Back from intensive, Lessons I learned!!

It was very cool being back in madison for a week! Teaching the intensive's is always a great experience, i learn alot from all sources no doubt. This course was no different as we had folks from all over the world and while i taught them the ways of MBG 3, they showed me that passion, drive of young trainers that is so invigorating...they are so excited to learn and then teach others.
Two of our MBG trainers actually came on their own to help the students in the course learn the Eischens Yoga a few days early in the morning on their own!
One of the intensive students, flew from korea and he was just so respectful and kind it was awesome.
Another MBG Trainer chad barrett did some really really cool Jungle Gym XT stuff as well...hope you can understand this as he put up JGXT's high and low all over the bar system at the mbg madison and would glide from one to the next to the next, pulling, pushing, spinning, using his whole body like a monkey does in the was really inspiring how outside the box he was thinking. He also showed a very cool way to kip up off the floor with the JGXT...put it at hip height, lay on your back while holding the JGXT, roll back a bit on your shoulders then 'Kip' up to standing felt great!! And was super easy to do as well....that was very very cool!!:)
Some other students had some real challenges learning, or doing the yoga, or understanding certain concepts and then i see the incredible desire they showed and effort to understand and 'get it'....that is beautiful.
It was also just being back at my crib in madison, it's very chill and super relaxing, i miss that no doubt as chicago is much higher energy:) always trade offs:)
Well yesterday pretty much worked all morning, drove back here and worked the entire drive, worked more when i got here and then trained some bjj last night! whew a full day no doubt.
Looks like the MBG Chicago crew has us ready for our Grand Opening Party on Saturday as well. Talked with Erin yesterday and she seems to have it under control which is great!!:)
Really looking forward to teaching again today! Eischens Yoga class and dang i need to do the whole class too:) I dig that big time.
As a way to keep myself fresh for the course i only teach the course during the 6 day intensive and do not do any other training besides the course...this lets me feel good and strong the whole time which happened...then after that i like to take some time off to recover as the course is 'giving' alot of my energy and i need to re-coup it it's time to chill now:) haha
Til tonight:) haha back at it today!!
peace my friends,
p.s. hope you like the green smoothie above:) it tastes off the hook!!:)


  1. sounds like the intinsive went great! Wish I could have made it up to help out a bit and learn some more, planning on making chicago though! Those jgxt moves from chad sound sweet! The traveling rings you have in madison were awesome! Do you have those in chicago?

  2. hey joseph, good to hear from you! yeah chicago is a blast:) wish you could of been at the cnt in madison was really alot of fun:) yeah we just got our traveling rings up here at mbg chicago too and they are just like the venice beach ones...way longer and farther away which is way cooler:) peace my friend!


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