Soul Training for 2 hours!! Powerful Plant Based Meals!!

Now this is a powerful plant strong meal!!
Very busy day today! worked from 8-12, taught noon class, then trained from 1-3, then taught 2 more classes til 7pm then working again:) haha....dang!!....but you was another good day!!:)
Words cannot say how happy i was at our MBG Chicago Grand Opening:) The place was packed, folks were cheering during the beat reps demo, people laughed and cried:), we had 4 various plant based and vegan food tables, barefoot shoe vendors!!! Man, it was a dream come true night!
MBG 1 restoration: did some Eischens Yoga no doubt! Then did a whole series of ROM drills...big swings on the boxes (this is a bodyweight movement by the way, not kb swings:), traveling ring mobility circles, JGXT hip mobility drills....great all!!!
MBG 2 training; worked out with my boy Costellano Huffman (cool as hell dude, strong as hell!!)
practiced planche press ups, to rolls, to L seats variations x 30 minutes about!
traveling rings, to german hangs, to L seat holds x 30 minutes about!
did muscle ups, to PUR assisted muscle ups, to slight assisted off low box muscle ups x 30 minutes!!
then did parallel bars muscle ups x about 15 minutes!!!
then finished with more parallel box drills; jump to planche press holds, to half presses, to roll to L seat to roll backwards to planche holds....then did some back rolls to press ups with slight assistance and dang! we needed it at this point! hahahaha....can you say....fatiqued!!!
MBG 3 plant based eating:
  1. maca cafe'
  2. kale, banana, lifes basics, rice milk, almonds
  3. bengal spice tea
  4. beans, spinach, tomato, onion, coconut milk, sweet potatoes
  5. wild rice, kale, garbanzo beans, onions, tomatoes, tofu
  6. oranges
QUESTION FOR YOU:) what is the funniest things you've seen in a gym? This can be anything from craziest exercise, or most annoying person making noises ever!!!:) haha
one of my funniest is once taking a yoga class in portland oregon and at the end of class while in rest pose this guy starts moaning like he's having sex!! and i'm about to yell shut the fuck up!!!! but hold back as i was a guest at this place....afterwards my friend says that was the first time they ever did rest pose with fists clenched!!!:) hahaha


  1. Sounds like a very cool day,thanks for sharing.

  2. Jonny Boy breaks the 2 week rest challenge after ONE day!!! ha ha My body is more banged up than yours, Jonny! DANG!!

  3. hahaha i thought that right after i started training:) hahaha bjj just had beaten me up a bit combined with the i took a week off of bjj and am feeling alot better but still laughed after training yesterday and thinking about our talk:) haha
    either way my friend, i hope you're chilling and feeling better:) no bjj this week feels alot better:)

  4. Hey Jonny,

    I have a memory from a gym I used to frequent when I was in college. It was a real working-class place with a big roll-up door that opened onto train tracks. There were a lot of characters who trained there (Hulk Hogan visited once) but I remember one in particular who was about 6'8" and looked like a viking. During one particularly heated session on the bench press he jumped-up and grabbed an empty squat bar which he proceeded to wield it like a sword, holding it at the end, swinging it around his head and shouting, "I am Thor, god of thunder!!!!" at the top of his lungs. He was swinging that thing like it was made of plastic. Steroids might have been involved. Good times.

  5. oh man I've def seen a few people "rip one"in the middle of squats, leg presses and during ab excercises haha! Childish bit it's still funny!

  6. hahaha both very funny!!:) love hearing those:) haha thanks guys!


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