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Memorial Day training:) Lots of fun outdoor training:) Strong PB meals!

Here's some fun we had doing Backflips 
before training jiu-jitsu on friday:) This was alot of FUN:)
My friend matt (a great hand-balancer trains at the MBG Chi was spotting me on em:) 
QUESTION: Training outdoors V. Training indoors no matter what the weather? haha
I love training outdoors and even like it in the i bike no matter what the on the bars though is a bit tough when it's -20 outside:) hahaha heck if you own a MBG then why train outside in those conditions haha:)
MBG 1 restoration - did some solid Eischens Yoga to end last week and this week end and started doing some of my shoulder drills a bit again with the chest expander...forget about them a bit:)
MBG 2 training - today i walked all over chicago with jessie that was fun as it was beautiful out today! after that i ran in my VFF's about 1.5 miles over to a refurbished landfill and now a park on 28th and halsted...nice looking park...but it smelled like trash:) haha
after getting th…

I'm back after lots of travel. Solving problems today by looking hard!!

My good friend Costallano Huffman just learned bar muscle ups about 3 weeks ago, now look at him!! Why is this, his technique is on the money; good knee pull towards elbows, keeping the arms bent, then quickly popping the elbows out and looking down quickly over the bar....He makes it look so easy and the cool thing about it is he's 6'2", 205lbs and 36 years old:) Who says you cant improve on stuff like this when you're a bit older or if you're over 200lbs...BIG HIGH FIVE COS!!!
Went to DC monday - wednesday and although it's a short distance from chicago it took 12 hours to get their haha. While there we were busy in meetings and showing some of my and my dads inventions:) and also meeting with my good friend scott sill and talking some business. Scott is a real cool guy who freely gives me great business advice and i always listen when he's talking:)
Got back late last night and so was in meetings for 4 hours today and then worked on bar muscle ups a bit w…

Fry-day!!:) 3 training drills for muscle ups & handstand! Raw Meal Day!!

One thing i'm always trying to do (along with my dad) is to invent cool training invent ways to help people (including myself:) to do exercises that we normally cant do too well and assist or resist your training in some way that makes it better. Well if you've noticed in the last year or so i'll work on something alot until i understand it really well....playing on the bar system i have in mbg chicago for all types of muscle ups, around the worlds, jumps from one to the other bars, press ups on the straight bar and then combinations. Also like to train all types of handstands as well. Out of these two the hard ones for most folks are the bar muscle ups and handstand push ups and press ups. So todays blog i'm gonna explain 3 ways for each that i attack both types of movements.
First off bar muscle ups; 
1) Around the worlds to slow negative - this really helps get the feel for the correct pathway on muscle ups as your lowering back under the bar...the hard pa…

Gave a barefoot running talk + eischens yoga, super strong training!!

MBG Chicago in january 2011:) hahaha
Man we've come along way!! Busy long day today and just made me think of how far we've come since coming down here to chicago...these shots are from January 2011 about 6 weeks before we opened!
QUESTION FOR YOU: Have you experienced the Ah Hah moment while doing Eischens Yoga? If yes, was it strong or very light feel? If not, but you just feel good, well that is cool too:) I just want you to feel it really strong and powerful like we do and like all the folks at Lululemons did tonight:) SO tell me how it is and i'll help answer your question...remember other folks probably have the same thing going on so lets get some feedback going on here too!!
Tonight went over to lululemons on the north side and talked on Eischens Yoga for Runners and it went over great! Started by talking to them about and then teaching them proper running form and then how to use Eischens Yoga to improve your running even more. We did 1 pose with feedback and 100% re…

255 pound power wheel crawl for 80 yards, Awesome Soul Training and Plant Strong again:)

Here is my best heavy as possible (255 pounds) Power Wheel crawl for as far as possible....80 yards!!:)
Good day today:) Strong meals all day long, great BJJ train, great Soul Training and hanging with my friends! That is a good day:)
Yesterday we had a demonstration at mccormick place and for fun we always bring along some power wheels. We had a really good time playing with them and jeremy and i had some really fun sets! One we both did was the 2 power wheels at a time cruise:) One on your feet, one on your hands and then your buddy pushes your heels from behind as hard as you like and you just cruise across the floor like a bike! It's awesome:) Made me think of my heavy as possible power wheel crawl i did last year so thought i'd show that video for you all:) ALSO being that this is Power Wheel crawl as far as possible Month this month thought this was a fun one to show as well.
Have you been practicing your power wheel crawls? Hope so!!
MBG 1 restoration - did alot of simpl…

Strong Day!! Hard BJJ train, Old Eischen Video, BodyStrong workout! Plantstrong PIZZA!!!

Here's an ol' school Eischens Yoga video from back in the day!! haha Good stuff!
Today was a good strong day of training and eating...SO WHAT MAKES FOR A STRONG DAY?
Feeling strong and energized...on a friday!! Teaching and working with vitality!
Well today was that way...despite sleeping for about 5 hours, i still ate like a champ today and man did it help me out all day long!
SO WHAT IS A STRONG MEAL TO START THE DAY?  Today it was kale, baby spinach, sprouts, mung beans, kidney beans, tomato, onions = PLANTSTRONG!! = FEELING STRONG!!
MBG 1 restoration - did my eischens yoga last night super super slow, held each pose for over a minute and MAN was i sweating like i was standing under a shower! It was awesome and i truly felt amazing after finishing that hour class last night = FEELING AMAZING AND REEEEELAXED!!
MBG 2 training - wow, today and yesterday combined was alot of solid work.
Last night - carried two 24k's in my good friend marcus's kettlebell backpack about 5 b…

Educate, Educate, Educate:) simple lessons for today students and myself:)

Good friend Luiz Claudio's son Rickson joining the BJJ class warm up! How beautiful a sight is this, he is completely in the moment, following mosquito's warm up but also just having fun:) He does the warm up every night and he is so funny to watch how he moves and plays. He's 2 years old and his older brother Renzo plays too but he climbs the entire class and i mean the entire class he's climbing poles, walking on his hands, beating the heck out of a foam roller like he's in a mma fight with it:) haha It's super funny! he's 4 years old...amazing!!
Todays lesson was subtle and usual. Today (meaning wednesdays class workout) was 60 seconds on of an exercise and then 60 seconds rest before doing same with next exercise....for 10 different exercises. This is fine, no thing, here in chicago most all of these movements are brand new to all students, cleans, presses, hindu push ups and split squats then front squats and…

1 arm HS tips, Interesting talk today, strong soul training and plantstrong meals!

Here is a tip for getting to do 1 arm handstand holds...start facing the wall, then progress to back to the wall, then progress to free HSW across the floor while slapping your hips. This is exactly what we did yesterday as part of our SPP (specific physical preparation) along with work on the traveling rings. We alternated these two for about 3 times each and it worked out really good! It's only a bit of work, never done to fatique and it preps for higher and higher levels every day! So pick some skills you want to improve and practice them a few times a week and you'll be shocked at how much you improve!!
MBG 1 restoration - did my Eischens Yoga warrior poses, learned a lesson yesterday, did some bjj without any warm up at all and it really made my hip tight so right afterwards did my front warriors and i was good to go...lesson...warm up:) haha simple:) this is how folks tweak their necks or back usually when doing do the warm up and then make sure to do a simple be…

Soul Training today??:) Listen and Learn:)

Having some fun on the monkey bars here at MBG Chicago...starting to get it:) haha
Today was interesting, had a good week, extremely busy as we added 51 new members on saturday! All needed to get intro'd to the MBG this week which meant alot more work to meet and talk:)
We did a good job too:) just by today we got a bit of course i trained again:) hahaha
Zach i know you're laughing:) haha
A GREAT LESSON i learned today was to keep it SOUL-FULL training!! Today at the end of the week, we're all getting a bit tired and today we did soul training movements...BUT we said lets do this many reps...and sets and being tired AND hard headed we did them all.
The lesson was to keep it simple, keep it soul-FULL, that means NOT counting reps, just doing movements for the fun of it, just doing movements to try fun combos (like the video we did that was pure fun and soul-FULL i did on monday:). Training is becoming more and more about just enjoying for me but even …

MBG 3 at work!! Strong workout! Strong Meals!

Today was a very Strong day in all ways:) Got alot of work done:) Taught 3 great classes where the students crushed it...mmmm, mmm....or got crushed:) hahah in todays instructor led workout...all the higher level students did feet up on box push ups, regular chin ups, hold at bottom of squat while fingers touching floor then jumps onto 24" box then JGXT leg curls with supine bridge holds. ALL were done with me pausing them at the hardest part of each they worked crazy hard and all left wiped out:) BUT that was just the workout, we practiced handstand walking and traveling rings for warms ups which was a blast, then did some around the world practice too:) A BLAST!!
QUESTION FOR YOU: I want you to think about this question for a you eat for;
health / performance regardless of taste? health / performance with great taste?comfort all about taste regardless of health?SECOND QUESTION: Do you stress over how you eat? OR do you not worry at all?

MBG 1 Restoration - d…

Off the hook Soul Training today, 45 new students this weekend! Strong meals!!

Steffon breaking a muscle up down, man he is killing this and making it look beastmode easy:) haha
Hey you all:) had a good day today...crazy busy still...another 12 hour day:) Had some good lessons during my workout...a great way to challenge my workout....patience is a virtue:) a second during all of the 3 classes i taught today here in mbg chicago....and third watching luiz's son renzo tonight.
First i learned a great way to help out to improve muscle ups, stef in video is gonna show clean muscle ups, what we did in our workout today was the same, but we assisted it just a bit by pushing off a soft mat on the floor...worked great. Simply use your legs to jump into a muscle up, then keep lowering and lowering the box til you can barely use anything and it's working great! LESSON - do it first, then challenge it more and more with same perfect technique:)
Second, in teaching the classes...going with the flow on each class, as i mentioned we added 4…