Fry-day!!:) 3 training drills for muscle ups & handstand! Raw Meal Day!!

One thing i'm always trying to do (along with my dad) is to invent cool training invent ways to help people (including myself:) to do exercises that we normally cant do too well and assist or resist your training in some way that makes it better. Well if you've noticed in the last year or so i'll work on something alot until i understand it really well....playing on the bar system i have in mbg chicago for all types of muscle ups, around the worlds, jumps from one to the other bars, press ups on the straight bar and then combinations. Also like to train all types of handstands as well. Out of these two the hard ones for most folks are the bar muscle ups and handstand push ups and press ups. So todays blog i'm gonna explain 3 ways for each that i attack both types of movements.
First off bar muscle ups; 
1) Around the worlds to slow negative - this really helps get the feel for the correct pathway on muscle ups as your lowering back under the bar...the hard part here is getting the around the world first...get hips on the bar and think pull your pants up and get your weight behind the bar...then doing the negative slow you can actually stop every inch of the negative...THAT is great for you in high reps!
2) Pull up revolution muscle ups - one foot in the PUR stirrup (use a ankle attachment to secure it even more around the ankle) and use the other leg to replicate the kipping action of the legs. Then use 3 bands at first to get the movement down, then once you have it go to 2 bands and then just keep lengthening the PUR strap to longer and longer til you have zero assistance!!!
3) Jump muscle ups - this one we've been doing alot of lately and the key here is get it first at any height of a box OR jumping off the ground to do the muscle up, do negative back down. Then just keep getting the form down pat and then lowering the box OR use a slightly higher lowering is a bit easier:) haha. This one i've been doing alot of lately and for sure you can find that hard part where you can still get the MU but it's really tough to do it:) Perfect!!
Second is the Handstand variations;
1) Down dog handstands off a box - this is so simple and so hard it's a joke! If you cannot do alot of HSPU's this is a great simple one...just do a down dog push ups (down dog, then move forward and down til head touches btwn thumbs, then press backwards and up til back in DD position). From here just keep putting your feet on higher and higher boxes until your feet are high enough to challenge you properly on this exercise...when you can do some reps with feet higher than your own hip're ready for HSPUs!!
ONLY DO THE FOLLOWING TWO HS EXERCISES IF YOU CAN DO 10+ KICK UPS INTO A HANDSTAND POSITION ON A WALL IN A ROW(you can use a power jumper for both of these exercises as well off a door!) Here if you are new to HSPU's and can kick up but not do HSPU's yet use 2 bands...if you can do some reps, but just need a little assistance use 1 band.
2) BXT (body x-treme trainer) assisted HSPU's (handstand push ups) - put BXT cable behind head, then place arms over the cable...then place hands on the ground about 8" from wall, keep 2 rules of kicking up into handstands, then kickup and do some assisted HSPU's. Great thing about this is you can challenge bigger ROM too with just a bit of assistance so putting hands on blocks or parallettes.
3) BXT (body x-treme trainer) assisted press ups - same as HSPUs except slightly different, stand with back to wall place bxt cable(s) on back of neck with arms over , then place hands on floor about 1 yard from wall, then walk them in just a bit, then lower chest to floor between hands, then press back up to full HS at the top....again you can add ROM off blocks or parallettes.
These are 3 great ways i hope you guys like to assist and progress your training to another level!!
TODAY:) Did some Eischens Yoga of course:) Soul Trained for about 90 minutes!! After training BJJ with mosquito and luiz for about an hour...ate all raw today....signed for some great food delivery to the MBG from this place called cousins and man they make some good stuff...add in some of my favorite kale/mango smoothies and i'm good!
Trained alot this week and i feel good and tired:) haha
hope you like the tips!!
your friend,


  1. Jon-
    Just to update you on my jump training. 2 weeks ago I could barely touch the rim, now I am able to grab the rim! My vertical has already increased by 2 inches! The PPJ 2/1/0 jump drills are gold! I hope to be dunking by end of August. :) Thanks Jon!!

  2. good to hear james, keep it up and you'll dunk in 4-6 weeks for sure! that is a good testimonial too, you dunking in 4-6 weeks will be a great one:) that is the one i want to hear and see on video okay!! stay in touch and tell me how it goes okay:)

  3. John,

    When is the portable monkey tree going on sale???? I was told about 6 weeks ago it would be by June 1st? I don't want to wait all summer without something to use outdoors here in Colorado! Do you have a solid date for the release?

    Dick Lane


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