Paying attention:) todays lessons as usual.....simplicity:)

Last night i had a poor night sleep and was very tired this morning....when my morning BJJ practice time arrived i decided to go slow and just SIMPLY do my not overdo it and stop if needing....paying attention to learn by listening to myself:) Training with two world champion level black belts every day is very intense, neither ever rushes me but is always open to help and guide me into flowing more. One day many years ago when i was a white belt Rickson Gracie said to me jiu-jitsu is like not resist it, but instead flow with it. Bruce Lee said be like water my friend, sometimes soft and relenting, sometimes strong....but always flowing....he said you punch into the water and it moves away from your fist, you pull your hand out and it follows you!! like water my friend:)
SIMPLICITY: Raphael and Mosquito flow like water, most times easy and flowing, sometimes strong...but always today i train and listen...sometimes forget and my friends tell me:) haha so then i do my best to flow is constant training:) then we're done and i move on to the same type of training of others and myself...working my best to flow while teaching and even training myself. I find over my many years of training others sometimes it can be very trying, being patient listening to one student while 30 others are waiting for todays lesson...but over time i realized the world will keep spinning if i take a second and listen and then respectfully move on to the training of the class. Or when one athlete is challenging, maybe not listening to instruction...can easily make one feel disrespected and get pissed off....instead i've learned to smile and talk with them about being respectful of themselves and all others as it helps the whole become stronger and develops them as young men....this is flowing like water to me in my teaching.
SIMPLICITY In my own training...i trained my athletes today with a great workout...Boomerang (which will be one of the 8 week cycle workouts) and it's really an amazing workout. Well sometimes when you train and see amazing results happen you want to do the workout as well....but i listened, i did not fall prey to my ego, instead i just said do simple and easy and leave feeling strong and happy and that is exactly what i did...simple and strong:) and it felt great!!
I know i talk on this point alot:) but it is a true simple, do those things that bring balance to your life and restore energy so you feel good as much as possible, eat simple strong foods, move well:)

MBG 1 - do Eischens Yoga daily....sometimes the whole sequence, sometimes i teach class and do the class, sometimes like today i just to one portion...maybe all the prone poses.....SIMPLE:)
MBG 2 - train simple....i prefer doing bodyweight training, sometimes i mix other things like d-balls or kettlebells, but 99% of the time i just train bodyweight...why? because i love the connection to the skills i do in, jump, crawl, climb...because i love the feel of connecting and challenging myself to do higher and higher levels of pure movement....that to me is beautiful and simple...AND it never ends, i can always do higher and higher levels of bodyweight skill training:). Tonight i was tired after a hard day, but still felt a desire to move just a did a super simple workout, strict push ups, then strict body rows til i did 100 each, stopping if slowing, breathing controlled...feeling great afterwards:)
MBG 3 - eat simple strong foods....from the earth, raw nuts, fruit, greens, beans, some oats, sprouted grains and for sure my sweet potatoes:) today i had
  • maca cafe
  • oats, nuts, fruit, pea protein, rice milk
  • kombucha
  • kale, cous cous, pine nuts, cranberries, garbanzo beans, walnuts
  • kombucha
  • mixed greens, carrots, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, vegan sausage
  • orange
Simple makes me happy and happy makes me healthy:)
peace my friends,


  1. Hey Jon, I told you during the 6 PM Body Power class today that I was a fan of your blog and you asked me if I ever commented on it... I'm giving that a go :)

    Thanks for taking the time out in class to give me pointers and look at my form! I've had tons of fun with the classes, and I'm losing weight and feeling stronger every day. The gym, the people there, and the resources you have online are great catalysts for positive change in my life. There's few feelings that top the feeling I get after a good workout at Monkey Bar!


  2. Jon,

    Excellent post. I have to remind myself sometimes not to beat myself up if I'm not "feeling it " today. Just stay focused on the big picture and support myself, body and spirit, by continually doing the little things whether movement, nutrition or just being present. Once again, looking forward to your 8 week cycle. Have an awesome day.

  3. Your blog is one I find myself consistently looking forward to. Your example has played a significant role in guiding me on my journey towards overall well-being. I truly look forward to the day we shake hands and go play. Lol. Hoping for CNT in 2012. Thank you, keep it up and let's always remember, simple ain't easy!

  4. Great post Jon! The meal looks tasty too.

    Nick, you're right, simple isn't easy... at first but it gets easier with practice, and patience.

  5. haha:) good comments all:) and TED, thanks for jumping in:) on to SIMPLE:) it's funny when i first went to any martial arts seminar i noticed some of the lecturers showed tons of techniques. as i became more experienced it became clearer that the ones who really knew their stuff did not need to show alot...they simply showed one or two BUT to a level un-known before....i understand simple may not be's all how you look at it...simple is easier to me, less to think about:) less to worry about:) easier to plan and attack:) haha that is what i the depth of simple, yes that can be challenging for sure if you look at the end product instead of the process THAT is the challenge for sure:) hahaha good points my friends for sure!!

  6. Jonny so great bro, this post is awesome, keep the vids coming my man.

    I had a GREAT time chatting w/you today, psyched to hang out again, my man!!! See U soon!

  7. Should have finished with, but easy's no fun. After all, what's life without challenges? Cultivating simplicity may be the most difficult task we can face in this day and age, yet it's surely the most rewarding. Thanks for the perspective and inspiration all.

  8. Btw, on my 35th consecutive day of Eischens beginner sequence practice and am totally excited by the positive effects. I'm still learning a lot each time I practice but I feel like the best lesson so far has been the need for and benefits of a restorative focus in training. For far to long my emphasis was tension. In finding a balance I feel like I'm finding myself. After rest pose, finish with 10 to 15 minutes of club swinging and I'm ready to take on the challenges of the day. Practicing the movements of going with the flow... Hehe, think I can stop commenting now...


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