255 pound power wheel crawl for 80 yards, Awesome Soul Training and Plant Strong again:)

Here is my best heavy as possible (255 pounds) Power Wheel crawl for as far as possible....80 yards!!:)
Good day today:) Strong meals all day long, great BJJ train, great Soul Training and hanging with my friends! That is a good day:)
Yesterday we had a demonstration at mccormick place and for fun we always bring along some power wheels. We had a really good time playing with them and jeremy and i had some really fun sets! One we both did was the 2 power wheels at a time cruise:) One on your feet, one on your hands and then your buddy pushes your heels from behind as hard as you like and you just cruise across the floor like a bike! It's awesome:) Made me think of my heavy as possible power wheel crawl i did last year so thought i'd show that video for you all:) ALSO being that this is Power Wheel crawl as far as possible Month this month thought this was a fun one to show as well.
Have you been practicing your power wheel crawls? Hope so!!
MBG 1 restoration - did alot of simple movement drills before bjj this morning along with some EY:)
MBG 2 training - 90 minutes of brazilian jiu-jitsu training with mosquito today and man that was awesome, he is a bad ass and we got to train alot of tough new positions and that was great!! After that i just started doing my Soul Training (for those who dont know it's just training movements and combos that are fun and challenging to do and basically are rep and set free...you just do the moves to perfect them and then if you're struggling on a move, you chill and let your friend take a turn!!
  • Box press ups - jumped into it, then did amap press ups, then forward roll to L seat, then box muscle ups (planche dips to layback levers and back to dip). 
  • Muscle ups - did a muscle up and then jumped to other bar and repeated for amap reps without fatique. These two are both super fun combinations....did these two for about an hour!!!:) haha
  • Then did some beat reps for push ups (plyos, tiger, side to sides) and chin ups (side to sides, in/outs, circles)....felt great!!!
MBG 3 plantstrong meals -
green drink
baby spinach, kale, beans, onions, tomato, sweet potatoes
organic food bar - protein
kale, pine nuts, cous cous, cranberries, bar-b-que seitan (good lunch at whole foods)
vegan chili - tomatoes, beans, spinach, tomato paste
popcorn - flax oil, pink himalayan salt
QUESTION FOR YOU: Have you power wheeled lately? Well it's time to check yo'self!!
dont care how far you go or went, do it, check it. The Power Wheel is wicked my friends, if you're under 200 lbs, then see how far you can go? Can you do the 100 yards? If you're over 200lbs then do the same and see what you can do, cause i havent seen anyone beat 80 yards at 255 pounds and i want to see some folks challenge or beat that!! The time is now, go do it, see what you can do and then use the rest of the month to improve it BIG TIME!!
i want to hear how you do! I want to hear any questions you might have as to how to up your level!
i want to get amap people power wheel crawling as possible now! It's simple, it's powerful!
peace my friends, after you do it you can thank me:) hahaha


  1. Jon,
    I did the 200 yard crawl in sets of 20 yards from the 100-200-100 workout today. I will see how I am feeling tomorrow and attempt to go as far as I can. Doing alot of handstand work and planche work has my forearms hurting and crawling bothers me a little, but I will see anyway. Last time I tried I was pretty close to 100 yards so Im excited to see.

  2. Hi, Jon,

    I use the power wheel every day, except Sundays. Until now I have not tried to crawl yet because first I was conditioning myself and acquiring proper posture by simply staying in the crawl start position for up to a minute and repeating this twice. I also do leg exercises with it.

    Man, I love the power wheel! When I got it I watched the video and you say there that it's difficult at first. I thought "How difficult can this be?! Nah!", but when I tried it I was blown away. I had no core strength whatsoever, so I got a bit doscouraged and sort of forgot it for a while. Now I got back to using it as described before and the results are really amazing. I literally feel all the muscles in my body being used as I try to keep myself stabilized and straight.

    I plan to start doing crawls next week, but since I live in an apartment I do not have so much space so I will crawl as much as I can in my living room and then crawl backwards and keep repeating this until I loose propper posture.

    Keep it up, Jon! Thanks!

  3. hey matthew and igor, man both of you are doing good work! the 200 is no joke! so it's smart to do sets of 20 yards, keep rests short...about 5 breaths and go again! for you igor, right on i've done the same in my home and it works fine across the living room:) it's a time under tension of movement and if you get use to it the 100 yards will be done no problem:) it's gonna take about 1:30 or more so plan on it:)


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