Old & Great MBG 15/15 videos!!!, Strong Training, Eating, Restoration...on WGN monday!!!!

MBG Madison 15/15 clean and press x 10 minutes, then 15/15 squat and swings = crushed students!!!:)  Love this workout and this is tomorrows so if you can watch it and try to match it and have a crazy hard workout!! We filmed this one maybe two summers ago in madison and it was hot out and the whole class kicked ass on this workout. This is just showing a little clip i believe...re
Here is the first half of this workout clip...the intensity, the challenge, the FUN!! haha...for me:) haha
It's great doing this workout outside  and getting the whole class going for it hard-core!
Today was a busy one here in chicago...worked all morning, then trained at noon, then designed and laid out next weeks workouts, then taught from 5-7 tonight....but it was a good day:)
MBG 1 restoration - Taught Eischens Yoga class today and did alot of new poses in the mix today; elbow dog, all warriors with movement and then finished the class with restorative pose...not rest pose but restorative which is different....i completely set the students up in a completely comfortable position for them to just relax into....you do this so that they feel NO pressure anywhere on their bodies. It is extremely relaxing and whole seminars can be taught in this methodology....it's great for you!
MBG 2 training - just wanted to do a simple workout...to focus on super simple exercise and really really focus on my form and breathing on each exercise....just kept going back and forth between clean sets of chin ups to chest and push ups....yes push ups:) Try doing them without any collapse in the shoulders...it is very very hard to do and it forces you to really align 100% of the time you're doing the exercise. Then did the same with planche dips and cliffhanger crawls....very simple and dang it felt great!!
MBG 3 eating - all day ate simple and strong meals
  • maca cafe
  • 2 bananas, 10 dates, pecans, lifes basics protein powder (hemp, rice, pea proteins), water
  • great lunch at whole foods: kale, cous cous, pecans, pine nuts, peas, potatoes = crazy good!!!!:)
  • 4 pieces of sprouted bread with raw almond butter and pure raspberry jam
  • baby spinach, kale, kidney beans, onions, tomato, pumpkin seeds, ving & oil dressing
  • popcorn, coconut oil, pink himalayan salt
We're busy here working hard to blow this place up.
MONDAY at 7 and 8 am WGN is coming to the MBG Chicago and doing 2 hours of intro's from our place!!! We're gonna get crazy air time and get the word out big time!!! Watch us if you can cause WGN is a national network!!:)
peace and love my friends!


  1. This day was my first time working out at MBG. Loved it! It crushed me for sure!

  2. Hey Jon! Will definitely watch Monday! Will WGN be showing you live at 7 or 8am or will they wait to show it on the midday news?

  3. hey chris i remember that one:) haha
    james - we'll be on WGN for 2 hours monday morning starting at 7-8 and 8-9 both morning shows so be sure to watch okay!:)
    have a great weekend guys!


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