In San Fran, Yesterdays Box Muscle up workout, Super Strong Greens!

This is crazy cool what jessie is doing assisted with the BXT!! She looks like slow motion!!
Good day of MBG 3 my friends, short and to the point!! haha
Want to bring something up i've talked a bit about before....getting tired and keeping on!!:)
How You Feeling? Lets be honest, if we told people the truth they'd probably walk away:) haha
Tired? Then Why? Think about it....There is something to be said for giving of energy all day long...for many this is mental energy (think of the book celestine phrophecies). some folks stress and take energy from you as their means for living...some folks stress over work, over family, over the way they look, heck anything people can stress over.....all can be mental.
Then there is the physical energy from working out hard, lack of sleep, teaching alot of others how to train in privates or in classes, doing dvd shoots or picture shoots, playing sports....even city stress of smog, traffic and just crazy energy can be added here as well.
All of these can exhaust or enhance become prey to all of these energy drains or stresses? Or do we find ways to re-energize ourselves? I know in my quest to help people eat, train and restore in a healthier way i sometimes run myself into the ground:) haha This is the path i've chosen, and now i'm walking it and learning:) How do i deal with For myself i just have to think back to times in my life where i was almost crushed but came out of it stronger and a better man...times that almost broke me...but didnt. What did i do? I walked and read or listened to positive messages from books and people i look up to and admired...i did it for hours somedays and you know worked, i felt better and returned my health.
MBG 1 - restoration - did my Eischens Yoga and shoulder routine with the chest expander...thought i forgot about that huh:) haha
MBG 2 training - super simple today, played with some "Beat Reps" then did 50 box muscle ups and that was perfect, simple and strong!
MBG 3 eating PB -
  1. Maca Cafe
  2. spinach, mangos, banana, pumpkin seeds, raw meal, water
  3. orange
  4. kale, mango, raw meal, dates, blueberries, apple juice
  5. orange
  6. green drink
  7. mixed greens, white beans, carrots, avocado, corn (at the o'hare airport!!!:) haha
  8. lentils, califlower, salad, roti bread
Now we're in San Fran at the IHRSA show to show and demo my dad and my inventions like the JGXT, Power Wheel and more...this is cool too, get to hang out a bit, see some friends and talk with my dad a bit...he's always fun!
peace my friends!


  1. Nice meeting you today at IHRSA, Jon! Love what you do and the cool stuff you're doing with people. The industry needs more people like you.

    Check out my minimalist fitness blog, chronicling my year-long experiment to get strong and fit with just me, a foam roller, a pullup bar, and a jungle gym XT!

    ...oh yeah, and some ambition thrown in there, too!



  2. hey charlie, good to meet you too! good blog you made too and i like your goal...year long plan!! like to see your initial tests, your goals and your training on that is a good goal!
    take care my friend,

  3. Jonny u r soooo right, brutha! When I am tired I think of YOu cranking your 90 day challenge as you were also neck deep prepping to open MBG Chi Town

    You were often tired but soooo mentally tough, and, still breaking records!!!

    Keep kickin' ass bro, u r a badass warrior!



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