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The above pic is from our MBG Intensive from last of our biggest ever....we just began to limit them too which is cool cause they're getting a bit big:) haha....good problem!!
Jungle Gym XT certification shoot today up in madison! Then drove back...crazy traffic...worked out, then we had some fun and made an awesome vegan pizza!! Yes you heard correct, we're making a JGXT certification and the dates should be posted pretty soon if you're interested.
MBG 1 restoration - did beginner Eischens Yoga sequence first thing this morning
MBG 2 training - well after doing an almost 3 hour JGXT shoot we drove back and i just felt i still got to do something
push ups:20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2 resting about 60 seconds to 15 seconds between setsL seat chins, then JGXT muscle ups: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 same restthis felt good, not too hard but good:)
MBG 3 plant based eating;
bengal spice teasoaked oats, bananas, almonds, vanilla rice protein with spiralina…

Soul Training for 2 hours!! Powerful Plant Based Meals!!

Very busy day today! worked from 8-12, taught noon class, then trained from 1-3, then taught 2 more classes til 7pm then working again:) haha....dang!!....but you was another good day!!:)
Words cannot say how happy i was at our MBG Chicago Grand Opening:) The place was packed, folks were cheering during the beat reps demo, people laughed and cried:), we had 4 various plant based and vegan food tables, barefoot shoe vendors!!! Man, it was a dream come true night!
MBG 1 restoration: did some Eischens Yoga no doubt! Then did a whole series of ROM drills...big swings on the boxes (this is a bodyweight movement by the way, not kb swings:), traveling ring mobility circles, JGXT hip mobility drills....great all!!!
MBG 2 training; worked out with my boy Costellano Huffman (cool as hell dude, strong as hell!!)
practiced planche press ups, to rolls, to L seats variations x 30 minutes about!
traveling rings, to german hangs, to L seat holds x 30 minutes about!
did muscle ups, to PUR assi…

Good day today:) got back in the 15/15 ring:) Strong Meals! JGXT ROM training!

Breaking down the 15/15 x 10 minute kettlebell clean and press workout!!:)
Today was a cool day, got alot of good work done and had a great time training today too:)
We're getting ready for our big Grand Opening at MBG Chicago tomorrow night
Had a bunch of good meetings too today AND re-tested all of the 60 day fitness challengers and
they CRUSHED IT!!!! Awesome!! We'll show you the results in a few days but trust me they were great!
MBG 1 restoration - today did something different and it was great! we used the Jungle Gym XT to do some really cool shoulder and hip mobility and stability drills with it. What we did was for the shoulders was to hang out below the JGXT handles, to rock from side to side, then in circles all the while keeping my feet on the ground....then did the same for my hips while holding the stirrups at my hips and did the same side to sides and then circles each way. it felt awesome while doing them and after!! Try it out!!
MBG 2 training - after doing 3 set…

Back from intensive, Lessons I learned!!

It was very cool being back in madison for a week! Teaching the intensive's is always a great experience, i learn alot from all sources no doubt. This course was no different as we had folks from all over the world and while i taught them the ways of MBG 3, they showed me that passion, drive of young trainers that is so invigorating...they are so excited to learn and then teach others.
Two of our MBG trainers actually came on their own to help the students in the course learn the Eischens Yoga a few days early in the morning on their own!
One of the intensive students, flew from korea and he was just so respectful and kind it was awesome.
Another MBG Trainer chad barrett did some really really cool Jungle Gym XT stuff as well...hope you can understand this as he put up JGXT's high and low all over the bar system at the mbg madison and would glide from one to the next to the next, pulling, pushing, spinning, using his whole body like a monkey does in the was really i…

MBG Intensive day 4! Great lessons on training and restoring!!

Today was another great day for the intensive, we covered all variations and paths to getting too and walking on your hands as well as all kettlebell pulls and presses. ONE BIG AHAA came up again today and that was "Staying Connected". My old brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor Rickson Gracie use to tell me jiu-jitsu is like like jon....but when i trained BJJ and i did not really understand it...over the years i began to understand it more and more and he was right. It is flowing sometimes, sometimes soft, sometimes strong! Like Bruce Lee said, be like water my friend! So true! Another point i connected today at the course is "being connected"....WOW!! In relationships, in bjj, in training, in eating, in eischens is all the same!! Being connected in each gives strength and makes things work better, easier. let me explain: "Being Connected" in all of the below is literally being conscious, in the moment as well as literally being connected....i'll…

MBG Intensive in Madison FULL HOUSE:) some simple PB meals

Day 1 of our MBG April 2011 intensive started out great! A full house, folks from all over the world...korea, germany, canada and all over the usa:) love meeting folks from all over the country and world:) First days are always interesting:) Getting to meet folks and learn about them and their road to
where they are today is always very cool...some are trainers, some are wanting to be trainers and get the heck out of their current job that drives them crazy:) I've seen it so many times and each time that person once they make that change to doing something they training and living in a more conscious way...they love life a 100% more....that is priceless:)
Yesterday after working all morning and teaching then driving up to madison i went and did our 10-1 prison workout at my old playground and had a simple and strong workout....all by myself on the was great! Did planche dips and chin ups in straight sets (meaning each set was completed without a break).…

What a day!!!! WGN at the MBG!! Crazy BJJ and MBG training today!!!...and of course Meals:)

What a day!!!! WGN today was off the hook fun!! We were laughing so much it was a joke!! haha
First WGN comes in and we do a spot every 15 minutes about: 
Click the around town monkey bar gym part 1 and then part 2 links.
It shows quite a bit:) The true fun was during alot of the filming we were messing around on the bars and the students, trainers and all were just laughing so hard we could barely stand:) haha
After WGN then we ate a quick bite: quinoa flakes, dates, banana, flax meal, lifes basics (which is awesome:).....then worked for an hour, then went back and trained bjj for about 2 hours with luiz, raphael (black belt who i use to battle with in Rio who is up here for a few fights, and man he has gotten wicked good!!), danielo (crazy tough little guy, awesome purple belt...more like a black belt haha:) and then for sure thiago...luiz's brother who is also a 2 time world champion and just amazing. So after training for 2 hour…

COOL SATURDAY!! My old stomping grounds, bike rack workout, soul food dinner!!

QUESTION - if you went back in time to when you were a teen, could you do now what you did then? I did not get out and dance:) but i did go check it out again:) recently i did check out if i still could do some of the stuff i did back in the day and was happy to find out i can...even though 28 years ago when i was a bboy (breakdancer:) i was only at 215 i can still crush some windmills...the headspins hurt too much as i got a big old knot on my head still from spinning on it so much back then:) hope it didnt damage my brain too much:) haha
Man today was cool, i chilled:) rode my bike all over chicago (as i'm about to again today...its 83 out!!) and then did a simple workout...on a bike rack! then had a great dinner at Soul Veg Rest on the south side! A good simple day:) The above picture is Water Tower place in downtown chicago on michigan ave about 800 i use to breakdance almost every friday and saturday night here with my brother greg:) we'd dance fr…

Old & Great MBG 15/15 videos!!!, Strong Training, Eating, Restoration...on WGN monday!!!!

MBG Madison 15/15 clean and press x 10 minutes, then 15/15 squat and swings = crushed students!!!:)  Love this workout and this is tomorrows so if you can watch it and try to match it and have a crazy hard workout!! We filmed this one maybe two summers ago in madison and it was hot out and the whole class kicked ass on this workout. This is just showing a little clip i
Here is the first half of this workout clip...the intensity, the challenge, the FUN!! haha...for me:) haha
It's great doing this workout outside  and getting the whole class going for it hard-core!
Today was a busy one here in chicago...worked all morning, then trained at noon, then designed and laid out next weeks workouts, then taught from 5-7 tonight....but it was a good day:)
MBG 1 restoration - Taught Eischens Yoga class today and did alot of new poses in the mix today; elbow dog, all warriors with movement and then finished the class with restorative pose...not rest pose but restorative which is dif…

Awesome 15/15 for 25 minutes!!!! Super Strong meals!! EY no doubt!

Here's a video from our Road Warrior videos walking on my hands. If you want to walk on your hands
i have a 8 step pattern that will get you walking on your hands in no time:)
Todays workout was WICKED!!! Me and my boy Cos and Jeremy trained and did my favorite workout of all time...the MBG 15/15 workout!! For 25 minutes!!!
MBG 1 restoration - Did Eischens Yoga in class today
MBG 2 training - 15/15 x 5 minutes of 2 exercises x 5
Handstand push ups x 6,6,6,6,6 = 30 (assisted with 70lb bxt)Muscle ups x 4,4,3,2,1 = 14rest 2-3 minutesChin ups to sternum x 6,5,3,2,2 = 18Planche dips off boxes x 10,10,8,7,6 = 41rest 2-3 minutesJGXT muscle ups (measured to hips and feet 1' past support) x 6,6,6,6,6 = 30Tricep layouts on the stall bars x 5,5,5,5,5 = 25rested 2-3 minutesJGXT foot up lunge (left first set, right second set) did 9s,9s,8s,8s,8s = 42 each legrested 2-3 minutes2 sets of Glute Ham Developers with partner holding feet to slow negative with body straight 2 x 8, then plyo push up…