Road Warrior video, visit MBG Madison, good train, good eats!

Here's a simple warm up drill that is great for you when you travel to help pick you up and liven up your back! 
Yesterday (monday) was a busy day and a good one too! Did a 4 hour DVD shoot, then had a great himalayan lunch with my mom, then had meetings all afternoon til stef and i worked out...good one! Then met my folks for dinner, then drove back to chicago last night! Whew:)
ABOVE VIDEO: is the first of many of my Road Warrior videos Jessica and I filmed while driving across the country awhile back....each hour of the drives we'd stop and do a set of something and it felt great! We got so amped up each time after doing it that the next hour of driving was easy and enjoyable! Then over that next hour we'd think of some other exercise to do...basically keeping it alternating all day long (over 8 hours of driving we got about 7 sets in:).  So each day over the next week or so i'll post one of our after this warm up at a gas'll see more:)
MBG 1 restoration - doing Eischens Yoga poses here and there over the day:) Teaching Eischens Yoga class tonight which always feels great!
MBG 2 training - stef and i had a great training session back at Monkey Bar Gym Madison:
  1. 12" paralletes Handstand Push ups assisted with BXT x 8 sets of 3 (alternated with)
  2. 16k chin ups to bottom of chest x 8 sets of 3
focused on strong reps on all, then we went to alternating;
  1. planche push ups x 6
  2. L seat chins to bottom of chest x 6
did these two for about 5 sets each
Good strong workout...simple:) 3.7*
MBG 3 eating -
  1. spiralina smoothie
  2. bananas (2), vegan bar
  3. brown rice, spinach, black eyed peas, potatoes with some dahl soup
  4. potato, veggies, tofu, brown rice
  5. kale
Good day:)
peace my friends,


  1. the only thing better than that exercise is your shirt, Jonny!!!! yeaaaaaa BOY!

  2. USC in the hizzie!!!!! yeah boyeee!!!


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