Great Training today!! STRONG PB meals! Did 1st workout of 8 wk cycle!!

Video of me riding my bike home after a great day of training and eating:) !!!
Well we started it off today with a great test and workout that WILL begin (and i want as many
of you to join me on this) July 6th....SO check out what day one will be like and make sure you have
everything you need to train with us okay!!
Interesting thing happened too today that is now sort of funny:) every few days i take a b-12 i did today. thing is i forgot i took one when i ate breakfast and so took a 2nd
one right before riding to the gym....can you say TRIPPIN'!!!! hahaha man i felt like i drank 10 cups of coffee and could not chill:) not funny at the time as you do not feel well at all, fortunately i got thru my first group of athletes i trained and was about to start with another when they had to cancel so i ran home ate an organic food bar which helped to chill me out and then felt fine....NOTE dont do that again:) haha
QUESTION FOR ALL: I want to know who's gonna join me on our 8 week training cycle beginning july 6th? You can start early if you want as i am and my athletes are, but i'm beginning it in MBG Chicago then and will have it posted and video'd for you all on line for that date.
MBG 1 - Eischens Yoga....simple, back dome and front warrior...simple is good:) haha, this brings up a good point my not feel as if you have to do the whole beginner sequence daily, do not be hard on yourself if you do not do it daily. Know this, all Roger had me do for about the first year was front warrior and some supine bridge and it worked amazing! For those days when you dont feel like training the EY hard or you might feel obligated to do it...yes this happens sometimes:) then it's fine to pass on it or just do a single pose or maybe two and trust me you'll feel alot better:)
MBG 2 - training (did 1st monday workout of 8 week cycle, check it and get ready for it)
began with AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLE: just work up to find out top levels
  1. Push ups (off 3 high boxes with KB's hanging off belt) - worked up to 1 x 80 kg (thumbs to chest)
  2. Chin ups - worked up to 1 x 36 kg (touching chest to bar)
both of these made me feel very good:)
Boomerang (45 seconds of work / 45 seconds of rest on each one, move thru til done with all)
  1. HSPU's - 10 (handstand push ups)
  2. Bar MU's - 8 (bar muscle ups)
  3. Dips - 46 (dont know why but i crush these:) haha
  4. Kips - 28 
  5. Push ups - 40 (chest to floor)
  6. JGXT MU's - 19 (jungle gym xt muscle ups at 90 degrees)
  7. 12" parallette dips - 45 
  8. Body rows - 28 (touch hands to ribs)
224 Total reps (LOVE this workout!!)
After this workout went to whole foods with steffon and matt (matt zaborowski) two of the best MBG Trainers in the country and dogged some food!!:) haha After that Stef had to go teach so matt and i went swimming...dope after workout recovery:) just sitting and chillin' in the aqua:) haha

MBG 3 Eating Greens:)
  • Maca Cafe'
  • soaked oats, blueberries, walnuts, banana, rice milk, life's basics
  • organic food bar
  • kale, cranberries, pine nuts, green lentils, spinach, potatoes, cabbage and peas = delicious:)
  • kombuchas (2)
  • kale, spinach, tomato, black bean veg burger, cabbage, potato, peas, sesame croutons = crazy good!!
  • fruit and nuts
after my crazy B-12 start:) the day was amazing! Great workout, training folks (all did great!!!), eating awesome food, riding my bike, swimming...but the best part? doing these great things i love so much with my friends:) ..... as master card says....priceless:)
Peace my friends...hope you all can join me for the same coming up soon!!:)


  1. Jon,
    I am going to start today. I said in a previous post that I was going to Europe, and I am going to try as hard as I can to follow it, but incase I don't I will continue when I get home. In either case I cannot wait.

  2. good to hear my friend!! europe or usa you can do this anywhere...IF you have a question for substitutions then just ask or post em on FB okay and i'm happy to help!

  3. that WO is awesome, Jonny Bruddah! The HS Push Ups are brutal for me, I gotta work on them!

    yesterday I hit a PG w/parallel bars and did a ton of hand walking and man my shoulders and tris were crushed!

    Like you said though, these PGs are built for 5 yr old kids, we need some HIGH bars floating around outside of the bronx and nyc!!

    be good, bruddah!

  4. Hey Jon! The B-12 thing made me smile. Been there my friend! On the workout, would the PP3 be a good sub for the kb weighted pushups? I don't have three high boxes. Thanks!

  5. Jon-
    I am going to give Boomerang a run today as well.
    But I have a low ceiling where I workout so bar muscle ups are a no, and I don't have a JGXT (yet). What do you recommend as substitutes for those exercises?

  6. I definitely will. I am not going to have a computer or a phone with me but I am going to try and find wifi with my ipod touch haha so hopefully I will be able to get on facebook and the internet once in a while to stay connected.

  7. Stoked to participate! Really like the idea of working one or two poses. Great way to enhance the depth of practice. I find myself working the Front Warrior through Side Lunge sequence during breaks at work, holding each pose for as long as feels right. Good fun right there.
    You are a huge inspiration sir, currently figuring out the logistics of cycling to work and while I'm not currently vegan, I love being vegetarian. Thank you and keep on shining!
    P.S. swimming sure is a great one. I'm so glad the neighborhood pool is currently open. Really helps the inner/outer smile. Playground inside the same fence? Even better.

  8. So true about biking.

    Looking forward to the workout cycle. The MBG workouts have been the best this year! I can't imagine they will get any better.

  9. I did pushups with 150 lbs on my back and chinups with 90 lbs.
    HSPU's - 16
    Bar MU's - 7
    Dips - 36
    Kips - 20
    Push ups - 39
    JGXT MU's - 21
    12" parallette dips - 25
    Body rows - 30
    Total = 194

  10. hey my friends, well it seems we're ready!! filmed the workouts yesterday...longer for sure:) haha but alot more info. they'll be on the mbg chi page on our mbg website so look there for them, then print out the log sheet or use your own and then make sure to improve each week in your workouts. simple huh:) haha BIG POINT!! GET YOUR SLEEP!! 8-9 hours a night!! this is gonna be powerful and you're gonna see big change so got to recover okay!! good job matt on your boomerang workout too!! dang! nice numbers:) haha so keep in touch my friends and lets push it okay!! peace!! and power:)


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