Whew! Beat Reps! BJJ! Greens like crazy! and EY feedback magic!!:)

Luiz teaching some UFC guys his amazing techniques!
Whew today was a long tough day! Worked alot early this a.m., then trained BJJ with Luiz today for about 75 minutes straight, then taught the noon class, then worked out, ate and headed back to do some more work, teach again, meet again, eat again!:) haha
In todays class we had probably the funnest warm up so far...did all our crawls, climbs, cartwheels and then mixed them into over boxes, adding rolls after the boxes and then to bar 360s! man everyone was diggin' it big time and so was i:) lots of fun!!
MBG 1 Eischens Yoga restoration - beginner sequence in class and then some partner feedback again to improve back dome and DANG!!!! did that work!! All of us had huge improvements in our back dome just after doing some partner feedback in two other poses...man it was crazy! 7 students had never even gotten up into back dome and all 7 got up into a back dome with head lifted off the floor!!
MBG 2 training - did this after BJJ with luiz and teaching noon class;
  • couple sets of 1A 40k snatches to feel it out as it's been probably a year since doing them...they were not hard, just not too fun:) haha....so did only 2 sets:) 
  • alternated those with 2 sets of bar muscle ups for 8s
  • felt like having some fun so switched gears and did beat reps after that for awhile!! 
  • BXT push ups....on fingers to elbows, to every way and angle i could think of to some old school afrika bambaata!! Also mixed in some box planche presses and dips to the beat...that was a bit tougher:) haha
  • Bar beat pulls...on straight bar, then Jungle Gym XT and Pull up revolution, then finished off with the last few sets on the cliffhanger crawls....all to the beat!!:) it was a blast!!
MBG 3 plant based nutrition - woke up feeling super dehydrated, so drank alot early this am.
  1. Water!!:)
  2. Apple juice with raw meal, banana, dates, soaked oats, pecans (half a bowl) 
  3. ate other half of bowl about 2 hours later:)
  4. green kamut drink
  5. arugala salad, soaked kale, beans, sea salt, tomato, veggies, then a vegan wrap, pumpkin seeds
  6. green wheatgrass drink
  7. green kamut drink
  8. kale salad, 2 vegan patties, hummus, tomato, cucumber, bean curd salad, dulse flakes, sunflower seeds
Whew what a week! We're doing good, every one is super happy and training hard and making huge positive change....biggest thing...the atmosphere is off the hook!! AWESOME:) haha
QUESTION OF THE DAY:) Which character do you most connect with:)?
From the movies:
  • "The other guys" Will Ferral or Mark Whalberg?....OR Gator? hahahaha or Gators Wife:) DANG!!:)
  • "Jumanji" Robin Williams, David Greer (the cop) or blond lady playing the game with them:)
  • "Rudy" Rudy, his condeming rudy brother:) 
  • "Rocky" Rocky or Apollo Creed or Mr T or Drago:) or Rockies wife:)
have fun with it my friends and tell me who, what and why:) haha
peace my friends,


  1. oh my, well I've got to admit that sometimes my thougts feel like mark walbergs character haha! but I feel and at least try to behave more level. Not that will ferrels character was always level! I'm gonna go with robin williams on the next one, but I don't really remember the movie. The last two I'm going to go with rocky and rudy (i just happen to be watching rocky 4 now! Best training sequence of all the rocky movies!) Both for their work ethic and never give up attitude!

  2. Hey Jon,

    Interested to see how your jujitsu training is broken down. Is it a formal class format or do you and Luis just warm up then just work on weaknesses or a specific technique each day? Do you still do any extra specific jujitsu conditioning with Luis on top of your daily workouts?

    I am down with the snatches not being fun. I have no intention of doing them anytime soon, the power jumper gets my explosive jumping power and pwr/end going just fine. Did a great workout today and went as follows.
    Warm up- rolling & tumbling- albeit badly
    Handstand walks 15m / MU training-15 mins alt the two.
    Then put the power wheel on and alternated the following
    A) Wall rolling press ups with PW on- 5 reps (very tough) then PW walked over to JJXT- 10m away and did.
    B) 9O deg JJXT rows with PW on- 10 reps
    Did 4 sets with 45 secs in between- awesome combo
    Rested 3 mins then alternated the following for 4 sets
    A) Power Jumper- 2 green bands- 8 jumps to 9 1/2 ft roof. Rested 30 secs
    B) Swings 48kg- 10 reps
    Finished with 1 x 12 pistols L/R to 6 inch block- almost to the ground, my knees wont let me go any further these days.
    Great workout- 45 mins total

    Awesome new format you have going with the workouts, we are incorporating that this week. I tried the new Yoga format with the longer beg sequence and the breathing stops, finishing with the partner feedback and everyone loved it, great stuff.

    We did our first local fitness expo yesterday and we got smashed. We were totally overwhelmed with the response we got. We handed out 100 free passes and sold 10 pair of Vibrams (10 more ordered) in the first half hour. We also did a power wheel demo and everyone loved them. I hope our Lifeline order gets here this week as we will need them. Not bad for a sleepy little town like Darwin....cant wait to get to the big smoke.

    Keep up the good work mate, it just keeps getting better.


  3. JOSEPH - funny answers:) haha
    FOGGY - man that sounds like an awesome workout my friend!!! Power Wheel crush!!:)
    the whole thing was awesome!!!
    That is awesome how the fitness expo went too!! AWESOME!!! love to hear it my friend!!! it is our time my friend!! our time!!
    keep up the great work my friend!


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