what a day!! 1 wicked test workout:) 4 Classes, 3 meetings and lots of work:) haha

Getting ready for my Silverback Test!!:) haha
Man today was a great busy day! Meetings this morning, classes, privates, workout, more meetings and more classes!! Whew! Over the weekend i was in San Fran and ran into a cool young trainer named Charlie who is a solid trainer who lives in SF.  Actually got something cool from his blog that i wanted to share with you all as well.
When in SF it was really really awesome to see my dad in action at the show..he's been doing these fitness shows since 1973 and he's basically a legend at the shows:) he was having a blast, walking all over the place and working out the whole time...it was great! He loves doing the shows and feeling the love folks have for him....and he's still a bad bad man!! Can easily rattle off 10 chin ups no problem!
QUESTION OF THE DAY: What inspires YOU to follow something or someone?
Is it a YouTube of something that you want...like being yoked?  (if you dont know what yoked is, being Yoked is a 1990's term for someone who is in crazy great shape....dang:) haha
Is it the facts of some studies done?
Or is it a testimonial done?
A Look? A Feat? A Fact? A Quote? which is it and why?
MBG 1 restoration - did some Eischens Yoga in class today as usual:)
MBG 2 training adventure - here is where i will share with you something someone shared with me that i thought is sort of fun and challenging. My friend Charlie on his blog somehow found out what the entrance test to get into the Barbarians club to train with them and it's sort of cool:) So i did it today, but one thing it is for sure missing is the legs stuff...so i am adding some i think would be a good challenge for you all out there...these are our MBG Silverback challenges for all our MBG trainers and power level students.
First the "Barbarians Test" do the following as fast as possible under 6:00
  • 5 Muscle ups
  • 45 Dips
  • 25 Pull ups
  • 55 Push ups
  • 5 Muscle ups
It was a good challenge and i did it in 5:58...the muscle ups at the end almost ruined me:) haha as i was done with the first 4 exercises in 4:20 then missed on 7 of 12 muscle ups in the last 1:38 haha...but, i got it!!!
Now for the second part, you can try this one on another day and see how you do.
This is the MBG Silverback Challenge part II
  • 100 Jump Rope doubles in a row without missing
  • Vertical Jump - 30" plus over reach for men, 24" plus for women
  • Broad Jump - 30" plus over height for men, 24" plus for women
  • 100 yard Power Wheel crawl without stopping
These are really a great test of conditioning, power and core strength...if you think i should add something give me a holler on it....right now this and the above give great advantage to the smaller guys...so a part of me wants to do something like 40k's deadlift for 40 reps (28k's for women) in a row....that might even the field a bit:) haha
MBG 3 plant based eating! Great strong meals today...excellent and super strong!!
  • Maca cafe'
  • soy yogurt, almonds, banana, dates, raw protein
  • apple juice, raw protein (after workout)
  • kale, spinach, bean curd, brown rice, vegetables
  • banana, chorella green drink
  • kale, garlic, quinoa, lentils
  • spice tea
Good day, feeling pretty good after the trip and everyone at the mbg was great today! Had great meetings and everyone is pumped and excited about what we're doing!!:)
peace my friends!


  1. Jon

    Long time no talk. That picture of you above you are yoked dude. Can't wait for you to come back to NYC for some workshops again. You where so impressive when I met you.

    John Cintron

  2. Jon,
    Very interesting question- one I have never asked myself before. Which probably explains why every other week I'm switching up my philosophy of health, fitness and nutrition because I don't know who to follow or what to believe. But, I have sat down and really thought about what I'm after. Here it is. I want to be lean, strong, healthy and happy. When I read your blog and see how you approach your life, I become really inspired to follow your philosophy. I've tried the whole "Paleo diet" kick and ended up feeling overfed and fat! Plus, I have read the China Study and "Eat to Live", so I have always had this nagging worry that I'm killing myself by eating so much animal protein!

    Plus, I have been looking to get away from the same rutty workouts- isolation moverments, sets and reps, all pre-defined! So boring! Plus, what the hell do any of those exercises have to do with real life situations/actions?! I have tried to talk myself into "becoming" a long distance runner, mainly because that is what my other middle age friends are doing! I love watching the Parkour guys and Erwin (MovNat), but I'm 46 years old, the mother of 9 and 7 year old boys, doing those types of movements would kill me!

    Anyway, I am happy I found your site and blog. You inspire me to have fun being healthy, instead of making it such a stressful chore! Can't wait for your books!


  3. JOHN - thanks man, hope to come back out to nyc soon and hang and train and teach some more:) stay connected okay my friend, how has your training been?

    LAURA - 46 old??? NOPE you can choose whatever you want laura...a age as a fixed you can only do this or that in fitness number...aka run slow OR you can say screw that, i'm gonna show my young kids what a bad ass mom can do!! Anyone at any age can do what we do and if you just plan to improve at all the basics you will soon be walking on your hands, climbing ropes, doing cartwheels, running hills!! it's your choice laura....do not settle for what others do, if you had to write a book on being amazing at 50, what would your path and goals be for a 50 year old? you have 4 years to get to these amazing levels...think it, plan it, do it...simple:) peace! jon

  4. Jon, thanks for the shout out brother! I appreciate the good words. As for the Silverback challenge, what about adding a climbing movement in there? Gorillas still climb trees. Maybe a 100 foot rope climb?


    Charlie Reid

  5. If someone if living a true and authentic life and thriving as a result, that inspires me to follow. It's not about emulating their results or imposing someone else's standards on my life. It's about walking my own path and living my own truth inspired by others who do the same.

  6. Jon
    Training has not been what I would have liked. Winter was realy bad and all the hours of me working and coming home late to do homework with my daughter has left me drained and exhausted to train hard. School is almost out and I have 4 weeks of vacation this summer I hope it will be enough to help me rest up and resume my training. I have been just doing bodyweights my cardio is probably not as good as I like.

  7. CHARLIE - hey my friend:) yeah the silverback challenge has lots of upper body climbing and crawling stuff in it...i was just showing the part 2 version IF we did something like the barbarians first:) we actually have had a test like this since i opened 10 years ago...just thinking about some lower only stuff to do after their test workout:) it's good:)
    BRAD - true that!! it just simply inspires YOU:) very well said my friend!
    JOHN - chill my friend, get some R and R and come back strong after a good rest:)
    peace my friends!!


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