Memorial Day training:) Lots of fun outdoor training:) Strong PB meals!

Here's some fun we had doing Backflips 
before training jiu-jitsu on friday:) This was alot of FUN:)
My friend matt (a great hand-balancer trains at the MBG Chi was spotting me on em:) 
QUESTION: Training outdoors V. Training indoors no matter what the weather? haha
I love training outdoors and even like it in the i bike no matter what the on the bars though is a bit tough when it's -20 outside:) hahaha heck if you own a MBG then why train outside in those conditions haha:)
MBG 1 restoration - did some solid Eischens Yoga to end last week and this week end and started doing some of my shoulder drills a bit again with the chest expander...forget about them a bit:)
MBG 2 training - today i walked all over chicago with jessie that was fun as it was beautiful out today! after that i ran in my VFF's about 1.5 miles over to a refurbished landfill and now a park on 28th and halsted...nice looking park...but it smelled like trash:) haha
after getting there just did my Soul Training for dips and chin ups for about 45 minutes:) then walked home as the heat kicked my butt:) haha
MBG 3 Plantstrong eating -
  • maca cafe'
  • spinach, mango, blueberries, almonds, rice milk, lifes basics plant protein powder
  • kombucha Mango:) very good!!
  • veggie wrap with hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, black bean burger, mixed greens
  • orange, coconut waters (2)
  • apple juice and souce of life energy shake
  • vegan pizza (corn meal crust, pesto pasta sauce, tomatoes, tons of veggies!!!)
good to have some great weather:)
peace my friends!!


  1. Jon,
    I love working out outside. I did the obstacle course down at the park the other day and played basketball today in the 90 degree heat out here in NJ. I have a question about flexibility. How would you work on pike flexibility and splits?

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  3. Jon,
    About todays workout, what would be substitutes for battling ropes and box pushes?

  4. matt - the eischens yoga helps alot...pike ups are hard if you have tight hips, EY opens them up better than alot of supine bridge and back domes for sure and the whole sequence:)
    avril - i'll check that out for sure;)
    good sub for battling ropes outside is take a beach towel and do the same alternate arm snap downs...actually very hard. for box pushes, jungle gym around a pole at chest height arms out straight and run hard...feels alot like box pushes:)
    hope this helps guys and for sure outside rules:) hahaha


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