Off the hook Soul Training today, 45 new students this weekend! Strong meals!!

Steffon breaking a muscle up down, man he is killing this and making it look beastmode easy:) haha
Hey you all:) had a good day today...crazy busy still...another 12 hour day:) Had some good lessons during my workout...a great way to challenge my workout....patience is a virtue:) a second during all of the 3 classes i taught today here in mbg chicago....and third watching luiz's son renzo tonight.
First i learned a great way to help out to improve muscle ups, stef in video is gonna show clean muscle ups, what we did in our workout today was the same, but we assisted it just a bit by pushing off a soft mat on the floor...worked great. Simply use your legs to jump into a muscle up, then keep lowering and lowering the box til you can barely use anything and it's working great! LESSON - do it first, then challenge it more and more with same perfect technique:)
Second, in teaching the classes...going with the flow on each class, as i mentioned we added 45 more students this weekend!! So lots of new faces today and it was great! broke down each class and workout into the simplest ways to do cleans and presses and man they all nailed it!! Tell me if you want and i show a simple way to teach it to you all:) We did this for two classes and one class we just played on the traveling rings for the whole class! It was a blast!!! They loved it! LESSON - in the noon class...go with the flow...FUN we had!! In the night classes we broke it down together step by step and then high rep'd it for the stability level folks and they nailed it!!
Third watching renzo tonight, this kid is 4 years old and never never stops once he walks in the MBG Chicago:) he climbs all the poles and ropes all the way to the top, down, across, everywhere, he even handstand walks about 5 steps already!! this goes on for 2 hours straight!! He is amazing and what i learn from him is he naturally does everything so well...he is never restricted and constantly explores and because of this after being here just over 2 months he is climbing and crawling at levels i've never seen from a kid this young! He keeps this up look out BJJ world:) cause he's gonna be like rolling with a silverback gorilla!! LESSON - PLAY PLAY about soul training...that is all he does!! and you should see his arms!!! Crazy!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - led Eischens Yoga in 5pm class and man did it feel great! Do it daily and you will feel great my friends, i promise....30 days of EY beg seq!!
MBG 2 training - 2 hours of Soul Training with my two soul brothers Cos and Jeremy!!
Played with box press ups into handstands for awhile
Then played with the bar muscle ups then did a ladder workout with them...all did 1 with a good full dip at the top of each one, then did 2s with 2 dips to chest at the top of each rep, then 3s, 4s, 5s with double dips for each rep...THEN we started really having some fun and on our second ladder up to 5s we began to do the dips and jump to another bar and we did it!! it was a blast and man it is wicked cool! No lord vital yet:) but we're getting there:) haha
Then we did some bar to bar swing to release and grab next bar and swing and release and grab again. This is an awesome exercise and is a crazy full extension too! A blast of a workout!! 3.8**'s
MBG 3 plant based eating -
  1. maca cafe'
  2. spinach, banana, mango, SOlife, lifes basics, raw nuts 
  3. bengal spice tea
  4. kale, mango, SOlife, lifes basics, raw bar, banana
  5. bengal spice tea
  6. spinach, tomato's, onion, black beans, sweet potato
  7. vegan cheesecake:) haha crazy good:) haha
Have a good night sleep my friends!!:)


  1. Awesome, Steffon. Also, great news with the new members. They're going to love MBG!!!

  2. Jon,

    I have a question on jump training. One of my goals is to be able to dunk by end of the summer. Right now I'm barely touching the rim. My plan is to do PPJ 2/1/0 approach jumps and broad jumps twice per week. Is this enough, or can I get away with doing it 3 times per week?

  3. thanks bryan:) yeah it's getting crazy busy down here and it's super fun!!:)
    james yes, 2 x week and you're MUST improve each week on both jumps so make sure to give markers for each workout okay!


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