Educate, Educate, Educate:) simple lessons for today students and myself:)

Good friend Luiz Claudio's son Rickson joining the BJJ class warm up! How beautiful a sight is this, he is completely in the moment, following mosquito's warm up but also just having fun:) He does the warm up every night and he is so funny to watch how he moves and plays. He's 2 years old and his older brother Renzo plays too but he climbs the entire class and i mean the entire class he's climbing poles, walking on his hands, beating the heck out of a foam roller like he's in a mma fight with it:) haha It's super funny! he's 4 years old...amazing!!
Todays lesson was subtle and usual. Today (meaning wednesdays class workout) was 60 seconds on of an exercise and then 60 seconds rest before doing same with next exercise....for 10 different exercises. This is fine, no thing, here in chicago most all of these movements are brand new to all students, cleans, presses, hindu push ups and split squats then front squats and that is alot of technique training. So i thought about it and decided instead of trying to force them to get it and do it fast paced and then go to the next and next i would focus on them getting full and proper range of motion on each movement, then do the 60 seconds of that movement and then we'd move on to learn, train and then do the next 60 second set...IT WORKED AWESOME!! My goal at the start of class was for all students to learn how to do each exercise with perfect form at their level. So what i did was really focus on making that happen for each and all and they got it and the results were great! Perfect example is the push up, some cannot do knee push ups without collapsing the low back and neck alot, so all i did to find the perfect challenging level for each by using higher and higher boxes til they could go all the way down to touching chest between thumbs while keeping strong alignment throughout and it worked great...we did this same approach for all exercises...did 1 arm clean and 1 arm presses same way, find right weight, then challenge properly to make them work hard for 60 seconds:) i took the class workouts and made them all about educating all students to how to do each exercise fully and properly and they crushed it!!
MBG 1 restoration - did Eischens Yoga beginner sequence in class...short and sweet!!!
MBG 2 training - Train technique...educate the body and mind to work together here again worked perfect for me and jeremy today as we practiced free handstand push ups for a ton of sets (about 10:) of 1 and 2s...alternated this with bar muscle ups and 1 arm assisted chin ups for about 5x5, jeremy is working on doing MU's with almost no momentum, now that is bad ass!!!:) Then we moved onto a simple and tough prison 10-2 workout of L seat chinups to chest and handstand push ups...if you did not finish your set fully then you had to do 5 x for each rep with push ups...which neither had to do and 1 cliff crawl for each L seat rep missed which i had to do 3 x's haha:)
MBG 3 plantstrong eating -
  • maca cafe'
  • kale, banana, mango, pea protein, walnuts, coconut water
  • spinach, mango, coconut water, walnuts, pea protein...yes i know, same meal, short on time:) haha
  • slice of vegan cake:) haha
  • mung beans, baby spinach, almonds, onions, tomatoes
  • orange
busy day, good day though and watching little rickson made the night alot of fun:)


  1. Great Names Rickson and Renzo, Starting them towards the greatness of Jiu Jitsu and MBG training early

  2. Excellent work, Jon!!! Thanks a million for the effort to educate us all. I live in Panama, Central America, and found out about your gym by chance and was immediately hooked.
    Since I brought your equipment from the online store (jungle gym, power wheel, power jumper and the tnt cables) and started training with them I have gotten much better results than what I had ever achieved in a gym and feel awesome! I am now thinking about getting the Eischen's Yoga dvd too.
    One question: where can I order maca cafe? I have looked on the internet but have found no online vendors.


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