Beautiful Soul Training today! Hard, Challenging, Super Fun!!

Here's some 
Today was Soul Training & Eating done right! What is that? When each movement is fun, instinctive, challenging, not too much that it's forced....but enough to tease my sense of challenge and wonder...can i do that? Playing, testing myself and my friends to higher levels...isnt that what all animals do as they grow and learn? YES....they never stop playing and testing each other and thus become finely tuned ... perfection! Today i listened to my mind and body, i played and challenged myself and my friend to higher levels....perfection:)
QUESTION: When was the last time you were walking down the street and just kicked up into a handstand and walked down the sidewalk as far as you could without worry of what others thought?
MBG 1 restoration - Awesome Eischens Yoga session yesterday, we did about 30 minutes of partner feedback after 30 minutes of Roger Eischens sequence...felt really balanced and peaceful after!
MBG 2 training -
Started the session with 45 minutes of BJJ training with my friend Raphael Barbosa (black belt under luiz) reps and reps which we both love!!
Then he and i trained starting with with some challenging weighted push ups what could we do with perfect form and breathing....not too hard:) haha did about 5 x 10 with 28k off 3 boxes...alternated this with around the worlds with slow controlled negatives....after 2 sets of that we mixed it up more! Doing around the world to muscle ups, then jumped to another bar and repeated, now he nor i can do muscle ups clean that well, we both can do walk up ones but to break that habit we both stand on a box that gives us just a little jump so we can work on the arm great! We ended up doing about 5 sets of 3 of each with the push ups and this was really fun...tried my ATW to jump to far bar then 5' behind me a few times too. That is very hard, done it a few times and it's super fun!
After doing those two we mixed traveling rings with beat reps for all types of presses. Crushed the traveling rings!!! felt totally connected on em and that was a blast went back and forth about 4 times no problem! The beat reps we did with one BXT band for a few sets then no bands on the floor and that was enough! Good day!:)
MBG 3 Soul Eating (PB!) -
  • maca cafe
  • soy yogurt, almonds, source of life energy shake, banana
  • mango kombucha
  • kale, black beans, mung beans, brown rice
  • mango kombucha
  • edemame, seaweed salad and cucumbers, then onions, bell peppers, tofu and brown rice
  • raw vegan dessert
good day my friends, had a good 9 hours plus sleep last night too!! hey hey hey!!:)


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