COOL SATURDAY!! My old stomping grounds, bike rack workout, soul food dinner!!

My old bboy stomping grounds:) Water Tower Place:) haha
QUESTION - if you went back in time to when you were a teen, could you do now what you did then? I did not get out and dance:) but i did go check it out again:) recently i did check out if i still could do some of the stuff i did back in the day and was happy to find out i can...even though 28 years ago when i was a bboy (breakdancer:) i was only at 215 i can still crush some windmills...the headspins hurt too much as i got a big old knot on my head still from spinning on it so much back then:) hope it didnt damage my brain too much:) haha
Man today was cool, i chilled:) rode my bike all over chicago (as i'm about to again today...its 83 out!!) and then did a simple workout...on a bike rack! then had a great dinner at Soul Veg Rest on the south side! A good simple day:) The above picture is Water Tower place in downtown chicago on michigan ave about 800 i use to breakdance almost every friday and saturday night here with my brother greg:) we'd dance from about 8pm to about midnight then we'd go to a house club and dance more til sunrise:) what an awesome life!!! Make about $150 bucks each a about in shape too:) haha Try doing the six step for 1 minute:) We danced for hours on the street, then eat, then club dance til sunrise:) crazy shape!!!!:)
My bike and my rack to workout on:) haha
So after riding all over i stopped had some coconut waters from whole foods, then rode and looked for a simple quiet place to workout and found it....this bike rack is perfect for dips and body i did 3 x 12 dips and 3 x 16 rows and that was it:) simple and felt great! Then got home later and did 5 sets of 5 full power wheel rollouts (straight body with 1 60lb power jumper band assisting) alternated with chest expander shoulder routine and then mixed in some indian clubs too....simple and felt great!!!
Soul Vegetarian East Restaurant salad bar is off the hook!!!
After training Jessie and i went out for dinner to one of our favorite joints SVR on 75th and Indiana and we both got the salad bar....kale (soaked all day...which is alot better absorbed than cooked), red cabbage and chickpeas...delicious meal!!!
That was my saturday, hope you all had a great day too:)
Please look for us on TV tomorrow (national!!) WGN is a national station so we'll be on at 7-8 am and again at 8-9am cdt....CHECK US OUT AND GIVE US SOME SHOUT OUTS OKAY!!!
peace my friends!!


  1. Jonny, check out these bikes.

    I picked up one a few months ago for 450 delivered and ride it everyday to commute to my gym (~12 miles round trip). It's a single speed/fixed gear, or "flip-flop" hub, so i can choose a coaster bike or fixed if i want. Not too keen on fixed gear though having to dodge buses and crazy drivers in SF, but it's good to know i have the option. And the best part is that you can choose your own color scheme. I went for the vintage putty color with a brown seat. Pretty retro.

    Cheers and Vitality,


  2. Jon,

    Do you know the name of the show tomorrow AM? Can't seem to find anything listed for that time period on the WGN station I get. So cool for you guys!!!

  3. nice bikes charlie! i have 4 bikes now and love that style on the republic site for sure! very cool!!
    brad - it's the WGN morning show 7am to 9am cdt
    hope you all can find's a national station.:)


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