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Great Training today!! STRONG PB meals! Did 1st workout of 8 wk cycle!!

Video of me riding my bike home after a great day of training and eating:) !!!
Well we started it off today with a great test and workout that WILL begin (and i want as many
of you to join me on this) July 6th....SO check out what day one will be like and make sure you have
everything you need to train with us okay!!
Interesting thing happened too today that is now sort of funny:) every few days i take a b-12 i did today. thing is i forgot i took one when i ate breakfast and so took a 2nd
one right before riding to the gym....can you say TRIPPIN'!!!! hahaha man i felt like i drank 10 cups of coffee and could not chill:) not funny at the time as you do not feel well at all, fortunately i got thru my first group of athletes i trained and was about to start with another when they had to cancel so i ran home ate an organic food bar which helped to chill me out and then felt fine....NOTE dont do that again:) haha
QUESTION FOR ALL: I want to know who's gonna join me on…

Paying attention:) todays lessons as usual.....simplicity:)

Last night i had a poor night sleep and was very tired this morning....when my morning BJJ practice time arrived i decided to go slow and just SIMPLY do my not overdo it and stop if needing....paying attention to learn by listening to myself:) Training with two world champion level black belts every day is very intense, neither ever rushes me but is always open to help and guide me into flowing more. One day many years ago when i was a white belt Rickson Gracie said to me jiu-jitsu is like not resist it, but instead flow with it. Bruce Lee said be like water my friend, sometimes soft and relenting, sometimes strong....but always flowing....he said you punch into the water and it moves away from your fist, you pull your hand out and it follows you!! like water my friend:)
SIMPLICITY: Raphael and Mosquito flow like water, most times easy and flowing, sometimes strong...but always today i train and listen...sometimes forget and my friends tell me:)…

Repeated Boomerang, Eischens Yoga kneeling table broken down and NEW help at front desk:)!


Beautiful Soul Training today! Hard, Challenging, Super Fun!!

Here's some 
Today was Soul Training & Eating done right! What is that? When each movement is fun, instinctive, challenging, not too much that it's forced....but enough to tease my sense of challenge and wonder...can i do that? Playing, testing myself and my friends to higher levels...isnt that what all animals do as they grow and learn? YES....they never stop playing and testing each other and thus become finely tuned ... perfection! Today i listened to my mind and body, i played and challenged myself and my friend to higher levels....perfection:)
QUESTION: When was the last time you were walking down the street and just kicked up into a handstand and walked down the sidewalk as far as you could without worry of what others thought?
MBG 1 restoration - Awesome Eischens Yoga session yesterday, we did about 30 minutes of partner feedback after 30 minutes of Roger Eischens sequence...felt really balanced and peaceful after!
MBG 2 training -
Started the session with 45 minutes o…

Fridays "Macaco Loco" was awesome, Best Plant based meals and EY at Lululemons!

Wicked workout friday!! Man that is a fun one for sure!
ABOVE: video of me doing a tire jump from about 2 years ago, we use to jump onto these, then we jumped into them, then jumped in and out of them without hitting and man that was hard as heck!!:)
This week i was really busy with lots of work, training, bjj and of course eating and eischens yoga:)
My Bests of the week:
MBG 1 restoration - Felt amazing during both Eischens Yoga classes i taught on tuesday and thursday, as we did alot of partner feedback on kneeling table, 1 arm lifts and then adding some weight to the KT. Following that did alot of warrior 3 to half moon both with partner feedback again....then we focused on transitions for both and it was great!! Felt amazing!!
MBG 2 training - trained bjj with raphael a few times this week and we pretty much just drilled alot of dope stuff from the guard...he's sick so it's really fun:) After training BJJ, then i'd train and all week had pretty good workouts without quest…

Wicked Aussie Workout "Boomerang"!! Simple kindness x 2:) Funny Video:)

Raphael and Jeremy doing some muscle up prep work...then busting his head!! hahahaha Man can you say HOT!! very hot today is one thing but my AC did not work at all...89 in
my place!!! So i spent alot of today at the air conditioned:) MBG Chicago:) Jess and i got back from madison at just past midnight and being hot already in here did not sleep alot so when we got up at 6 sweating we knew it was going to be a hot one:) We worked all morning til about 1 or so then i had to go train and my good buddy Paul "Foggy" Fogg the head honcho at MBG Darwin (Australia) showed me a cool workout he did yesterday so of course i had to try it:) Since he's from down under we'll call it "Boomerang"...cause it comes back at ya!!!:) The workout was very fun and made me feel great!! So i did it again:) yes i'm slightly crazy but arent we all....what was i gonna go home and melt in my home!!!:) haah After that i had some amazing food jessie made and then realized i gots to d…

480 yard Power Wheel birthday crawl:) hahaha Fun Present to myself:)

For my 48th Birthday i thought i'd do a fun gift to myself...a 480 yard Power Wheel crawl! It was really pretty dam cool:) Heat about 90 and very humid....beautiful day!! Did about 80 yards on first set then 40, then 20s from then on...stopped and talked with folks to talk about what the hell i was doing:) haha! Every birthday i like to do something special like this to remember this date:)
QUESTION FOR YOU: If you've ever done a special B-day workout what is one you remember? Got to say i'll remember this one!!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - some basics, Eischens Yoga, some shoulder routine with chest expander, been also doing more solid breath work i've been teaching in class from the basic 81 points breath work and shortened it a bit for our EY classes and all the students love it...some fell asleep:) haha but all loved it!
MBG 2 training - yesterday played outside and did simple chin ups, push up variations for about 10 sets each, today for sure did the 480 yards Power Wheel …

Bodyweight Training Outside!! Super Green meals!! What is "Soul Training?"

Here i'm showing some simple ways to get a great workout outside on a typical playground!
Today i trained bjj for about 90 minutes and man bjj is very much like life (as rickson use to say all the time). Sometimes hard, sometimes to always go with the flow, dont force it. So today my lesson was be ego-less and flow....SO training with my good friend black belt Raphael Barbosa (Luiz Claudio black belt and one of the top fighters in the world)....this was not problem:) as he is very good:) hahaha:)  BUT being ego-less, being in the moment is pretty easy if you've done bjj for awhile as you know positions and defenses and attacks and so you dont have to think as much anymore and you just are in the moment....THIS to me is being connected to be in the moment....spiritual bjj or soul training bjj either or is fine with is natural and flowing. In doing workouts...THIS is a bit harder as we have levels we always try to beat, so we go to fatique or fa…