Soul Training today??:) Listen and Learn:)

Having some fun on the monkey bars here at MBG Chicago...starting to get it:) haha
Today was interesting, had a good week, extremely busy as we added 51 new members on saturday! All needed to get intro'd to the MBG this week which meant alot more work to meet and talk:)
We did a good job too:) just by today we got a bit of course i trained again:) hahaha
Zach i know you're laughing:) haha
A GREAT LESSON i learned today was to keep it SOUL-FULL training!! Today at the end of the week, we're all getting a bit tired and today we did soul training movements...BUT we said lets do this many reps...and sets and being tired AND hard headed we did them all.
The lesson was to keep it simple, keep it soul-FULL, that means NOT counting reps, just doing movements for the fun of it, just doing movements to try fun combos (like the video we did that was pure fun and soul-FULL i did on monday:). Training is becoming more and more about just enjoying for me but even i fail to remember to train just for fun sometimes and it is in these moments that i lose sight of staying connected with my soul and end up doing what my brain says i'm to do instead of what my soul says I WANT TO DO:) Today...i learned this lesson:) It is cool, just did a few extra work...yeah i tired:) but not too bad...still had fun today:) This lesson hit some when i was watching a show tonight, chimps like us, jane goodall was sitting and chillin' with some chimps in the wild and man they were chillin, chasing, playing, climbing, eating and repeating!!:) NEVER did they seem to force things when they had the choice....they played alot, chilled and ate alot...THAT hit me and made me realize today was my ego saying do X amount of head speaking. Soul Training is about listening to my gut, my soul and following it and staying connected:) So maybe it's good that it happened today on the last workout of the week, so i learned and listened and will be even more connected and happy next week:)
MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY: are you aware or not aware of when you get in this mode, get to this point in life or training when your soul says, i'm done and your head says keep going you said you're going to do X amount of work today so do it.  If not do you even catch yourself after the fact that you did not pay attention to your gut/soul telling you "CHILL OUT MAN":) If you are "HIGH FIVE" my friend, cause that is cool and connected!!:)
Worked all day today and got to chill with jessie a bit tonight so that was cool. Mostly looking forward to sunday...our rest day:)
Hope you all had a good one and look forward to hearing your thoughts:)
Peace my friends!


  1. soul training is the key, homie! feelin' good out here!

  2. You are the #1 Soul Brother!!!!! Keeping it Real!!!

  3. i have been getting better at "soul training". for my workouts and living in general ha! it's kind of hard when most of your life you have been fighting your body and intuition, you really have to just let go. those times when you can it def feels right! great post jon!

  4. thanks brahs!!!:) lets keep up the strong work!!:)

  5. You are right about keeping connected emotionally. We so often only use exercise to train for physicality, but it should be deeper. We should use it to heal the heart and soul...that emotional level becuase exercise is simply about moving better! Keep spreading the soul-FULL word!


  6. Love it Jon!!! That looks like so much fun!! It is so liberating, healthy and fun to follow your heart and soul when you're training and in life in general. Thanks for leading the charge my friend!


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