Good day today:) got back in the 15/15 ring:) Strong Meals! JGXT ROM training!

Breaking down the 15/15 x 10 minute kettlebell clean and press workout!!:)
Today was a cool day, got alot of good work done and had a great time training today too:)
We're getting ready for our big Grand Opening at MBG Chicago tomorrow night
Had a bunch of good meetings too today AND re-tested all of the 60 day fitness challengers and
they CRUSHED IT!!!! Awesome!! We'll show you the results in a few days but trust me they were great!
MBG 1 restoration - today did something different and it was great! we used the Jungle Gym XT to do some really cool shoulder and hip mobility and stability drills with it. What we did was for the shoulders was to hang out below the JGXT handles, to rock from side to side, then in circles all the while keeping my feet on the ground....then did the same for my hips while holding the stirrups at my hips and did the same side to sides and then circles each way. it felt awesome while doing them and after!! Try it out!!
MBG 2 training - after doing 3 sets of about 8 of each movement of the shoulder and hip drills, then did 3 sets of about 8-10 big swings, then about 3 sets of 40s of my wrist mobility drills all for warm up!!
Then did the clean and press workout with the 24s for 10 sets of 10 afap...wanted to check that out instead of doing it 15/15 style:) and it was very challenging at the end and did it in about 11:30 but it wasnt so bad for not having done a 15/15 in over a year:) and this felt a bit harder than 15/15 this is a great workout!!
MBG 3 eating -
  • maca cafe'
  • soaked oats, bananas, almonds, lifes basics, coconut water = very tasty!!
  • spinach, mung beans, kale
  • kale, veggie burger, baby spinach, sweet potato 
  • asparagus, spinach, beans
  • popcorn, pink himalayan salt, coconut oil
It was good to train again today, it was an easy workout, hard, but not too hard:) haha
eating was great! looking forward to tomorrow:)
i wish you all happiness!


  1. Great to hear the intensive went well and you are also still learning from your students.

    PJ and I are presently looking to get over to Chicago in Late Sept early November to learn some more and train with you guys if you are still in town?

    I also had a crack at the 10 x 10 clean & press drill you posted with the 24,s today and smoked it in 9.30. I much prefer this method over the 15/15 as I got the first 50 reps out quick smart which allowed a touch more rest towards the end. I was toast at the end though.

    I also started a new training blog on our site for all those Heavyweight gymnastic strength enthusiasts. Doing up some cool vids with the new iphone.

    Hope al is well over there, MBG OZ is really rocking at present and the weather is finally starting to come good.



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