Short Video on this week, got reg MU and 3B's works my friends!!:)

Well the last two days of training of week 4 are in the books and still looking good and feeling strong!
As i've mentioned you want to feel strong at the end of each workout, leave the workout feeling stronger and you will be doing very good!
QUESTION: If you have yourself or a client that is having challenges getting bar muscle ups have you tried our way of progressing to them? Jump MU first, then bar goes higher and higher til challenging, then once overhead a good way and still getting them easy, then stand on a box with bar about the same height and do the jump off 1 leg while kipping with the other leg! It works great and makes a smooth transition to the real deal! Try it out for a few weeks and you'll see big improvements!
MBG 1 restoration, Eischens Yoga - did some supine bridge and back dome work followed by good rest pose breath works for 2 times each of the last few days....helps to relax:)
MBG 2 - Training
THURSDAY did a simple leg strength workout with only the power jumper: 4 x 30 PJ 120 hindu squats touching fingers to floor on each rep, alternated with 4 x 30 PJ 120 full extensions with hands on head which both worked great for legs and lungs!! Then did 4 x 30 1 foot FULL power wheel rollouts...havent done this before full chest to floor on a full one so kept the ROM smaller so i dont collapse my back and it was hard as hell at 1 foot:) haha. Then walked about 4 miles after all this listening to some positive audio tapes:)
FRIDAY did the 20/15/10/5 workout and did great!
Started with BW cleans first using PJ 160 instead and then did bar jump MU's, then BW push press off 6" blocks...different order sort of made the PP's a bit harder but no worries still did it well:)
Jump MU's to 6'6" bar - 8,7,5 (20) / 9,6 (15) / 10 (10) / 5 (5)
BW push press off 6" blocks - 6,4,4,3,2 (20) / 6,3,3,3 (15) / 5,3,2 (15) / 3,2 (5)
BW clean PJ 160 off 12" to 24" - 15,5 (20) / 10,5 (15) / 10 (10) / 5 (5)
TOTAL TIME - 28:21 (cut 6:31 off last weeks)
no doubt the jump MU's made this faster, BUT i got some done right!! hey hey hey!!:)

MBG 3 - plant based nutrition 
  1. spice tea, rice milk, stevia
  2. blueberries, banana, walnuts, raspberries, almond yogurt, SOLife
  3. kale, hummus, beans, ezekial wrap, sweet potato
  4. organic food bar
  5. kombucha
  6. kale, pine nuts, cous cous, cranberries, edemame, garbanzo beans
  7. organic food bar
  8. air popped popcorn
Good week overall and now that we've finished doing a bunch of videos too whew get to rest a bit before the intensive course started next thursday in MBG Chicago!!
Hope some of you can join us there and if not joining us online is great too:) haha
peace my friends!


  1. Sounds like a big week Jon. Congrats on the MU. I am a little unclear on what a PJ full extension is. Can you clarify? Thanksy friend!


  2. got the pj on bend forward into forward flexion position with hands on head, then stand up....our version of a bodyweight deadlift:) hope this helps brad:)


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