480 yard Power Wheel birthday crawl:) hahaha Fun Present to myself:)

For my 48th Birthday i thought i'd do a fun gift to myself...a 480 yard Power Wheel crawl! It was really pretty dam cool:) Heat about 90 and very humid....beautiful day!! Did about 80 yards on first set then 40, then 20s from then on...stopped and talked with folks to talk about what the hell i was doing:) haha! Every birthday i like to do something special like this to remember this date:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: If you've ever done a special B-day workout what is one you remember? Got to say i'll remember this one!!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - some basics, Eischens Yoga, some shoulder routine with chest expander, been also doing more solid breath work i've been teaching in class from the basic 81 points breath work and shortened it a bit for our EY classes and all the students love it...some fell asleep:) haha but all loved it!
MBG 2 training - yesterday played outside and did simple chin ups, push up variations for about 10 sets each, today for sure did the 480 yards Power Wheel crawl in about 18 minutes, for sure slowed down alot at the end as each step my melting palms were squishing:) haha squish, squish...nice!! After that i ran the ramp near here for 10 x and i really love that, really helps running technique and just added to an already great sweat which is what i wanted to do today...as i'm grubbing tonight:) haha
MBG 3 plant based eating -
  • maca cafe
  • kale, mango, banana, rice milk, coconut oil, life's basics protein
  • organic food bar
  • veggies and beans
  • tonight going to veg east and gonna have some fun!! watch out vegan cakes!! haha
hope you all are enjoying reading my blog and that it helps you out. If you ever have a question that you'd like me to go into i'm happy to share it with you:)
peace my friends!


  1. Happy Birthday Jon!!
    You are definitely a role model for me. I am twenty now and I can only hope to get better and stay in shape like you do. Its pretty amazing the things you can do and your blog and website are two of my favorite. I met you at a seminar at Zach Even-Esh's gym, but eventually I am going to come out to Chicago or Madison and attend a certification.
    In regards to training, I have been doing skills prior to the workout. Front lever and planche , one arm chinups and pushups, handstands and muscle ups, single leg squats and jump training each paired on a different day. Would you recommend any weighted dip or chinup, or some form of heavy squat or deadlift or would you leave it at the things I stated above?

  2. Jon-
    Your blog is awesome! I have been reading it since the beginning! I enjoy your latest postings but also like to go back and re-read your earlier posts (to maybe learn something that didn't quite sink in the first time, ha ha). It's truly inspiring how you show how simple training and simple eating can be so effective for anyone who gives it an honest go. Keep 'em coming! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Jon,
    I'm looking forward to see you train over the next 48 years!!!!! you are an inspiration to us all. Great to see how the training continues to develop and change and above all you enthusiasm for training. Hope the cake tasted good, Happy Birthday!

    Mark/ Sweden

  4. MATTHEW - glad you like my blog:) your training sounds great and for sure you can go the route of adding weight to dips, chins etc OR go the higher level of skill on each...i prefer higher skill but for sure like to mix it up sometimes with some added weight too:) for the legs it is the same of which i prefer higher skill at jumping, 1 leg squatting and sprinting....but again it's fun to mix it up sometimes:) haha THAT is the main thing:) have fun and grow:) For sure i'd love to see you again at one of our intensive too!!:) sounds like you've been doing alot of prep work for it too which is great!!
    JAMES - thanks alot my friend! glad you like my blog and that it helps you! glad you like the simple training...easy is always better huh:) haha
    MARK - hahaha so am I !!! glad you like my blog too:) i do love training and helping folks so that makes me happy:) YES the cake(S);) haha were and still are great!! haha
    thank you my friends and keep sharing okay!!

  5. Wow Jon! I've been out of the loop for a few posts. Happy belated birthday and hope you have many more! I've never really done a special bday workout, ill have to give it a go this year! Thanks for the great posts!

  6. Happy Belated B-Day Jon. Super inspirational as usual. I'm turning 27 on the 21st so I'll hit up 270 :)


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