TWO tough workouts, tons of mbg work, strong PB meals:) Week 3 of 8

Simple & Strong:)
Man did i need this quote today:) haha Yesterday had a good strong workout at MBG Chicago, today back to madison, a 6 hour business meeting, 2 hours of teaching and then training outside in this crazy heat!!!:) haha whew did it though:)
Got to say alot is happening on the MBG front!!:) It's crazy how exciting it is right now:)
We'll keep working hard and you all will see MBG grow alot this year:)
MBG 1 restoration - was pretty busy today so just did the front warrior poses a few times today. This is all Roger had me do when i first began Eischens Yoga and it worked well so when in doubt i do front warrior:) All i do is focus on keeping the hips vertical as i work the shins forward, hips back and crown long...think about it as a box (your hips) and then a triangle expanding around the box. That's the hips staying square and the front shin forward, back thigh in extension back and then the head long towards the sky! It's simple but man does it open up the hips:)
Monday: Heavy push ups & chin ups at 75% of previous heaviest work, then Boomerang 1...This was interesting because i did not sleep well and was very tired going into this workout but thought i'm going to give it my i do a warm up set for push ups and chin ups and immediately feel like i'm about to cramp up in my biceps:) haha with no load, just a few reps:) maybe i'm a bit dehydrated too:) So i was glad that i dropped to 75% of my max loads for both push and chin ups and just purely focused on strong, quick sets of 2 and nothing to failure. THIS is an extremely positive way to train the power and speed of a movement and getting adapted to it is an excellent way to improve overall strength and power. This also is a great way to feel strong going into the workout and feel positive.
  1. Push ups: 3 x 2 + 56kg (last week i said i did a 405lb push up....actually i forgot, when doing a push up a male uses about 65% of his bodyweight (women about 55%). So i weight about 220lbs x .65 = 143lbs + 85kg (187lbs) = 330lb push up. Easy way to check this is put your hands on a scale in the push up position and see what you weigh:) simple huh:) haha
  2. Pull ups: 3 x 2 + 24kg to chest....after these sets i felt much better going into this workout!
BOOMERANG 1: 45/45 also did not have a weight vest here so went back to no vest BUT used a power push up 1 (80lbs) for push ups and dips and that was super hard:) haha
  1. HSPU x *13 (got 8 in a row, best in a while!!:) (1 more rep than last week)
  2. Bar MU's x *11 (got 9 in a row, my PR!!) This workout was done at MBG Chicago (madison is tougher for doing muscle ups) (2 more reps than last week)
  3. Dips + 80lb PPU1 x 22 (this was actually much harder than 20lb vest:) so i feel equal to last week or even better!!
  4. Kips x *30 this is my best for 45 seconds...BUT the hard part here is to improve on this as when i first tested this i only stopped 1 time and got 28 which was a bear, it's actually much easier to wear a vest and do less reps here than to go hard as heck and not stop for 45 seconds:) (so happy i got 2 reps more!)
  5. Push ups + 80lb PPU1 x 23 (way harder than the vest again!!! so felt this was at least as good as last weeks version with the vest or better...for sure gonna stick with the PPU1)
  6. JGXT muscle ups x *20 (1 more than i did 3 weeks ago when i last did it with no vest, but man i was hurting here as i forgot how dang hard this is to get amap in 45 seconds and 20 was tough!!)
  7. Tiger push ups x 19 (no doubt this was equal to or harder than the 20lb vest, these crushed me at this point in the workout and are an awesome sub for the parallette dips...they are equal to the weighted dips for sure, so i'm happy with these numbers and will keep with the tiger push ups!)
  8. JGXT body rows x *31 (tough again to get all these in in 45 seconds...tough but did it!!) 
Total = 169 reps (prefer this version of B1 as i can really do this one anywhere and hit it full!!

TUESDAY - BOOMERANG 2 (45/45) After my day i just wanted to get outside and do my best version of this workout and it went really well despite 96 degrees and same humidity!!:)
  1. 36" box jump x 21
  2. Broad Jump + PJ120 x *22 yards
  3. 24" lateral box jumps x 26
  4. GHD's x *23 with hands on head
  5. 24" one leg step ups L/R x *24s
  6. JGXT curls x *36
  7. Full squats + PJ120 to 12" box x 24
Total reps = 175 (up 3 reps from last week)
Then did not have bxt for pw full rollouts at the park so did 45/45 of the following
HLR's x 11, PW rollouts x 22, parallel bar leg lifts to V position x 12, lever flutter kicks x 20s
Feel very good about today after all the meetings:) so good workout today!

MBG 3 plant based nutrition - 
  • Maca cafe
  • sweet greens drink - kale, cilantro, apples
  • figs & almonds
  • spinach wrap, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, hummus, onions
  • organic food bar
  • kombucha
  • rice, tofu, squash, curry, onions, sprouts
  • kombucha
Good last two days of training, eating and yoga!!
Keep in touch my friends and tell me how your doing okay!!
"Inch by inch" my friends!!!!
peace my friends,


  1. Jon,
    Just got back from Europe. I did all but one day of the workouts. Yesterday I did Mondays because on Monday I was at the airport and on the plane pretty much all day. I thought being jet lagged would catch up but I killed the workout. Final was 242 . All my numbers but one were up and two were even. Hitting boomerang 2 today and a little nnervous to see my numbers because that is the one I missed last week. I will put. up my numbers for both workouts later.

  2. crushing it matthew!! man that is awesome work my friend! are you hitting 40 or more on some? i'm thinking once you're over 40 on any single exercise it is time to challenge that one a bit more...that is why i changed from dips and push ups to adding the power push up 1 (80lbs) and that brought my numbers down into the 20s which is great to work up again from. once you're in the 40's its for sure too easy:) so either add a 10% vest or a ppu and you're good!! BUT hey, keeping it the same is awesome too!! haha 5 more weeks of this and maybe close to 280??:)

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  5. What brand of weight vest do you use? and how much weight would you recommend when buying one?

  6. hey matthew, we have a few and up til lately none have stood the mbg test of time yet:) haha we go thru them quickly and so i just look for ones that are snug as heck as we move so much. so i do not go for the super heavy ones but prefer to get 10-30lb ones and then simply layer them if i want to go real heavy.


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