MBG Intensive in Madison FULL HOUSE:) some simple PB meals

Making a point while teaching:) haha NICE lime green shirt!!:) haha
Day 1 of our MBG April 2011 intensive started out great! A full house, folks from all over the world...korea, germany, canada and all over the usa:) love meeting folks from all over the country and world:) First days are always interesting:) Getting to meet folks and learn about them and their road to
where they are today is always very cool...some are trainers, some are wanting to be trainers and get the heck out of their current job that drives them crazy:) I've seen it so many times and each time that person once they make that change to doing something they love...like training and living in a more conscious way...they love life a 100% more....that is priceless:)
Yesterday after working all morning and teaching then driving up to madison i went and did our 10-1 prison workout at my old playground and had a simple and strong workout....all by myself on the playground...it was great! Did planche dips and chin ups in straight sets (meaning each set was completed without a break).  Love the simplicity of movements and feeling a good workout done!
Just wanted to check in with you all and tell you some interesting AND OVERLY SIMPLE points from the last few days:
Rest - here is a simple one from my good friend john allen....whenever you feel tired that is cool, listen to that, our body is saying "listen to me man"!! Any animal if tired lays down and chills....we dont....because of this we get really tired and then need stimulants in order to stay up and active....so be like gorilla:) and when tired "Chill like a Gorilla"...it does a body good!!
Sleep - stop eating 2 hours before bed, only go to bed when ready to sleep or have sex...that is it...if you're not sleepy then dont go to bed and watch tv....instead do something that begins to relax you like reading some simple book....your body will tell you "it's time, go to bed":) This is simple and effective.
Eating - i know this will blow your mind but try this one on for size if you want to lose some weight, EAT ONLY TIL SATISFIED!! listen to your body again on this one....eat half of a meal and sit for a minute...yes that means stop eating:) and just take note...am i still hungry? probably not...especially if you're eating nutrient dense foods full of vitamins and minerals:) if you're cool, then put the food away for later. That is a simple point...so from now on take a serious look at your portions and try this one out for size!!:)
Training - try this one out as well....just practice things you want to get good at for a week or two... listen to your body...(common theme going on here? haha:) and just train intuitively...maybe one day do just handstands and maybe throw in some playing on poles practice too...do it til you feel "i'm cool" then get out of there....pay attention each day and listen and do it...you'll be surprised at how great you feel when done training, what an amazing workout you got AND how much you improve at those skills at the end of the week!!!
Todays TIP!!! LISTEN AND FOLLOW WHAT YOUR BODY SAYS and you will become more in touch and will reap greater rewards than you ever thought:) Happiness:) haha
Peace my friends!


  1. Great stuff Jon! Listening to your body and trusting is everything. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. wow! Yeah powerful stuff for sure! It's amazing how people like to make things so complicated. Keep speaking the truth jon haha!

  3. That's Gold. Classic paragraph starting "I know this will blow your mind". Oh how true tho.

    Man it really is that easy to progress, just listen to your body and do what comes naturally, we are still instinctive animals. Why would you listen to the authorities and scientists, look at the mess they have the modern world in built on lies and propaganda.

    Nice going mate

  4. Great post! Love it!!

    Just like Occam's Razor: "All things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the correct one."

  5. ha amen to that paul! great comment!

  6. thanks my friends! we're keeping it real!! real simple:) haha


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