 on and fingers on floor, then jump onto a 24" box and back down and repeat....very similar to a dead clean movement (paul fogg - mbg darwin thought it up and we like it alot!!)
    BW Press - on two 6" boxes in Headstand position, then using a slight kick up into a HS position and control down back onto your head....very similar feel to a push press minus the leg work:) haha....similar in upper body feel though.
    yeah videos on these hope i'll do this week...maybe they'll be good vlog videos:)
    hope you like them...try them and tell me okay!


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