I'm back after lots of travel. Solving problems today by looking hard!!

My good friend Costallano Huffman just learned bar muscle ups about 3 weeks ago, now look at him!! Why is this, his technique is on the money; good knee pull towards elbows, keeping the arms bent, then quickly popping the elbows out and looking down quickly over the bar....He makes it look so easy and the cool thing about it is he's 6'2", 205lbs and 36 years old:) Who says you cant improve on stuff like this when you're a bit older or if you're over 200lbs...BIG HIGH FIVE COS!!!
Went to DC monday - wednesday and although it's a short distance from chicago it took 12 hours to get their haha. While there we were busy in meetings and showing some of my and my dads inventions:) and also meeting with my good friend scott sill and talking some business. Scott is a real cool guy who freely gives me great business advice and i always listen when he's talking:)
Got back late last night and so was in meetings for 4 hours today and then worked on bar muscle ups a bit with jeremy and cos...they have em down but i dont...i can do them, just not as well as they can...so i thought you know what, i'm gonna video tape myself and see what they do that i'm not doing...2 things i saw today and i one helped already...bring the knees towards your elbows...i was kipping my knees BUT bringing them up alot more on the far side of the bar....what cos does was to bring them up under the bar and not infront of it...THAT IS BIG...second point was he's really keeping his elbows bent alot as do all the bartendaz, hannibal and lord vital. Here i get great pull but in wasnt until watching today that i noticed my arms are almost straight behind the bar while his arms are at 90 degrees when he's eye level with the bar...this forced me to really pull into the bar hard and thus i missed alot of the time...the only time i could do them was if i did walk up muscle ups which if you've done them can tweak your elbow alot:)....not good:) haha....so i got the legs better today, my years of kipping knees up on far side of the bar is making it hard to do them under the towards my elbows now...but i'm getting it a bit:) The arm action for sure i'll try tomorrow....it is coming along and now i'm understanding it really well:) KEY:)
That was one problem i dealt with for awhile now but breaking it down and watching the video really allowed me to see my mistakes and correct them...now it's just a case of reps with proper form.
i'll be back to training tomorrow:) just wanted to post this video and give some pointers i learned today:)
QUESTION OF THE DAY - 2 parts : 

  1. If you're doing a power wheel rollout what are the most common points of collapse and why? 
  2. Why does the Power Wheel make the abs/core contract harder than sit ups, hanging leg raises and ab crunch machines?

Look forward to reading your thoughts, i'll answer both questions for you after i read them:)


  1. 1) For me, the common point of collapse on the Power Wheel rollouts is right in the lumbar area if I am not careful to keep my glutes and hamstrings contracted for the ENTIRE movement.

    2) The abs/core work harder because they are working to keep the torso in an extended position while the body is moving through space (rollouts or wheel crawls). These are FULL BODY movements! Sit ups and crunch variations do not work as hard because forward flexion from a supine or upright position is not as demanding as core stabilization during rollouts or wheel crawls.

    Just my 2 cents, ha ha :)

  2. very good james!!:) you're right on and that is why they pw kicks butt:) but you already knew that:) haha very good job my friend!


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