1 arm HS tips, Interesting talk today, strong soul training and plantstrong meals!

Here is a tip for getting to do 1 arm handstand holds...start facing the wall, then progress to back to the wall, then progress to free HSW across the floor while slapping your hips. This is exactly what we did yesterday as part of our SPP (specific physical preparation) along with work on the traveling rings. We alternated these two for about 3 times each and it worked out really good! It's only a bit of work, never done to fatique and it preps for higher and higher levels every day! So pick some skills you want to improve and practice them a few times a week and you'll be shocked at how much you improve!!
MBG 1 restoration - did my Eischens Yoga warrior poses, learned a lesson yesterday, did some bjj without any warm up at all and it really made my hip tight so right afterwards did my front warriors and i was good to go...lesson...warm up:) haha simple:) this is how folks tweak their necks or back usually when doing bjj...so do the warm up and then make sure to do a simple beginner eischens yoga sequence afterwards and you'll be great!!
MBG 2 training - Soul Training as usual:)
Did the 1 arm handstand practice alternated with 1 arm chin up holds with other arm out straight.
Then did jumps onto my hands on the plyo boxes into the planche press up position (inverted) then worked on my press ups from this position (am improving on this, get about 1/2 range, trying of course to get all the way up to a full handstand hold then go back down to planche press position).
Alternated these with 1 arm assisted chin ups (grabbing my own wrist on these and it worked well)
Did alot of ring work as well working side to sides and circles as well and then more handstand work. Good training:)
MBG 3 plantstrong meals -
  1. maca cafe 
  2. baby spinach, pea protein, rice milk, mango, banana, pecans
  3. kale, mung beans, greens, dulse flakes, then sprouted bread, raw cashew butter, raw honey
  4. mixed greens salad, cranberries, almonds, mung beans, sprouts...then a slice of vegan cake!
  5. orange
Good and very busy day:)
peace and hope you like the HS tips:)


  1. Hey Jon,
    I really enjoy doing the MBG workouts, but am also interested in gymnastic movements. I was playing around with the WODs at gymnasticbodies.com, but I think doing that and MBG WODs might be a little too much. After reading this article I would guess you would recommend following the daily workouts and adding the gymnastic movements in such as planche, front lever, etc.

  2. Thanks for the HS tips Jon. You mentioned a, "interesting talk" in the title of your blog but no mention in the blog itself. Curious. :)

  3. matthew - yeah i love gymnastics/bartender training so try to do it for the classes during the warm up as the skills training before class. i like this so much it is the main part of my training. so do the skills stuff first, then do the workout...that is what i'd suggest!
    brad - interesting talk did happen yesterday and it was a long talk and as i blogged realized too long to then write:) haha so i'll try to write about it tomorrow:) thanks brad!

  4. Hi, Jon,

    One question, what is the purpose of rocking while doing the handstand? What does this achieve?

    I want to start incorporating handstands at the end of my daily routines. Any other tips besides the ones in this video?



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