J Rock is off the hook!! JGXT, Power Wheel and Bar Muscle Up assist video

VIDEO of how to barely assist a bar muscle up yet get a kip still....off a box and using 1 leg!
We've been doing jump MU's for a bit now and that works great, i just been thinking how can i
get even a better feel for it and get a kip and i got it! Hope this helps some of you, this is what i am
doing to transition from walk up muscle ups to regular and did it yesterday and it felt great and
some of my other MBG trainers tried it and thought it was perfect!
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga supine bridge, used a power push up around my shins with the handles over my wrists to do partner feedback on it....been doing this for years and love it.
This is how i've progressed over the last 4 weeks on this workout, hope seeing this helps some of you see how i progress on this workout. For the MU"s the bar is 8'6" feet and so standing on a box 30" high made the top of my head even with the bar which is what i wanted yet still allowed for me to get the forward swing and slight kip up too.
MBG 2 - J Rock

WEDNESDAY Madison Madison Chicago Madison
J Rock - 3 x 20 7.6.11 7.13.11 7.20.11 7.27.11
Bar MU 3,2,1 4,4,2 6,5,2 4,4,3 jumped off 30" box with 1 leg
ATW 2,2,2 2,3,3 4,2,2 3,2,2
S2S chins 2,2,2 3s,3s,2s 4s,3s,3s 5,4,3
Headbangers 3,2,3 3s,2s,1s 5,5,4 5,4,5
L seat chins 3,1,1 3,2,1 2,1,2 3,2,2
Jump MU 6' bar 4,2,2 0,3,7 5,4,7 5,6,7
TOTAL 17,11,11 20,20,20 26,20,20 25,22,22

49 60 66 69*
FHSPU 5,4,3 5,5,4 6,5,4 8,5,5
HSPU 2,2,2 2,1,2 3,2,2 4,3,2
Wall pr up 2,2,2 3,2,2 3,2,3 4,3,3
Wall punch p.up 3,3,3 4,4,4 4,3,4 7,7,5
S2S push up 3,3,3 3,4,4 4,6,6 5,5,4
box MU 5,6,7 4,4,4 5,4,4 6,4,4
TOTAL 20,20,20 21,20,20 25,22,23 34,27,23

60 61 70 84*

5x10 jg MU

5x20 pl dips

THE EXTRA work at the end was something i've been doing a bit of lately just if i'm feeling good and strong and want to do a bit more. So that is what you see above as well...5x10 XT MU's and 5x20 planche dips (feet below top of boxes). Felt great leaving the gym after this one!!
MBG 3 - eating plants
  • Green drink
  • almond yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, banana, walnuts, plant protein
  • apple
  • spinach, mango, rice milk, plant protein
  • hemp bread, kale, hummus, tofu
  • vegan pizza (corn meal crust, organic tomato sauce, tons of kale, daiya cheese, chorizo vegan sausage
  • apple
  • green drink
Hope you all are having a good day:)


  1. MU/ATW/S2S/Headbangers/Lseat/jump mu
    1/5/5/6/4/6 = 27
    3/5/4/6/3/6 = 27
    3/5/5/4/2/8 = 27
    I did the muscle ups on a thicker bar than I was used to and I finally got a hang out it after my first set.

    FHSPU/HSPU/Wall press/planche dip/pseudo planche pushup/tiger pushup
    2/6/3/3/3/5 = 22
    7/5/2/5/4/5 = 28
    2/6/2/5/3/5 = 23
    I just do free standing handstand pushups and sometimes with them I can get going and get quite a few reps (as seen in the second set) other times I struggle.


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