Strong MBG training today, Powerful PB meals!!!

Talk about a PLANTSTRONG MEAL!!!!
Another strong day at Monkey Bar Gym Chicago!! Trained BJJ again today and man what a workout that was today!! Trained for 2 hours, most of the time with 16 year old little monster Danielo from Rio...he's only a purple best but this kid is honestly amazing!! Black belt technique no doubt and he gives me a hell of a roll!!:) Lots of Fun!!
After BJJ, then taught the noon class and that was even funner!!:) haha we did lots of handstand practice on 1 arm alternated with swinging on the poles and flagpole practice.
After that we did todays workout....As Heavy As Possible (AHAP) for renegade rows and push ups.
This was alot of fun too:)
MBG 1 restoration - EY no doubt!!:)
MBG 2 training - todays training!
5 x 6 of weighted push ups off 3 boxes to get full ROM....used a 60kg
4 x 8s of 40k's Renegade Rows
MBG 3 eating - GREAT MEALS!!
  1. had a coffee this morning:) haha that was cool actually:) then lots and lots of water!!
  2. kale, mango, raw protein, pecans smoothie
  3. baby spinach, broccoli, garbanzo beans, onions, sweet potato - picture above 
  4. small smoothie like this morning
  5. baby spinach, peas, potatoes, brown rice
  6. popcorn, flax oil, pink himalayan salt
hey my friends, now a question for you.....
QUESTION FOR YOU: what is the most surprising source of inspiration you've found.
just the other day i saw a yoga magazine showing an 80 year old woman doing back dome solid!
THIS is not an easy pose, it requires alot of strength AND mobility...strength in extension (which all need and few have) and mobility in the hips and shoulders (which all need and even fewer have).
SO, what is a surprising source for you?
peace my someone to gain backdome and i promise you can change their life!:)


  1. This video that a coworker showed me months ago really amazed me! Now bear in mind, I don't have any aspirations of being in a ballet, but the strength (and flexibility) of these 2 performers is incredible and an inspiring display of what the human body is capable of doing. Talk about functional strength!

  2. Jon!

    I've been familiar with the Monkey Bar gym for a few years after purchasing your Chest Expander a few years ago. I'd never been to MB gym, but thought it was the coolest idea, since I'm a convert to bodyweight exercises after years of lifting weights.

    Well, I live in Chicago, and I was thrilled to learn you opened a gym here! You're location is not to close to me, but I gotta figure out how to get there.

    A funny tangent--I ordered the Lifeline jumprope from your pops when I was in college in Milwaukee back in the 80's. A great rope, which I still have.

    Much success in your new Chicago venture!!



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