video of bodyweight clean & push press, week 3 of 8 results, EY & PB no doubt!!!

Here's a quick video some folks wanted to see...the bodyweight clean and push press!!
try these two on for size tomorrow to make the 20/15/10/5 all bodyweight instead of using
the kb's. I really like this alternative!!:) Thanks Foggy for the bw cleans!!! Dont forget though
we're still doing the bar muscles ups too though!! Over all this week has been crazy busy, man so
much MBG stuff is happening is awesome and crazy at times too!! Big things on the horizon
my friends!! We filmed alot this week, some products yesterday and YES a NEW Eischens Yoga
DVD!!!! It will be out in just a few weeks after editing and the shoot went really well! I'm really happy with what we did today:)
Results for the last 2 days are below:
MBG 1 Eischens Yoga & Gorilla Chillin' - 3 hours of EY today and felt great!! Put out a new sequence for you all and really broke it down even more for you and added in alot more good stuff...PLUS we added in a bonus section too of "How to fix common aches and pains"!
MBG 2 Training like a Gorilla!! 
Wednesday was J Rock (3 sets of 20 usually but what i did was amap of each so i can build up reps!!)
MU's > ATW's > S2S's > Headbangers > L seat chins > jump MU's on 6' bar = AMAP Total
1st set got 26 total!! 2nd and 3rd set got 20 total with good improvements on MU's and ATWs:)
FHSPU's > HSPU's > Wall Pr Up > Wall punch push up > S2S push up > Box MU's
1st set got 25 total!! Then 22 and 23 with all improvements coming on the big exercises (first 3!!)
So on both my totals were up from 60 > 66 on pulls and 60 > 70 on pushes:) and added in some changes as well to the second half of each that i consider harder like the wall punch push up is great! and then the Jump MU"s is great for helping me to do perfect MU's on the bar as i still am doing walk up muscle ups which are okay but not as clean.
Thursday was Running, some light jumping and doubt did the EY today:) haha instead of running sprints though i did a 2.5 mile VFF run which felt good, after all the work this week i wanted to chill a bit today, then just did some simple jump technique training and i was cool:)
MBG 3 plants:)
  • Maca cafe'
  • ezekial wrap, hummus, vegan sausage, huge amount of kale...this is simple and tastes great!!
  • kombucha
  • organic food bar
  • almond yogurt, vanilla plant protein (new one from my good friend Ori Hofmekler and it's dope!! and will be out in one month so i'll tell you more!), almonds, blueberries
  • kombucha
  • yucca, mixed greens, avocado, tomato, onions, peruvian corn (huge corn that is awesome:) and beans
  • organic food bar
  • tea
What a week, hope you all like the video and try out the bodyweight only version as i love it!!
Big day tomorrow unless you read this on friday:) then big day today!!! 20/15/10/5!!!! Lets beat last weeks time my friend and push each other to even greater heights!!!!
PEACE my brothers and sisters!!!!:)


  1. Jon,
    Is there any vitamin that you recommend or mainly everything from diet?

  2. Hey Jon! These workouts are going great! I've only gotten to do Fridays workout twice but made big progress from first one already! I subbed stone clean and presses for KB c and p with a 100 lb natural stone I found at home. Worked out pretty sweet!
    Wkt 1
    Stone clean and press 8,2,4,3,3/5,3,3,2,2/3,2,2,2,1/2,2,1
    Jump assist mu 10,5,3,2/10,5/6,4/5

    Wkt 2
    Stone c and p 8,7,4/8,4,3/4,4,2/5
    Jump assist mu 10,5,5/8,7/6,4/5
    19:00 min! 8 min improvement!
    thanks for sharing this 8 week program!

  3. MATTHEW - b-12 and vit D are the only ones all people general lack in so i occasionally take them:) haha
    JOSEPH - great alternative and man what a solid improvement!! cant wait to see how you do next week!!!:)
    keep up the great work my friends!!


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