Repeated Boomerang, Eischens Yoga kneeling table broken down and NEW help at front desk:)!

Our New dog Nooka working the front desk with MBG Chicago Mgr Erin:) Our new dog jessie and i got last sunday from the dog rescue here in chicago...she's an awesome little dog we named Nooka (short for Manuka a really great honey from Hawaii) She was abandoned and for sure beaten alot and has bite marks on her face but now she has a great home and we love her alot! She's an awesome little dog:) 
Been preparing the upcoming 8 week cycle we're all going to be doing and it is gonna be wicked!! Any thoughs on your favorites make em now as it's almost done! FAVS for strength or conditioning workouts.
MBG 1 Eischens Yoga - spent alot of time on kneeling table yesterday...if you really focus on zero shifting when lifting one arm it enhances the movement alot...IF you can do that without shift, THEN you can begin to load the movement by lifting a light kb off the floor an inch (place it directly under the sternum) with a goal of working up to hold 25% bodyweight for 30 seconds without any shift from side to side or loss in beginning posture!
MBG 2 Training - heavy work then did Boomerang and felt great!!!
Trained BJJ with Raphael and then luiz for about 90 minutes, then worked out!
Did 3 sets of 4 bar muscle ups ALTERNATED with 3 sets of 3 singles of HSPU's off 6" blocks
Boomerang workout June 17, 2011

HSPU's x 30 sec x 8.....not bad after doing the 3 heavy sets as i matched last weeks effort here

Rest 30
Muscle up x 30 sec x 7...again feeling good here as i already did about 20 before this:)
Rest 30
Dips x 45 sec x 51....improved by 1 rep!!:) haha
Rest 45
Pullups x 60 sec x 25 kips....less by a ways, but did not do all the MU's either last week so it's good!
Rest 60
Pushups x 45 sec x 45....same as last week
Rest 45
Chin ups x 30 sec x 20 (Kip)....more than last weeks!!!
Rest 30
12" dips x 30 sec x 33....more by 3 reps!!
Rest 30
Box/floor body rows x 30 sec x 6/10=16....mixed this up to get more reps and it went great!!

for the 8 exercises i got 205 reps!! going for 212 or more next week!!
OVERALL i'd give this a big thumbs up!! Putting this into the 8 week cycle for sure!!!
MBG 3 plant based eating:
  • maca cafe'
  • baby spinach, mango, banana, life's basics, walnuts
  • kale, garbanzo beans, vegan burrito
  • organic food bar
  • vegan pizza (jessies!!!) the best!!!
  • small slice of vegan raw cheesecake!
Great week of training again, getting in a good groove!!
train strong, live for laughter and love!!:) haha



  1. Jon,
    Nooka looks awesome. I just found a day old kitten that was attacked by something. We were going to nurse it back but after making it through the night it got worse and we took it to the vet where it unfortunately died. It was real sad but we were glad to give him some care for a night.
    I can't wait for the eight week cycle. I am going to Europe for two weeks starting July 7th. I am going to either follow it there or wait until I get home.

  2. Hi Jon,
    Love what you are doing with the MBG...putting the health back into health and fitness. Had to comment to let you know that Manuka Honey originates from New Zealand...amazing health benefits. Looking forward to attending the MBG Intensive Cert next April in Madison.
    All the best from down under,

  3. Jon-

    Hey! Excited about the 8 week cycle! Favorites of mine that I hope you add are J-Rock, 1 min on/1 min off, 100 reps AFAP, JR sprints, and maybe some heavy 5x5 or 8x3 work. Can't wait to see it!

  4. thanks guys!! good feedback:)
    MATTHEW - sorry about your kitty, you tried and that is all we can do:) gave it a little love:) for sure follow the workouts in europe, that will be a fun challenge to do them over there!!
    PETER - you are correct:) NZ is the place! haha:) look forward to cnu at the intensive too my friend!!
    JAMES - yes this is gonna be very fun, challenging and very effective for sure as it is with all my athletes:) J rock is a bit challenging to clearly layout to progress each week, we talked it over and think not this time for j rock:) 1 min on/off is basically "boomerang" with some twists, we ARE doing that!! good call:) for sure heavy stuff almost daily too! look forward too it my friend!!

  5. Jonny glad you got Nooka! Man, I ALWAYS grew up w/dogs, Dobermans since age 5 or 6, even had a Doberman born in our house, we kept him and he grew up with me from 2nd grade till mid way through college!

    My rescue Pit, Arnold, has been with me since I was 22, he is still strong and lives wiht my parents

    My wife brought a maltese here from Florida, NOT a fan of these little crazy dogs!!! ha ha

    Rescue Dog next, will be with me when I get a new gym down here somewhere!!

    C U soon, bruddah!


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