A How to Progress your MBG 8 Week Training Cycle!

This just shows my 1st week numbers and then the goals for this coming week. If you look at this first mondays workout i simply bumped each number up a bit for this weeks goals.
on the weighted push ups and chin ups i simply set a goal of doing one extra set of each.
Last week i did 3 sets of 1 with 80kgs on the kb push up and 2 sets of 1 with 36kg's on chin ups. So this week my goal (written before the actual workout:) is 4 x 1 x 80kg (P.Ups) and 3 x 1 x 36kg (C.Up) On Mondays Boomerang my ACTUAL NUMBERS and GOALS for this week
HSPU'S 12 >>>>14
Bar MU's 9>>>>11
Dips +20vest x 25 >>> 20 (with 30vest)
this continues for the whole workout, i write out my goal numbers for each exercise and for my total which was 150 last week and my goal for monday is 158.
Do this for each workout, write your goal numbers out BEFORE the workout, then use those goal numbers and hit or beat each one of them!!!
Do this each week and your results after 8 weeks will be off the charts!!

If you have any questions please ask them okay:)
look forward to seeing how WE all improve each week!!
peace my friends!!


  1. What a great week!
    Monday did the 1 min on/ 1 min off workout "by accident", then worked up to +32kg Push Up and +24kg Chin Up. Finished Boomerang with 119 reps and a smile.
    Tuesday did Invisible Jump Rope finishing each set with 60-70 reps. Boomerang 2 needs some personal modifications as chairs and milk crates are not quite boxes. 150 reps there if we're counting both legs on the One Leg Squat on "Chair".
    J-Rock was fun. Broke out some L-Seat Chins because I was sure I could after watching the video. Four reps of fun. Hehe. Finished with Chins and 90 degree Chins. Also worked milk crate Down Dog Push Up, Tiger, Push Up, and Dip(Toes on Ground).
    Thursday was nine hill sprints and Hindu Squats. I missed the part about don't stop until you hit twenty and did 15/17/18.
    Friday I C&P 16kg's, Ring (no XT yet) Muscle Up, and Dip(Toes on Ground). (1,2,3,4,5),5/ (1,2,3,4,5)/ (1,2,3,4)/ 5. After the first set, I did everything together. 1 Clean & Press, Ring Muscle Up, Dip; 2, 3, 4, etc. Not sure if that's the idea, but flowed nicely. Didn't really keep track of time, about 45 min or so. Will definitely have the timer going this week.
    It was a great week of getting to know these workouts. As I get more and more familiar I know I'll be able to push to higher levels. Thanks a bunch for putting this together! I'm already feeling a bunch of benefits!

  2. Forgot to mention the stuff I don't write down as diligently... Still doing Eischens daily and eating lots of plants. Lol, actually counting calories to make sure I'm getting enough to accomplish my weight gain goal. Got my Indian Club swinging DVD back from my sister and have been practicing along with that again. Even after a certification, it's amazes me how much I'd been missing. Huge thanks to Dr. Ed Thomas! Such is life though, continually seeking slight improvements. Let's make the most of it!


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