Strong Day!! Hard BJJ train, Old Eischen Video, BodyStrong workout! Plantstrong PIZZA!!!

Here's an ol' school Eischens Yoga video from back in the day!! haha Good stuff!
Today was a good strong day of training and eating...SO WHAT MAKES FOR A STRONG DAY?
Feeling strong and energized...on a friday!! Teaching and working with vitality!
Well today was that way...despite sleeping for about 5 hours, i still ate like a champ today and man did it help me out all day long!
SO WHAT IS A STRONG MEAL TO START THE DAY?  Today it was kale, baby spinach, sprouts, mung beans, kidney beans, tomato, onions = PLANTSTRONG!! = FEELING STRONG!!
MBG 1 restoration - did my eischens yoga last night super super slow, held each pose for over a minute and MAN was i sweating like i was standing under a shower! It was awesome and i truly felt amazing after finishing that hour class last night = FEELING AMAZING AND REEEEELAXED!!
MBG 2 training - wow, today and yesterday combined was alot of solid work.
Last night - carried two 24k's in my good friend marcus's kettlebell backpack about 5 blocks over to a cool park along with my jump rope and power jumper. The walk over there was hard...did not realize how challenging it would be to put that backpack on! Then walking was rough, so it's 80 out and i'm walking with about 110 extra pounds on my back...basically i weight 330 pounds now....yes, this was a long walk :) Once there i jumped rope to warm up, then did my old favorite box jumps for 3 sets of 20 jumps onto a bench about 24" off the this one. Just focus on getting off the floor quickly and developing strong arm and leg actions. THIS is one of the best drills to increase speed off the ground which = POWERFUL JUMPING. The faster you get off the floor the higher you jump! So it's easy to see if you improve...20 jumps in 20 seconds is the goal, when you can do this either add 1 band of the power jumper and see how long it takes to do 20 jumps OR raise the height of the box and go for 20 as fast as possible...when you can hit 1 a second, increase the challenge...simple & powerful.
After that i did power jumper broad jumps across the grass with 120lb power jumper - 3 x 8 jumps
After this was same bench step ups for 3 x 5s x 24k's each leg
Alternated with 3 x 10 x 24k's double snatches
Then the fun part, walking back home farmer carrying the 24k's!! AHHHHH 10 sets of 45 steps each foot til i made it home:) hahaha CAN YOU SAY SWEATING!!
Today - did 90 minutes of BJJ, last 30 minutes was straight hard rolling with luiz! Man that was awesome! Good hard training! Sweating like crazy again!
After teaching the noon class, then Jessie, Jeremy were all sort of tired and wanted simple and strong. So we did 100 strict push ups and 100 strict body rows...very very good workout, a big surprise as doing these really strict, with focus on form and breath made sets of 20 very very hard so after hitting 40 of each i cut it down to 15's of each and finished strong and man i just love the simplicity of this workout. We dont need alot to be strong, we dont need to be fancy, just do simple, strong work and you will become stronger...that's it:) The thing i loved about this was, we were not racing, not competing to see who'd finish first or who did them in the least amounts of sets, we just all focused on solid, clean reps, so we ended all looking at each other with pleasant surprise as we all thought going into the workout that we were all zonked already from hard bjj class and none of us were really ready to do much of a workout at i just said lets just do 100 of each and call it a day. Surprise! It was awesome:)
MBG 3 plant based eating
  1. maca cafe
  2. kale, baby spinach, mung beans, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, onions, kidney beans
  3. mashed sweet potato, black beans, quinoa, collard greens, scrabbled tofu...and then some sweet potato fries!! hahaha oh yes i have fun eating sometimes too:) vegan cookie too:) we ate at chicago diner and they're really cool and gave us a bunch of food to snack on as they like the MBG:) nice perk huh:)
  4. jessie's amazing vegan pizza: corn meal crust you can get at whole foods, pasta sauce (all natural), pesto sauce and pumpkin seeds, spinach, red onions, tomato, peppers, upton's chorizo seitan, daiya cheese....this is an amazing pizza...easy to make...cook at 425 for 20 minutes about and then let cool a bit, then enjoy!
Hope you all enjoy the Eischens Yoga video too:) Tell me how you like it!


  1. Hi, Jon! On Thursday I posted a comment in your preceding post but it disappeared somehow.

    But first of all, thanks for your work! Really! I stumbled on to your mbg site last year by chance and did some research about what you were saying and your methods and decided to give it a try because I was sick and tired of the gyms we have down here in Panama (Central America).

    So I ordered some equipment from your online store and I have gotten amazing results and feel awesome. It sure beats the hell out of any gym training I know.

    Ok, what I wanted to ask is this: I am curious about this maca coffee you mention in your blog and was wondering if you could recommend a brand and an online vendor I can get it from?

    Thanks in advance for the help. And keep up the excellent work, Jon!!!

  2. hey igor, yes i saw your post and replied? that is weird:) oh well 2nd time should work:) glad you like my blog and that it has been helping you as well! the maca i use i get in 5 lb bags from good stuff at good price! i'll keep doing my best and you too keep up the good work my friend!!

  3. Oh, about the Eischen's yoga video: You know, I just found out by watching the video that I was already doing Eischen's yoga without knowing!!! Back in the early nineties a good friend of mine gave me a book called Fitness, Health & Nutrition (I still have it) and in that book there is a section that contains several of the Eischen's yoga exercises you show in this video. The one you call (I think) Up Dog they call The Sphinx. It is said in the book that they are great for developing strength in the back... I will surely get your video and start doing Eischen's yoga every day.

    ...Wow, I was posting this and saw your answer, Jon! thanks a lot for the reply!!! You are doing an excellent job!!!

  4. Dang! Just had a long reply vanish when I tried to post it.

    Anyway, thanks for sending me this video 4-5 years ago. EY is now my foundation. If I do no other training, I make sure to get my EY in. I can't tell you how many injured friends I have turned on to Eischens' I loan them the DVD, they get hooked and order their own. :)

    I am looking forward to the new DVD too. Can't get to the seminars in Chicago and Madison, so the DVDs are my lifeline. :)

    Thanks for the intro. to EY those years ago my friend and that pizza sounds delicious.

  5. :) thanks igor and brad:) glad you like the video, and glad it helped you both alot:)
    sounds like you both are doing great!

  6. Hi there! What is yous point of view on commercials of all kinds put on blogging resources?


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