MBG 3 at work!! Strong workout! Strong Meals!

Super Strong Dinner!!
Today was a very Strong day in all ways:) Got alot of work done:) Taught 3 great classes where the students crushed it...mmmm, mmm....or got crushed:) hahah in todays instructor led workout...all the higher level students did feet up on box push ups, regular chin ups, hold at bottom of squat while fingers touching floor then jumps onto 24" box then JGXT leg curls with supine bridge holds. ALL were done with me pausing them at the hardest part of each rep....man they worked crazy hard and all left wiped out:) BUT that was just the workout, we practiced handstand walking and traveling rings for warms ups which was a blast, then did some around the world practice too:) A BLAST!!
QUESTION FOR YOU: I want you to think about this question for a minute...do you eat for;
  1. health / performance regardless of taste? 
  2. health / performance with great taste?
  3. comfort all about taste regardless of health?
SECOND QUESTION: Do you stress over how you eat? OR do you not worry at all?

MBG 1 Restoration - did range of motion work with JGXT for shoulders and hips = feels great!
MBG 2 Training - another great Soul Training workout!!
Did a few sets of L seats to press up holds, then did barely assisted handstand press ups off plyo boxes
Alternated these with barely asssisted muscle ups off floor with dip and jump to other bar...DIZOPE!!:)
Then did some crazy muscle up to kip dip and jump to second bar 5' away!!! getting this is awesome!!
Finished with doing some partner sitting on my back push ups (150lbs) for sets of 8
Alternated those with various fun pulls:) LOVED THIS WORKOUT...FEELING STRONGER!!
MBG 3 Plant Based Eating!!
  • Maca cafe'
  • kale, blueberries, rice milk, walnuts, coconut oil, life's basics plant protein
  • spinach, banana, water, flax meal, pea protein and some SOLife, raw cashews
  • collards, tomatoes, onions, beans, sweet potatoes
  • drank a gallon of bengal spice tea today too:)
Simple day of eating, training....class did awesome too:)
Good Day!!!:)


  1. Mine is #2: I eat for health/performance with great taste. Also, I usually don't worry about what I'm eating. However, I occasionally do catch myself stressing about it; thinking if I'm getting enough vegetables, protein, calories, etc. When that happens I get annoyed with myself because I don't want that to take away from the joy of eating.
    Also, thanks for the jump training advice. I'll keep you updated with my progress throughout the spring & summer.

  2. mmm usually mostly # 2 with bits of 1 and 3, although may not be considered tasty by others sometimes haha! Always plant based though! I don't stress to much about it except if I start running low on raw fruits and veggies. Gotta have my smoothies and salads haha!


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