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Short Video on this week, got reg MU and 3B's works my friends!!:)

Well the last two days of training of week 4 are in the books and still looking good and feeling strong!
As i've mentioned you want to feel strong at the end of each workout, leave the workout feeling stronger and you will be doing very good!
QUESTION: If you have yourself or a client that is having challenges getting bar muscle ups have you tried our way of progressing to them? Jump MU first, then bar goes higher and higher til challenging, then once overhead a good way and still getting them easy, then stand on a box with bar about the same height and do the jump off 1 leg while kipping with the other leg! It works great and makes a smooth transition to the real deal! Try it out for a few weeks and you'll see big improvements!
MBG 1 restoration, Eischens Yoga - did some supine bridge and back dome work followed by good rest pose breath works for 2 times each of the last few days....helps to relax:)
MBG 2 - Training
THURSDAY did a simple leg strength workout with only the power …

J Rock is off the hook!! JGXT, Power Wheel and Bar Muscle Up assist video

VIDEO of how to barely assist a bar muscle up yet get a kip a box and using 1 leg!
We've been doing jump MU's for a bit now and that works great, i just been thinking how can i
get even a better feel for it and get a kip and i got it! Hope this helps some of you, this is what i am
doing to transition from walk up muscle ups to regular and did it yesterday and it felt great and
some of my other MBG trainers tried it and thought it was perfect!
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga supine bridge, used a power push up around my shins with the handles over my wrists to do partner feedback on it....been doing this for years and love it.
This is how i've progressed over the last 4 weeks on this workout, hope seeing this helps some of you see how i progress on this workout. For the MU"s the bar is 8'6" feet and so standing on a box 30" high made the top of my head even with the bar which is what i wanted yet still allowed for me to get the forward swing and sli…

Week 4 of 8 vlog and my own muscle ups:) haha interesting point:)

Well the business of last week has hit me a bit today:) haha so i listened to my body and toned it down for today and did more simple exercises and it worked great!! This is what the video is about today. Explaining that IF you are not feeling well to tone it down, it's okay:) It's a challenging 8 week cycle and doing a modified version of one of the 5 workouts is totally cool to do once in a while. Heck, doing maintainance work for weeks is even totally okay as it keeps your body feeling good....and that is good right:)
MBG 1 - restoration; Eischens Yoga beginner sequence yesterday and gonna do supine bridge only tonight as a relaxation pose and then about 7 minutes of breath work to help me relax even more and see how that helps me sleep tonight:) cause it for sure makes me chilled out big time after i do that at the end of each EY class!!
MBG 2 - training: Monday & Tuesday workouts
MONDAY - Heavy 75% push ups and chin ups, then Boomerang 45/45
Push ups - 3x4+60kg...nice…

Week 3 of 8 results, video of my Warrior Wrap, Eischens Yoga

Here's a video of all the ingredients needed for my some of my favorites you might see in my diet every day including my Warrior Wrap! This meal is strong and filled with lots of good strong foods and just some good tasting plant based stuff too!!
This week has been good, we did alot of work, got alot done and i got my training in too...AND IMPROVED:) on every workout!!
QUESTION for you all - are you following all the 8 week workouts or just the strength ones and if so are you using the conditioning days for your more specific training like long distance running, biking, etc. Just like to hear your feedback :)
MBG 1 - restoration: did 3 hours of EY on thursday...then did a cold shower after BJJ training today and some playing on the playground:) and that felt good too:) that is the goal right:) haha
MBG 2 - Thursday and Friday workouts
Thursday - needed a simple rest type workout today after shooting 3 hours of our new Eischens Yoga just did a VFF run 2.5 miles, then did some…

video of bodyweight clean & push press, week 3 of 8 results, EY & PB no doubt!!!

Here's a quick video some folks wanted to see...the bodyweight clean and push press!!
try these two on for size tomorrow to make the 20/15/10/5 all bodyweight instead of using
the kb's. I really like this alternative!!:) Thanks Foggy for the bw cleans!!! Dont forget though
we're still doing the bar muscles ups too though!! Over all this week has been crazy busy, man so
much MBG stuff is happening is awesome and crazy at times too!! Big things on the horizon
my friends!! We filmed alot this week, some products yesterday and YES a NEW Eischens Yoga
DVD!!!! It will be out in just a few weeks after editing and the shoot went really well! I'm really happy with what we did today:)
Results for the last 2 days are below:
MBG 1 Eischens Yoga & Gorilla Chillin' - 3 hours of EY today and felt great!! Put out a new sequence for you all and really broke it down even more for you and added in alot more good stuff...PLUS we added in a bonus section too of "How to fix comm…

TWO tough workouts, tons of mbg work, strong PB meals:) Week 3 of 8

Man did i need this quote today:) haha Yesterday had a good strong workout at MBG Chicago, today back to madison, a 6 hour business meeting, 2 hours of teaching and then training outside in this crazy heat!!!:) haha whew did it though:)
Got to say alot is happening on the MBG front!!:) It's crazy how exciting it is right now:)
We'll keep working hard and you all will see MBG grow alot this year:)
MBG 1 restoration - was pretty busy today so just did the front warrior poses a few times today. This is all Roger had me do when i first began Eischens Yoga and it worked well so when in doubt i do front warrior:) All i do is focus on keeping the hips vertical as i work the shins forward, hips back and crown long...think about it as a box (your hips) and then a triangle expanding around the box. That's the hips staying square and the front shin forward, back thigh in extension back and then the head long towards the sky! It's simple but man does it open up the hips:)
MBG 2 trai…

Week 2 Finished and all looking strong!!! MBG 3 and 3B's baby!!!!

Man what a great week again! Down here in chicago for a few days and everyone is getting everything super tight! Love seeing that! For myself and my trainers the gains and improvements are right on par for what i knew was going to happen...mental and physical improvements each week!!
QUESTION - what is the MBG way of training?? the 3B's my friends...what is the 3B's?? :) Also tell me how you are feeling and if you have an exercise that is too easy or slightly too hard ask me and i'll explain a simple modification for you so you can train at a solid level for improvement next week.
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga class, did alot of back domes and warriors
MBG 2 - Training thursday and friday this week
Thursday was easy relaxing day perfect for recovery as i was feeling a bit tired and we drove alot too. So did 10 x 100 yard ramp runs, could not do the box jumps for speed as the drive down made my knee a bit tight and hadnt done EY yet....after of course knee felt fine:) haha
Today (friday…

Last few days of training...GREAT!! Super strong meals and a big whew!!!!

Today was another good workout and i hope it was good for you guys too today! The picture you see here is one of my favorites as it shows a solid 1 arm handstand. This happens just from regular training, working it daily or at least a few times a week. Important for all of us to do if we want to develop a skill to higher and higher levels. SO think about what skills you want to develop and then just give them a little bit of work daily and amazing things will happen i promise:)
MBG 1 restoration - Eischens Yoga beginner
MBG 2 training:
30/30 x 20 minutes jumping rope (1.5lb) ave 90 reps/30 sec

Boomerang 2 (the bodyweight version:)
36" box jumps x 20 (same)PJ120 broad jumps x 10 x 21 yards (.5 yards more)24" lat box jumps x 26 (2 more)GHDs  x 23(3 more) hands on head, head to floor 12-18" out24" 1 leg squats x 23/23 (can put weight on floor) (4 more)JGXT leg curls x 36 (3 more)PJ120 squats off 12" box x 23 (3 more)TOTAL = 172 (up from 156.5 last week) This…

Good Strong Monday! Did you bump it up? Great homemade meals:)

Hey y'all, hope you had a strong monday and hope your energy is good too and your not cooked:)
The workouts in this 8 week cycle are hard and we designed them so that you WILL recover and feel strong when you hit that workout again in the next week.
QUESTION FOR YOU: What is your simplest & tastiest 5 minute 100% plant based meal you dont just say open can of beans:) haha but simply and crazy tasty!!
MBG 1 - restoration: did Eischens Yoga back dome series with some assistance from supine bridge and sphinx pose, but also then did back dome resisted with the power jumper and that worked awesome!!! Also did alot of supine bridge using the power push up across my shins and handles over my wrists and that worked great too!!
MBG 2 - Good Strong workout...pre-workout did some HSW's, some light flagpoles and some planches and levers...all simple.
Heavy push ups (thumbs to chest) - 4 x 1 x 84kg's...not bad:) 220lbs + 185 = 405lb push up:) Heavy Chin ups (bar to chest) -…

A How to Progress your MBG 8 Week Training Cycle!

This just shows my 1st week numbers and then the goals for this coming week. If you look at this first mondays workout i simply bumped each number up a bit for this weeks goals.
on the weighted push ups and chin ups i simply set a goal of doing one extra set of each.
Last week i did 3 sets of 1 with 80kgs on the kb push up and 2 sets of 1 with 36kg's on chin ups. So this week my goal (written before the actual workout:) is 4 x 1 x 80kg (P.Ups) and 3 x 1 x 36kg (C.Up) On Mondays Boomerang my ACTUAL NUMBERS and GOALS for this week
HSPU'S 12 >>>>14
Bar MU's 9>>>>11
Dips +20vest x 25 >>> 20 (with 30vest)
this continues for the whole workout, i write out my goal numbers for each exercise and for my total which was 150 last week and my goal for monday is 158.
Do this for each workout, write your goal numbers out BEFORE the workout, then use those goal numbers and hit or beat each one of them!!!
Do this each week and your results after 8 weeks wil…

AWESOME bodyweight 20/15/10/5!! Powerful Eating too!! Nuka's 1st swim too!!:)

Nuka's 1st swim ever:) then she shakes so hard she almost fell over:) We went right after todays awesome workout we walked down to the river and jumped on it felt great, nice and cool water!!! Perfect after workout recovery!!
MBG 1 - restoration; been doing Eischens Yoga daily and today and wednesday did after w.o. swims!!
MBG 2 - 3B's training!!! (Bodyweight, Bands, Bars!!): did this weeks R, F workouts and they went great! Foggy coined this term and i love it!! It's part of us now!! This is MBG Training my friends!! Tell me how you like this okay my friends!! 3Bs!!!:) haha Love it!! Great job FOGGY!!!
Thursday: did the 8 x 200m sprints in my ZEM's: then did the 3 sets of 10 as high a box as possible. d…

Whew B2 is a beast!! Today's J Rock rocked me!!:) haha

D3 Hundred....simply put this dude is a wicked man!!! Great transformation doing bodyweight training!
The above video is an awesome story you'll want to watch and get inspired by! He was a high level power lifter turned bodyweight master 3 years ago! Now today still at 300+ he's crushing bodyweight training!! Perfect for todays J Rock workout!!! Hey hey hey:)
Yesterday was Boomerang 2...the leg version of B1 which we did on monday and it was a bear! The 45/45 clearly kicked my butt as the last time i did this it was 30/30 and i still had some left in the tank. This time though i hit a wall and barely matched some of the rep numbers i did last time in 30 seconds.
Today was J Rock and perhaps i was a bit fatiqued and did not put up the numbers i wanted...still it was an awesome workout and for sure gives me high hopes for beating my numbers next wednesday!
MBG 1 restoration - did Eischens Yoga beginner sequence both days with a bit longer work on the back dome pose as i love that …

Let this July 4th be your day of independence from the matrix of fitness!!

Let today mark your independence from the Fitness Matrix that has cocooned you and the world! Thinking of all the things that the Traditional World of Fitness and Life has sucked you in on....think on these things...are they in the best interest of you, people and planet? Are they things that you feel are instinctive and natural OR have they sucked you in on things that you dislike or feel un-attached to reality. Let this day mark the day that YOU follow your path in life, help yourself and others to do the things in life that make us happy! The man in the mirror ring a bell?
I once asked an older man who was always happy as a clam what was the secret to a happy life....he smiled and said, find what you love, find a way to do it as a living, find a place you love to live in and someone special to share it with you....he walked the walk!! Every day he smiled, laughed alot, came to the gym and trained and shared time with his friends:) and loved where and who he shared his life with:) bea…

8 week cycle is READY! Are you ready? Guidelines below!!

Well my friends Next Week is the start of our first MBG 8 week training cycle for all (not just athletes)!! The question is are you Ready? This is not just doing the week of workouts each week and saying yeah i did the workout, this is taking your training to another level my friends!
Do the plant based nutrition daily, eat strong plants, make a difference in you and the planet!
Do the Eischens Yoga beginner sequence 3 times a week on your own AND the partner feedback after workouts!!
But before you begin i want you to find out where you are;
Take a before picture at the beginning and end of the 8 weeks.Keep track of all workouts and eischens yoga in a journal.Keep track of all meals and how your feeling everyday in your journal.The first week of workouts are to set a baseline for you to improve upon each week.Make sure you get plenty of sleep (8-9 hours a night)Make sure right after you do your workout to write down you…