Fix tight hips/bad back in minutes with my Tip of the Day, strong workout, great meals!

Me, my Mom and Dad...they just visited MBG Chicago today:)
Want a quick fix to some back pain? Here's my Tip of the Day!
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coming out this week we'll be doing supine bridge with some feedback as only Eischens Yoga does you can dramatically bring balance to the hips, which will lessen the tightness and thus relieve back pain. It's so simple and yet so powerful...that is usually how things are that are powerful....they are simple:) And Eischens Yoga with partner feedback is a perfect example of just that!
Today was a good day:) Strong workouts, strong Eischens Yoga and super strong meals!! 
MBG 1 restoration - Did Eischens Yoga in class 
MBG 2 training - Did todays Top of 60 seconds workout!!.....for 20 minutes:)!!!
  • Handstand Push Ups x 6, 6, 5, 5, 4 = 26
  • Cliffhanger crawls x 2,2,2,2,2 = 10
  • did these two for 10 minutes, then without rest went right to:
  • Jungle Gym XT muscle ups x 8,8,8,8,8 = 40
  • Planche Dips x 10,10,10,10,10 = 50
*also trained BJJ this am for about an hour

This was NIIZZZZICEE!! hahaha
MBG 3 super strong eating!!
  1. Raw Meal, spring water
  2. banana, dates, pecans
  3. green kamut, spring water (32 oz)
  4. collards, bananas, dates, rice milk, raw meal, flax meal
  5. green kamut, spring water (32 oz)
  6. spinach, corn, sesame oil and then some sprouted pasta, mushrooms, veggies, tomato sauce
Man i felt good energy all day, felt strong, worked alot and taught a bunch of classes and still felt strong:) that's a good day:)
QUESTION FOR YOU ALL;) Why do you workout? Train? I want to honestly here what your reason is and it purely for looks? Is it for pear pressure? Is it for what?? 
For me, i train for the love of it! It gives me a high and joy daily:) To move and express myself in a natural and challenging way just makes me feel great! I love the play of it, love the challenge of trying to constantly improve myself! Got to admit too i dont mind the way it makes me look as well:) haha:) that aint a bad thing...look good, feel good:) But it's not the only thing....what is it for you?
peace and love my friends:)


  1. I Train 60% for the challenge 30% for Feeling good 10% for the looks :D And hey what is the device on the left corner of the picture for?


  2. hey roberto, thanks for the feedback...the device on the left is our cliffhanger bars to climb up and down on...they're awesome!!!

  3. I'm a 46 year old kid and training gives me that, it also allows me to keep it!!! It's a cliffhanger device! Roberto.

  4. I train mainly because of my faith. But also because it is my mission to help others with fitness and finally I love how I feel. I do not train for looks but I like being lean, healthy and fit. I train to hopefully not have to go to a nursing home.

  5. I train to play. I love the way it feels to move and challenge myself with MBG workouts but I live to get outside and run, climb, bike, surf, etc. The EY and MBG workouts help me play more, play harder, have more fun in life and keep up with may daughter.

  6. I started training 14 years ago as a freshman in college. For the first 5-6 of my training, it was mostly for looks. Then for about 3-4 years it transitioned to "wanna look good, but want to be able to move better too". I was still putting a little pressure on myself to look more muscular because I was a personal trainer and I believed that I had to look "a certain way" to attract clients. But I started to realize that wasn't the case. I realized that I that I didn't have to look like a bodybuilder and as long as I could show my clients how THEY could look and feel better, then I was doing my job. Now in the past few years, with me being married and having 2 kids, my priority is training to simply feel good and to stay young and healthy for my family. A man in his late 60's once told me that I'd get old one day. I told him, no I won't! I will advance in years, but I will never get old. Age is a state of mind.

  7. Well, you know I'm "Mr. SOUL TRAIN". I train like yourself, for the love of movement. For "ride" that is finding new ways to challenge myself so I can show others how much fun working out can be.

    Like you I can honestly say we started a movement down here in my Country (Panama) and changed the way the whole Country looked at training and living healthy. We where and still are the ONLY gym in Latin America to use EISCHENS YOGA as part of our arsenal as well as other great stuff we've learned from you. NO MIRRORS, NO one was doinv that. Now almost four years later, everybody wants to do what we do. THE DIFFERENCE IS WE BELIEVE IN WHAT WE DO...WE LIVE IT...WE DO NOT TRAIN FOR NUMBERS, TIME, SIZE...WE'RE DRIVEN BY PASSION. THAT'S WHY WE'RE DOING OUR PART DOWN HERE TO SPREAD THE WORD ON MBG3.


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  9. Hey Jon,

    Back in high school, I started training, not for me, but because other folks called me fat... not cool. And in the 7 years since then, I have gone through many stages of how and why I train, sometimes based on movement, more often than not best on what I thought would help attain some "look" that is so, 'necessary'. It has been through MBG, combined with me letting go of the ego of it all, that I feel best when it is just about the movement. When we focus on the movement, the holistic whole of our being, we realize that by nourishing the whole, it helps not only our body grow stronger and possibly that "look", but also our mind and spirit, to be better able to live through all of the challenges that we will face. In short, and I'm by no means perfect, but to try and let go of the ego of it all, letting myself rest when I need it, nourishing my body with the best foods I can, and training movements not muscles, is a large reason why I am able to stay grounded, positive and nurture a sustainable energy and love of and for living. Because in the end, if what we are doing isn't sustainable, if we aren't able to live and enjoy life, because we are doing things that aren't natural, worrying about things (look) that aren't necessary, than really, what is the point. The reason I train, is that I love LIFE, it is the most precious of gifts and I want to do as much as possible with mine.
    Bien salud.


  10. I workout because I haven't found any good reasons not to.

  11. I workout because I love feeling during and after the workout. Also working out has given me more self confidence and its a way to vent. By the way your workouts are alot of fun.



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