Bodyweight Training Outside!! Super Green meals!! What is "Soul Training?"

Here i'm showing some simple ways to get a great workout outside on a typical playground!
Today i trained bjj for about 90 minutes and man bjj is very much like life (as rickson use to say all the time). Sometimes hard, sometimes to always go with the flow, dont force it. So today my lesson was be ego-less and flow....SO training with my good friend black belt Raphael Barbosa (Luiz Claudio black belt and one of the top fighters in the world)....this was not problem:) as he is very good:) hahaha:)  BUT being ego-less, being in the moment is pretty easy if you've done bjj for awhile as you know positions and defenses and attacks and so you dont have to think as much anymore and you just are in the moment....THIS to me is being connected to be in the moment....spiritual bjj or soul training bjj either or is fine with is natural and flowing. In doing workouts...THIS is a bit harder as we have levels we always try to beat, so we go to fatique or failure  when in reality we're already done with the movement, the time of doing it naturally and purely has passed. SO the challenge is can you train by doing movements purely for the fun and challenge of doing them, can you do them (like all animals do) purely technically and not forcefully, can you do them and NOT think of the past or present but just that moment and the movement you are doing?
So that is one step, now to do those same movements at a high level and challenge? NOW you're talking about some serious "Soul Training" for workouts, jiu-jitsu, life:)
I think if we live life this way with challenge, in the moment, connected to life, living by following our gut and not forcing life:)
Challenge? Yes:) haha Good for us? Big Time!!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - did my chest expander shoulder routine and a few EY poses to warm up for bjj.
MBG 2 training - "Soul Training" Just followed and did what i felt like doing to challenge = good:)
Pole Climbs alternated with press ups
Side to side chins alternated with HSPU's
Levers alternated with Tiger push ups
did each (like todays MBG workout) for about 15 minutes each and felt good and left spent:) haha
MBG 3 plant strong eating:)
maca cafe
apple juice, blueberries, bananas, lifes basics, almonds
kombucha, orange
apple juice and source of life
kombucha mango
spinach, edemame, seaweed salad then had some basil thai veggies, tofu and brown rice
QUESTION: Runners call it a runners high....we workout folks have this same high when we have a great workout....can this be a high though as well? Can we "Soul Train" and get that same HIGH? Can we get that same high in Life? MY MAIN QUESTION; What is your challenge in life, training, running, etc...anything we do that makes it hard to Soul Train in everything, to be in the moment, to be connected to each and all?  That is a hard question:) haha Answer as best and honest as you can!!:)
peas and rice OR peace and rise above it all my friends:) haha


  1. Great post Jon! Soul training rocks haha! I'm working on soul living. If I'm answering your question correctly, I have a hard time living in the moment and am often caught up in the future. When I am able to stay more present its definitely more enjoyable. If I could just figure out how to live like I have been training I'd be good haha!


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