Wicked Aussie Workout "Boomerang"!! Simple kindness x 2:) Funny Video:)

Raphael and Jeremy doing some muscle up prep work...then busting his head!! hahahaha
Man can you say HOT!! very hot today is one thing but my AC did not work at all...89 in
my place!!! So i spent alot of today at the air conditioned:) MBG Chicago:) Jess and i got back from madison at just past midnight and being hot already in here did not sleep alot so when we got up at 6 sweating we knew it was going to be a hot one:) We worked all morning til about 1 or so then i had to go train and my good buddy Paul "Foggy" Fogg the head honcho at MBG Darwin (Australia) showed me a cool workout he did yesterday so of course i had to try it:) Since he's from down under we'll call it "Boomerang"...cause it comes back at ya!!!:) The workout was very fun and made me feel great!! So i did it again:) yes i'm slightly crazy but arent we all....what was i gonna go home and melt in my home!!!:) haah After that i had some amazing food jessie made and then realized i gots to do something about this place right now....waiting for the maintenance guy to come thursday wasnt gonna work!! So i tried our condo contact...not home, so i'm sitting in the condo hallway (cause it's got a/c on:) thinking what to do when my neighbor Bill comes out and asks whats happening, i tell him and he says he'll fix it....took over an hour but HE DID IT!!! i got ac now!! poor electrical work left wired not connected and he found them...YES!!! Then my good friend Costellano came by to help me layout a tool to help us test our bball players vertical jumps...again he busts his butt and about an hour later we got a prototype design....TWO awesome persons that went out of their way to help, neither had to do either one, both offered to help because they're simply good people who love helping:)  Man talk about cool people!!
QUESTION FOR YOU: what have you done for another lately that you just said...i'll help you!
MBG 1 restoration - today did a little Eischens Yoga...biggest restoration was getting the A/C on!!!
MBG 2 training - Boomerang!!! AMAP reps in time alloted, rest the same, then do next til done...Paul said a score of 180 was great so i had a good goal number:)
Handstand push ups x 30 seconds                                   8                           3
Dips                         x 45 seconds                                   50                         31 (okay i'm good at these:)
Pullups (kips)          x 60 seconds                                  34                          20
Push ups                  x 45 seconds                                   45                         24
Chin ups (strict)      x 30 seconds                                   8                            11 (with slight chin grip kip)
12" parallete dips    x 30 seconds                                   27                          30 (feet on floor for both)
box body rows        x 30 seconds                                   10 (24" box)          20 (feet on floor)
                                                                                  182 TOTAL              139 TOTAL
loved this workout so after the first time thru, rested 5 minutes and did it again 30/30 style and felt great again!! Thanks Mate!!!
MBG 3 plant strong meals -
  • maca cafe
  • bananas, blueberries, lifes basics, coconut flakes, rice milk
  • coconut water
  • kombucha
  • coconut water
  • organic food bar and coconut water
  • kale, mango's, rice milk, SOlife
  • wild rice, greens, tomato, tons of veggies, beans
  • coconut water
  • kombuchas
DANG can you say thirsty today:) haha
sleep tight as i will with my first night of A/C!!!!
thanks my friends so much for your support!!!


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