What a day!!!! WGN at the MBG!! Crazy BJJ and MBG training today!!!...and of course Meals:)

MBG Students doing some high level Eischens Yoga feedback!!:)
What a day!!!! WGN today was off the hook fun!! We were laughing so much it was a joke!! haha
First WGN comes in and we do a spot every 15 minutes about: http://www.wgntv.com/news/morningnews/aroundtown/ 
Click the around town monkey bar gym part 1 and then part 2 links.
It shows quite a bit:) The true fun was during alot of the filming we were messing around on the bars and the students, trainers and all were just laughing so hard we could barely stand:) haha
  • After WGN then we ate a quick bite: quinoa flakes, dates, banana, flax meal, lifes basics (which is awesome:).....
  • then worked for an hour, then went back and trained bjj for about 2 hours with luiz, raphael (black belt who i use to battle with in Rio who is up here for a few fights, and man he has gotten wicked good!!), danielo (crazy tough little guy, awesome purple belt...more like a black belt haha:) and then for sure thiago...luiz's brother who is also a 2 time world champion and just amazing. So after training for 2 hours, THEN we worked out MBG style for another 2 hours!!!
  • plyo box planche presses to muscle ups, to L seat combo
  • then we all did muscle ups like crazy for awhile
  • then we all did plache presses from the bar...man this was tough...not quite pressing all the way up yet but i got to full extension which was dope!
  • Then we did flagpoles, then moved to 1 arm handstand holds assisted by stall bars with other arm and then lowered ourselves down to L seats....very very hard!!
man it was a blast! we all look forward to doing more training like this this summer...we do this and we're gonna be RIDICULOUSLY BAD ASSES!!!! hahaha!!
taught 3 classes today and did my Eischens Yoga no doubt:) and my shoulder routine for sure:)
It was a great day:)
for lunch i ate kale, garbanzo beans, onions
for snack - i finished eating my quinoa flakes bowl of breakfast:) haha
for dinner i ate quinoa pasta, peanut sauce with tons of baby spinach, onions and veggies:)
Whew what a day:)
peace my friends and i wish you all could of joined us today:) I know you were here in spirit:)


  1. wow sounds like a hell of a day haha! Nice work jon, keep it up! As much as I have been inspired by people like arnold, jack lalane and many of the old time strong men you have inspired me the most and in the most positive ways! Thanks again for all you jess and the mbg crew do! Before meeting you and taking your course i was a bodybuilder, had almost constant back pain and frequent aches and pains in other joints as well. also i was a pretty heavy consumer of animal products. Now about a year later I am virtually pain free, feel like my body moves as a unit and isn't just a collection of body parts, and I'm vegan! No more isolation training ( training is mostly body wt), no more animal products = feeling good and pain free!

  2. and I can't forget about the eichens yoga too! Awesome stuff!

  3. :) that is very kind of you joseph:) much appreciated:) now you are making a positive impact on people and planet!!! Great job joseph!! and thank you again:)
    your friend,

  4. Hey Joesph, My story is somewhat similar to yours. I had already transitioned to a vegan and more functional training than bodybuilding/isolation but when I learned of Jon (MBG) and did some research my movement based workouts have gone to the next level. Better yet I was reassured that what I was doing was right for so many reasons.

    Jon, that sounded like a day from Heaven. I am so happy that MBG Chicago is OFF THE HOOK! :)

  5. Awesome promo on the morning show for you guys.

    Man who was the dude repping muscle ups flat out- insane.

    Looks like Chicago is really going ahead for yo guys, excellent stuff

    How far off are those monkey trees gotta get some of those bad boys.

    Got our new training blog up on the MBGOz site now also with the updated comment section.

    Cant wait to get over your way and bust up some training with you guys.


  6. Nice footage! Keep up the good work.

  7. Great stuff! So glad I was able to see it! Seeing the muscle ups, clapping pull ups, and hand walking in the footage is awesome!! Hope the promos inspire more folks in Chicago to head over to MBG and get started!

  8. thanks you all!!:) yeah we already got some amazing feats happening from our students...it makes sense we train these skills daily and the students are responding with incredible achievements...that was jeremy a student now turned MBG instructor and another student danielo who also will be an instructor come fall...they crush everything we teach them. both just got muscle ups for example and now jeremy just missed 20 in a row!! danielo is right behind them!:) so we're having alot of fun training:)
    thanks my friends and appreciate the love alot!!


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