Let this July 4th be your day of independence from the matrix of fitness!!

Beautiful night here in Madison:)
Let today mark your independence from the Fitness Matrix that has cocooned you and the world!
Thinking of all the things that the Traditional World of Fitness and Life has sucked you in on....think on these things...are they in the best interest of you, people and planet? Are they things that you feel are instinctive and natural OR have they sucked you in on things that you dislike or feel un-attached to reality. Let this day mark the day that YOU follow your path in life, help yourself and others to do the things in life that make us happy! The man in the mirror ring a bell?
I once asked an older man who was always happy as a clam what was the secret to a happy life....he smiled and said, find what you love, find a way to do it as a living, find a place you love to live in and someone special to share it with you....he walked the walk!! Every day he smiled, laughed alot, came to the gym and trained and shared time with his friends:) and loved where and who he shared his life with:) beautiful:)
Well today was the beginning of the 8 week MBG Training cycle:
MBG 1 - did beginner sequence and took a crazy cold shower:) haha
MBG 2 - day 1 of 8 week cycle with BOOMERANG:) Now the last two weeks i did B i crushed the reps on a few so decided today to add a 20lb weight vest after the HSPU's and bar MU's and it worked great!! And set up great numbers to beat for next week!!
HSPU's - 12 (beat my last two weeks bests)
Bar MU's - 9 (again beat my last weeks best)
Dips + 20v             - 25
Kips + 20v             - 23
Push ups + 20v      - 27
JGXT MU's + 20v - 15
Dips + 20v             - 16 (did the 12" parallettes dips 2 min after w/20v and did 40...still too easy:) 
Body Rows + 20v  - 23
Total Reps        =  150
Forgot to the the heavy as possible push ups and chin ups before though:( so will try to remember for next week and do amap sets with 60k for push ups of 1-2 and then 28k chin ups for same.
MBG 3 - plant based nutrition
  • maca cafe'
  • soaked oats, brown sugar, bananas, strawberries, walnuts
  • organic food bar - protein
  • eggless tofu salad veggie wrap, rice noodles
  • huge mixed greens salad, peruvian corn, bell peppers, pinto beans, avocado and some yucca roots
  • few bites of vegan white cake and some glad corn:) good snack!
QUOTE FOR YOU TODAY: "The Master in the Art of Living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion.
He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he is always doing both." 
Make today just that in every moment of your day, live the way that makes YOU happy, live the way that makes YOU a master in the art of living:)
Peace my friends! Eat, Train, Restore like a master over the next 8 weeks and change your world and the world in the process!!:)


  1. Jon,
    I don't have my numbers on me now but I did 222 which was up from 194 last week. I am eager to do the 8 week cycle and am going to try to the best of my abilities with the lack of equipment during my traveling. What do you recommend for weighted movements like deadlifts, swings, and clean and presses as I will not have access to kettlebells while I am away.
    If I cannot do the workouts as successful as I want to I am definitely going to do a solid 8 weeks when I can at home with everything I need.

  2. Hey Jon! Grea post! Looking forward to the next 8 weeks of training. Should be interesting. I just started 30 days of raw food only 8 days ago. Definitely took a few days to get adjusted to not having a little rice and beans for calories.

  3. hey matthew, good numbers! keep it up my friend! for traveling you can replicate all those movements easy:
    DL - JGXT leg curls, runners or 1 legged curls
    For swings - power jumper broad jumps OR hands overhead PJ full extensions actually kicks your butt:) OR simple cable hip extensions keeping hands overhead.
    for clean and press - touching the floor then using your arms alot is very very similar to a clean movement...for the press: hspu or down dog push ups off box or floor are great!
    good questions....usually jumping is the best to replicate those movements as that is what those movements ARE replicating:) haha
    stay in touch okay:)

  4. Looks good Jon. I have a question though. What if we can't do bar MU, should we sub a different movement or just skip it. Thanks!

  5. One more thing... will you be explaining the EY deep squat and seated L listed on the worksheet? Thanks!

  6. Nice post. Looking forward to the 8 week training cycle.

  7. thanks guys!
    BRAD - i wrote a blog on how to do this.
    if no muscle ups ->>> do kips
    later kips ->>>> do chin ups
    so if you cannot do a highest level movement, notch it down to what you can do that is challenging...also doing jump bar muscle ups which i also explained is an awesome one to help you get bar MU's.
    the video will show some of the EY stuff coming this week i believe too:)
    thanks RYAN:)
    today was a tough one:) haha

  8. Thanks Jon. Just saw the videos too. Good stuff!

  9. thank you so much for the quote and the secret to a happy life. I love the wisdom that saturates your posts. am also enjoying post-workout swims. thanks for all your beautiful work, love to you and Jess.

  10. Hey Jon, I have recently purchased the JGXT, the PW Jumper and the PW Wheel, and my dad and i have been reading all about your philosophy on plant based nutrition and are very eager to learn more. We are trying out this equipment for a month and we plan to attend the MGB Intesive course in October. I was wondering if you could provide a weeks meal plan or something to help us get started on the road to natural well being. Let me know what you think.


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