Good Strong Monday! Did you bump it up? Great homemade meals:)

Hey y'all, hope you had a strong monday and hope your energy is good too and your not cooked:)
The workouts in this 8 week cycle are hard and we designed them so that you WILL recover and feel strong when you hit that workout again in the next week.
QUESTION FOR YOU: What is your simplest & tastiest 5 minute 100% plant based meal you dont just say open can of beans:) haha but simply and crazy tasty!!
MBG 1 - restoration: did Eischens Yoga back dome series with some assistance from supine bridge and sphinx pose, but also then did back dome resisted with the power jumper and that worked awesome!!! Also did alot of supine bridge using the power push up across my shins and handles over my wrists and that worked great too!!
MBG 2 - Good Strong workout...pre-workout did some HSW's, some light flagpoles and some planches and levers...all simple.
  1. Heavy push ups (thumbs to chest) - 4 x 1 x 84kg's...not bad:) 220lbs + 185 = 405lb push up:)
  2. Heavy Chin ups (bar to chest) - 4 x 1 x 36kg...again feel good! 220 + 79 = 299lb chin up:) 
Then Boomerang!!:)
  1. HSPU's x 12 (same as last week) learned it's quicker to rest while on your head which i did not do today and stood up twice and last week i just rested on my head between reps which works better:)
  2. MU's x 9 (same as last week) did not feel bad, got 6, then 2, then 1 and that was time:)
  3. Dips + 20v x 28 (up 3 reps!) (Here i added the 20lb vest for the remainder of the workout)
  4. Kips + 20v x 25 (up 2 reps!)
  5. Push ups + 20v x 32 (up 5 reps!!)
  6. JGXT MU's + 20v x 17 (up 2 reps)
  7. Dips + 20v x 18 (up 2 reps) got to change this as i dont like repeating and the paralletes are just too easy for me even with the vest:) it:) tiger push ups next week!!!!:) 
  8. JGXT body rows + 20v x 28 (up 5 reps!!)
Total reps = 166!! (16 more than last week!)

MBG 3 plant based nutrition: 
  • maca cafe 
  • ezekial wrap, hummus, lots of lightly steamed spinach, black refried beans, sweet potatoes
  • spice tea
  • greens, mango, banana, rice milk, pea/brown rice protein, oats, almonds
  • spice tea
  • half organic food bar
  • sweet potato, hummus, corn, kale, chorizo tofu sausage
  • spice tea and some rice milk

get some rest for tomorrow is B2!! Remember if you want, do the bodyweight version instead:) So be like a Silverback, simple and strong....and plant based!!!:) haha


  1. 5 minute dressing:
    -big spoonful of tahini
    -big spoonful of miso
    -some warm water to mix
    -stir with fork
    -great on beans, lentils, steamed veggies and salads!
    -good source of calcium

  2. that does sound good!! simple, strong!!


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