How R MBG Chicagoans crushing the challenge!! Vegan Soul Food!

Chicago's original vegan restaurant!! This place is AWESOME!!!
WHAT A DAY!!! Today was one of those days when you know that what you're doing is on the money...well today felt like that!!:) Today i slept great! Ate great! and the MBG Chicago crushed it, and when i say crushed it i mean EVERYBODY crushed it!!:) Then to top it off Jeremy (MBG Chicago trainer) and i went to have a business meeting and decided to go check out place this place makes packaged meals which sell at whole foods and i've been killing them:) haha They make great greens, bean curds and lots more and they're located right on our south we decided heck lets go here. Well as we're driving there i'm telling jeremy about how i use to stay on the south side alot when i was breakdancing with my brother gregs family...anyways the next thing i know is that this neighborhood is starting to look really familiar...then i see some guy selling fruit on the corner and it hits me, i bet this guy is selling for the restaurant that i went to about 20 some years ago...the place was awesome, the owner was this super cool older dude who looked amazing and dressed big time GQ:) well anyways:) when i see this stand i'm thinking man is this that same place i went to so long ago...and as we drove up...NO WAY!!! it was that same place...i was stoked!! So we went in, had a blast looking at all the great meals, the juice bar was great looking and the desserts!!!! DIZZZANNNNG!!! hahaha so i had to get some for later:) haha We had a great lunch i'll write out later, then i got to meet the owner and he looked the exact same!!! and had just a great energy:) So we talked about getting them involved with us and our grand opening April 23rd (if you know folks near us tell em, if you can make it, make it cause it gonna be a blast!!:)
Then after that it was back to the Monkey Bar Gym Chicago for some more meeting and then our Eischens Yoga class at 5-6pm and then our challengers mid way test day which went awesome. Not only did everyone have great positive changes in bodyfat loss and muscle gain...but they all dramatically improved across the board on strength, power and conditioning and for sure their power wheel crawls!  
How did the Monkey Bar Gym Challengers do so well? They are following our plan to the T and the proof as i always say is in the pudding...and they are proving the effects of joining skill training with Eischens Yoga with Plant Based nutrition...CRAZY POWERFUL RESULTS!!!
So far after 30 days i've got to say the average fat loss is about 14 pounds and muscle gain is about 3 which is looking great!!! The improvements on physical tests was great, average improvements were 40% or higher on all 6 tests culminating with the power wheel crawls where a new mbg chicago record was set by sarah who improved from 40 yards to 99 yards!!! AMAZING!!!
What makes me SOOO very happy about these test results are that the students are LOVING IT!! After Sarah crushed her PW test she told me it was one of the most amazing feeling of her life, everyone in the MBG was cheering for her and pushing her to her very most! She said that is why i love this place, EVERYONE WANTS EVERYONE TO DO GREAT she said!! PRICELESS:)!!!
MBG 1 Restoration - Taught and did 1 hour of Eischens Yoga in class...always love this:)
MBG 2 Training - my training this week is "Chillin' like a Gorilla":) and i'm doing it!! And notice that i'm feeling better each day this week:) After mondays barbarians test i felt a bit tired and realized i hadnt taken a break in awhile so decided it's time and it feels good:) So my big workout today was doing some business calls tonight and walking around the south loop for about an hour....felt good:)
MBG 3 Plant Based eating -
  1. Maca cafe'
  2. soy yogurt, almonds, dates, raw protein
  3. chorella tablets
  4. collard greens, mashed potatoes, vegan steaks:), corn and brown lentils...great lunch!!!!
  5. big greens salad, onions, tomato and then some home made vegan pizza (tons of veggies on it:)
  6. spice tea
Very Happy with how we're doing here in Chicago, FEELING GOOD, GROWING and connecting with lots of very very cool people down here:)  Thank you all for your support near and far:) We're doing it my friends!!


  1. Such a cool story Jon. Sounds like Chicago is off the hook!!!


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