MBG Intensive day 4! Great lessons on training and restoring!!

Today was another great day for the intensive, we covered all variations and paths to getting too and walking on your hands as well as all kettlebell pulls and presses. ONE BIG AHAA came up again today and that was "Staying Connected". My old brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor Rickson Gracie use to tell me jiu-jitsu is like like jon....but when i trained BJJ and i did not really understand it...over the years i began to understand it more and more and he was right. It is flowing sometimes, sometimes soft, sometimes strong! Like Bruce Lee said, be like water my friend! So true! Another point i connected today at the course is "being connected"....WOW!! In relationships, in bjj, in training, in eating, in eischens yoga...it is all the same!! Being connected in each gives strength and makes things work better, easier. let me explain: "Being Connected" in all of the below is literally being conscious, in the moment as well as literally being connected....i'll explain....it's simple again which is good huh:) :
Relationships - not thinking or being in the future or past when with someone else, being present, there, listening, being WITH them!
In BJJ - no doubt doing BJJ puts you in that zone of being conscious, that is why i think so many love it, it is literally being in the moment...in the now...being connected spiritually but also literally being connected to your training partner in a ballet of constant free flowing movement....in competition if you really are good at connecting to them you always feel heavy on them without effort, they always feel your pressure and weight. BUT in the pure joy of rolling BJJ this connection is the effortless flow and movement with your training partner...it's instinctive, natural, flowing and leaves you feeling amazing and it is...you've just connected to a primal instinct of natural play with another!
In Training/working out - you can look at it the same way if you are training for the pure joy of it or even if you are training for competition...connecting to the joy of movement with instinctive movements and play, climbing, crawling, running, jumping, rolling, reacting...all connect you to our natural instincts....BUT even if you're training hard, if you connect to your body you literally make all movements stronger and more efficient. Today we talked about that often til at one point Brian ( a very strong and experienced trainer) asked me what i meant by being connected in this aspect. I said it is when each link from your feet to your hands is aligned and in position to produce that powerful movement...when you have NO weak links at any point...so we reviewed his kb push press...(good connected video above)....he slightly stuck his butt out on the dip into his squat...all i said was keep the elbows 'connected' by keeping your hips slightly forward as you dip into your squat...then staying connected explode up in a 'haaaa' and he looked at me like wow, that was very cool:) he got it! that to me was very very cool:)
In eating - this one is easy...being connected to earth! eating foods from the earth! in a way that shows you are connected to more than your own ego and eating in a way that helps the earth to become healthy and happy again and that is a plant based nutrition plan. That is being connected to earth with what we eat and why we eat what we eat....that is being conscious and connected to the greater good!
In Eischens Yoga - easy again...in EY we want to be connected all the time, engaged in our movements and this makes us heal and prevent injuries better for ourselves and others...again this is being more conscious than just for ourselves and it is really being connected to the greater good!!

just some more simple thoughts:) hope you like them:)
peace my friends:)
i must say, i love doing what i do...i get to connect on so many levels and help the greater good! now that is very very cool:)


  1. Fantastic stuff Jon, thanks for sharing!

    Ran a 5k this morning in my VFFs and MBG t-shirt. Had a blast representing. Need to get more runners doing this stuff! :)



  2. Eloquently put Jon.. As an MBG trainer students are disconnected all of the time. Well in earnest, we are all disconnected somewhere in life, so it is humbling when someone else reminds YOU to be connected through them being disconnected. It's so true though, the leaf on the highest farthest branch still, gets water and nutrients from the farthest root away from it, its all connected. The minute we disconnect from our roots, our 'earthy' energy we just fall apart. We become instable be it, mentally, EMOTIONALLY, spiritually, physically or psychologically. Keep your mind connected to your body, your body connected with your e'motives', your psyche connected with your e-motions and your spirit is always connected but you must acknowledge your non-self to tap into that part of your connection. Then you can do anything you want.. Just order it, ask the universal waiter... and it will be so...

    Great Stuff Jon, awesome energy in this Intensive, I couldn't stay away!


    Chad Y

  3. Time to get back to my roots... less heavy powerlifting, more bodyweight and soul training, more outdoor training and for sure, time to get back to BJJ and move like an animal.

    Thanks for reminding us, Jonny!




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