Fridays "Macaco Loco" was awesome, Best Plant based meals and EY at Lululemons!

Wicked workout friday!! Man that is a fun one for sure!  
ABOVE: video of me doing a tire jump from about 2 years ago, we use to jump onto these, then we jumped into them, then jumped in and out of them without hitting and man that was hard as heck!!:)
This week i was really busy with lots of work, training, bjj and of course eating and eischens yoga:)
My Bests of the week:
MBG 1 restoration - Felt amazing during both Eischens Yoga classes i taught on tuesday and thursday, as we did alot of partner feedback on kneeling table, 1 arm lifts and then adding some weight to the KT. Following that did alot of warrior 3 to half moon both with partner feedback again....then we focused on transitions for both and it was great!! Felt amazing!!
MBG 2 training - trained bjj with raphael a few times this week and we pretty much just drilled alot of dope stuff from the guard...he's sick so it's really fun:) After training BJJ, then i'd train and all week had pretty good workouts without question my best of the week was the Macaco Loco on friday. Did it with Jeremy and it was a great workout. We both finished in 30 minutes and that was good as i wanted to do a hard meta workout without causing my lung burn to rise up again and it did not which is cool:) So for sure my lungs are getting a bit stronger again! Did pretty much all of the 4 exercises (hindu push ups, JGXT muscle ups, 24" box jump with touching fingers on each rep and then 50 x 24k snatches on left arm, then 50 on right in 10 sets of 10 and it worked great! For sure want to do that one again:)
MBG 3 veg eating!! - yesterday was a really simple strong day of eating!
  • maca cafe
  • kale, mango, banana, life's basics, coconut oil, rice milk
  • kale, pine nuts, cranberries, garbanzo beans, brown rice - this is a great strong meal!!
  • organic food bar - protein
  • Jessies Amazing Vegan pizza: corn meal crust, spinach, all local/organic tomato sauce, mushrooms, dr.uptons vegan sausages, vegan cheese....this was off the charts!!:)
  • had about 3 kombuchas today too and that for sure helps digestion too:)
 QUESTION for you: what is your strongest plant based meal?
hope you all had a great week and lets keep this going strong my friends!!
NOTE; If you like my blog and you want to train really hard with me over the next 2 months then let me know! Because here in chicago we're going to be going ol' school and repeating my week of workouts for 8 weeks straight, progressing each week and showing what we can do with 8 strong progressive weeks of MBG training, plant based eating and eischens yoga!!!
So who's with me? We're gong to being in about 2 weeks!! Lets do this my friends!!!
Peace my friends!!:)


  1. Jon,
    Definitely want to follow your workouts. Will you post it here or the main site?

  2. hey matthew, i'll be posting them on my that time though...or soon after our new mbg site should be done and that means my blog will be on our site...til then it will be here:) so it will be good to see us all progress each week:)

  3. Oh boy favorite plant strong food I think I like a good salad or a bannana and blueberry smoothie. I'm down for the workouts that sounds like fun!

  4. i love your blog...and am excited about the 8 wks of workouts!!!

  5. Jon, about the jiu-jitsu you mentioned... you said you started out with Rickson. What were those early days like? And how did you meet Henry Akins?

  6. hey my friends, glad you're joining me on OUR 8 week training plan!! i'll let you know when we begin which will be soon.
    Fat Tony - yes i trained with rickson starting in june of 94 on west pico blvd....henry is my good friend and he started about 1-2 months before i did and hasnt stopped:) those days were the best! we trained like a band of warriors, every night was a battle and ended with lots of friends feeling great from a great night of training! it was the best:) do you know my good friend henry?

  7. I saw the two of you on videos from Youtube's Plantbasednutrition channel. I'm amazed at what you guys can do with that type of fuel. I haven't had the same success with a completly no-meat diet, having flip-flopped from vegetarian to pescatarian over the past two years.

    It was encouraging to hear you two (and Rucker) speak about the adjustments you had to make in order to optimize your athletic performance when you went plant-based. Hopefully with more tweaking, I'll get there. My blog is a photo food and exercise journal and I'm really enjoying your posts and daily workouts.

    My jiu-jitsu instructor was doing privates in Rickson's garage in '94 and '95, and I love to hear stories about that era from others.

  8. hey tony, that is very cool! you'll find what works best for you with a little tweeking. i saw your site and really like the pics of each meal, that is very cool! looks good for sure...all i do is try to constantly learn and talk to other friends who do the same and listen to what they might be doing to help improve performance...brendan brazier, mike mahler, john joseph (cro-mags and author of meat is for pussies) are all great!
    glad my blog has been able to help you too. on the bjj yeah that is going back to the good ol days of bjj...erik paulson was my instructor in 93-95 and he did the same with rickson in the early 90s and when i said i want to get serious with bjj he said go train at his academy. erik is a super cool dude and sent probably 100 people to rickson back then.

  9. I love how the timing of things come together. After I finished what I'm currently on I was going to start your WOD. Now it's clear what I will be doing. I'm on board 150%. Can't wait to see what you have in store!


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