8 week cycle is READY! Are you ready? Guidelines below!!

Well my friends Next Week is the start of our first MBG 8 week training cycle for all (not just athletes)!!
The question is are you Ready? This is not just doing the week of workouts each week and saying yeah i did the workout, this is taking your training to another level my friends!
Do the plant based nutrition daily, eat strong plants, make a difference in you and the planet!
Do the Eischens Yoga beginner sequence 3 times a week on your own AND the partner feedback after workouts!!
But before you begin i want you to find out where you are;
  1. Take a before picture at the beginning and end of the 8 weeks.
  2. Keep track of all workouts and eischens yoga in a journal.
  3. Keep track of all meals and how your feeling everyday in your journal.
  4. The first week of workouts are to set a baseline for you to improve upon each week.
  5. Make sure you get plenty of sleep (8-9 hours a night)
  6. Make sure right after you do your workout to write down your results....THEN immediately write out how your going to do on the same workout next week with the improvements. 
    1. For example, lets say you've just finished the Boomerang workout and hit 197 total reps...with improvement in each exercise by a minimum of 1 rep you'll improve by 8 reps for next week and hit 205...so write that out as your goal for next week. 
    2. Do this each week and you'll make incredible changes over the next 2 months. Trust me, i've done it hundreds of times with myself and my athletes and the MBG 8-12 week cycle works with amazing results...now it's your turn to do it:) 
  7. Keep hitting and improving each week and it's truly magic what happens...Leaner, Stronger, Healthier & Happier!
  8. Keep connected with us on our MBG Facebook page, ask questions, inspire others, challenge yourself and others to greater heights in the way we eat, train and restore!
  9. Walk the walk, Each week improve the level you train, improve your alignment and balance and eat and drink only plant based pure foods from the earth. 
  10.  Anticipate great improvements, See them, believe them, realize them!!
The workouts will be posted for you beginning monday for those of you that do not want to miss a day:) We will also provide you a log sheet to keep track of your MBG 8 week workouts online if you'd like to download it to use as your own workout log. All we ask is that you make the most of this and train hard, eat plant based and follow the eischens yoga hard core over this 8 weeks.
This week i worked very hard, lots of business:) So kept my training simple...haha shock huh:)
MBG 1 - Last night in Eischens Yoga class all we did was partner feedback, which we'll be doing alot during the 8 weeks...it's powerful! Want to see big improvement in your back dome, do the partner feedback as we lay out and you're back dome, squats and 1 legged balance will improve dramatically!
MBG 2 - training all week, did Boomerang on monday, then wednesday did J Rock which i love and due to tons of work i chilled today and most likely will just train BJJ for about 4 hours tomorrow as we're having a big LCCT Team training in Wisconsin for all LCCT Black Belts and affiliates...that should be sweet:)
MBG 3 - plant based eating
  1. alot of simple soaked oats, blueberries, some dates, walnuts and lifes basics.
  2. kombuchas
  3. kale, cous cous, pecans, garbanzo beans (whole foods in near:) haha
  4. organic food bar
  5. spinach, brown rice, mung beans, kale and some hot sauce:)
  6. some salted pecans:)
time to get some sleep, big day, big weekend of rest and relaxation,
Get ready my friends:)


  1. Boomerang is GREAT! Challenging and exciting. I'm super stoked about the start and can't wait to really get the ball rolling and see improvements. Thanks!

  2. good to hear my friends! for those of you that started today great job!! IT has begun:) haha
    stay in touch okay and lets crush these next 8 weeks:)

  3. Hi Jon, I discoverd MBG and your blog recently after reading your article in M&F. I'm a soccer player (goalkeeper) in Belgium Third Division and will try to keep up those 8 weeks.
    Thank you for this initiative.


  4. I'm sorry to say that I'm not really excited about this idea, Jon. I am going to try it out before deciding if I want to renew my membership in October but wanted to voice my concerns from the side of a member who doesn't come to MBG to be an athlete. I come for the group dynamic, the knowledgable instructors who give one-on-one feedback, the challenge, the no mirrors/move-at-your-own-pace levels, and most of all the variety in workouts that keeps my interest and motivation up. I have played sports in the past and have been involved in roller derby for the past five years. I chose MBG as my gym and pay what I think it is a premium amount compared to other gyms that have much more expensive equipment and facilities. I hope you take into consideration the unique benefits your gym offers the part of the market that I represent when you make changes to the program. Because I am most often in the strength or stability bracket during the workouts I find the options for many of the pull and push workouts limited to 90 degree chins, hindu squats, box step-ups and basic push-ups. This gets boring and affects my motivation to get to the gym every day. I don't find doing these things over and over again to provide much improvement and not at all motivating. Trying new things and having a lot of ways to work those muscle groups provided a much more noticeable improvement when the rotation brought around the exercises again. So... that's my opinion. Hope you consider it.

  5. John, I've always loved MBG, and I've done many of your workouts. However, in the past my primary mode of training was not MBG pure It was a bit closer to being CrossFit. With your recent changes, I am planning on doing the MBG 8 week cycle. At the moment my only yoga option is doing a non Eischens yoga once a week. I may supplement with some mobility WODs or Z health. I'm excited about the program and really appreciate your innovative work and constant improvement. Hopefully, your member who asked for change will be happy when he or she sees quantifiable change in performance.


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