Crazy Training day 1.5 hrs of beat reps:) haha! Strong Greens and EY no doubt!!!

Finally got the big swing up to a handstand hold!!! hahaha
Dang today was another busy day! Good one though...made crazier by 1.5 hours of beat reps training!
Man it was so fun...the classes were crushing it and loving it big time!! took a ton of videos of it today and i'll get that to you all asap!!
MBG 1 restoration - today was very cool training and what is always cool is doing the Eischens Yoga partner feedback....and to show you how we do it check out the following pics to show the progressions and way to do each section....doing the EY feedback is amazing at stabilizing the shoulders...doing that allows for greater ROM which allows for greater ease to do....back dome and other poses and handstands.  See where back dome Bart (new MBG Chicago student) is having a hard time pressing into the floor...after feedback his hands are flat and pressing into the floor and head is now ready to press off of the floor!!! This happens within minutes for someone who has never done back dome before!! That is powerful!!! Pic A (1st back dome attempt), Pic B is partner feedback that only EY teaches, Pic C is the next back dome attempt (way more successful)

MBG 2 training - Beat reps workout....after working today alot i was tired a bit so did not want to do much for a said fu^% it:) i'm doing a beat workout!!! haha
so 90 minutes later i was toast!!!! we did some sick sick stuff!!!! i'd do a set of pulls on the bars...a good one was a muscle up to a around the world for repeats amap times...that was sick!:) then jess would go then jeremy (new mbg trainer who's very very cool!!:) then we'd all do pushing and keep alternating this all til toast!!:) OFF THE HOOK!!!! man i wish i could show you all right here!! promise soon!!
MBG 3 PB eating -
  1. green drink
  2. soaked oats, raw meal, dates, banana, pumpkin seeds
  3. green drink - kamut
  4. spinach, mango, raw meal, dates, almonds
  5. spinach, chopped soaked kale, bean curds then a vegan wrap
good day my friends,
TIP FOR THE DAY! Do the Eischens Yoga daily (if you dont have the dvd get it and follow it) then you can learn what we're doing above and change your life like crazy!
peace my friends!!!


  1. I've started back doing the EY beginner's sequence...I've been doing it everyday for the past 2 weeks and I've been feeling AMAZING! My hip adductors and glutes are normally pretty tight, which inevitably leads to back pain. The FL with a ST pose and SL pose are money for treating that!
    Today did EY after 5 min of jumping rope, then did max reps on push-ups, hindu push-ups, and PPU push-ups. Alternated those with cliffhanger pullups (10 reps, then switched hands and immediately did another 10). Then practiced some handstand lateral walking (facing the wall, feet against wall). That is still a struggle, but I'm working on it! Then went out for 1.5 mile run.

    Today's eating was:
    1) Green tea w/ raw local honey; Ezekiel cereal with added flaxseed
    2) PB & honey sandwich w/ Genesis bread, and an orange
    3) Larabar with another orange
    4) another PB & honey sandwich
    5) Larabar
    6) Cabbage & white beans

    Almost totally plant-based today (except for the milk with the cereal--would like to try coconut milk with it next time). Trying my best to eat as much plant based as possible.

  2. Jonny's my boy! I don't think I have seen you THIS happy in a LOOONG time which shows that your passion brings you energy, and that is teaching others. Now that you are teaching more again you seem to be revived!

    LOVE it bro, I love the training and always need to be around it!!!

    luv ya bro!



  3. hey james, man you are doing good my friend!! keep it up my friend on all MBG 3!!! It's not hard and it's fun and that is a good thing!! haha

    Zach-a-riah!!! my boy!! haha thanks man, yeah that was alot of fun playing like in the video and that is a joy! man it would be fun to do that for a few weeks with friends like you my friend! that is what it is all about:) having fun, enjoying friends company, training, challenging each other and learning constantly and helping others to learn....paul fogg (mbg darwin australia) just said this to me...he and i talked about a perfect world to us is training with friends, learning, teaching, eating great foods and chillin!!!! hahaha!!! heckie yeah yeah my brother!!!! heckie yeah yeah!!


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