Another Strong Week at MBG Chicago!! Plant Strong Meals! Powerful Eischens Yoga!!

My Power Plant Strong Breakfast!!
WOW what a week!! Taught alot of classes this week so did not get to train much til today. But i did
get to do EIschens Yoga daily when teaching classes and i loved that! Our MBG Chicago students are
diggin' the EY big time, we extend the beginner sequence to almost a full hour, taking breathing breaks as needed, keeping relaxed and then getting back to focusing on the actions alot! One thing we wanted to do here is show people here how powerful EY truly is and we're doing it every class! For example at the end of todays EY class we did a little partner feedback...first we had everyone see how much range they had on their back dome pose...were the hands flat, arms still bent, head still on the floor? We paid attention to all these points. Then we used Eischens Yoga partner feedback on supine bridge on the arms, then returned and did back dome again....AMAZING!! Everyone had great improvements on ROM and alignment, last night 3 people that could not even get their heads off the ground did so! And today was no different, they pressed up as if they had been doing it for years!!:) Man that is priceless:)
So give it a go and see the huge difference...if you dont know what i'm talking about:) get our EY dvd and then try out what i'm saying:) Then you'll understand!!:)
MBG 1 restoration - over an hour of Eischens Yoga today with about a 7 minute rest it was truly amazing!! The room was packed, the class was focused and we all were big time in tune and walked out floating on air!! Love teaching the EY class!!!:)
MBG 2 trainng - Felt tired from the long week and teaching most all the classes from tuesday on, so i did a very simple workout....30/30 for 30 minutes with 6 different skill exercises and all sets of slow 1s
  1. Around the worlds w/slow negative, 
  2. HSPU off yoga blocks, 
  3. Slow L seat chin up, 
  4. slow press up, 
  5. cliffhanger crawl, 
  6. planche push ups slow and strict
  • rested 5 minutes then did;
  1. Jungle Gym XT foot up lunge control jumps for 2 sets of 12s each leg
  2. Jungle Gym XT 1 legged curls for 2 sets of 12s each leg
for feeling the way i did this started easy and got just hard enough to be a really good workout!! 3.6*!!
MBG 3 plant based eating!!
  1. maca cafe'
  2. my super plant strong breakfast meal: soaked oats, soaked almonds, flax meal, goji powder, raw meal, banana, dates!! man this was strong and tasty!!:)
  3. green kamut drink
  4. kale salad with some baby spinach, tomato, onions...then had a vegan sandwich after!!!:)
  5. hot apple juice
  6. after workout apple juice with some raw meal stirred in....this was actually an awesome after workout meal and tasted incredible!! for sure try this out!!
  7. kale salad and a vegan wrap with hummus and some beans
MAN O MAN AWESOME ANSWERS ON MY QUESTION OF THE DAY!! everyone really made awesome points!! i really want to reach out and give you all a hug! Folks with so many people feeling this way the fitness world is changing no doubt....we're all changing the fitness world my friends to be about feeling good, enjoying movement and loving what we do:) THAT is awesome!!!
QUESTION FOR TODAY!! Answer the following question:
If you could have one super power what would it be...the answer says alot about you:) haha
The ability to fly?
The ability to read minds?
To be invisible?
be careful which one you choose:) cause each has an interesting twist!!:)
peace my friends!


  1. So awesome to hear how EY and MBG are already changing lives in CHI!!! The breakfast oats look amazing too. Gotta try that. I think you already described how you make it. Gotta look around for that. :)

    Oh, and my super power would be the ability to fly. The change in perspective would be amazing!

  2. thanks b-man:) yeah, mbg chi is setting the way i know this and i hope you can partake in it sometime soon! flying:) yes, THAT is the one i feel:) i'll explain tomorrow:) haha have a good night buddy!

  3. Oh man! I've actually thought about this question before. If I could pick just one, it would have to be telekinesis. I guess it's because I grew up a huge Star Wars fan, and always thought how cool it was for Jedi to move objects around with their mind.

    MBG Chicago looks awesome! I need to get there for an MBG Intensive soon!

  4. Hey Jon,

    The super power that I not only wish for, but am working towards, is to love myself as I love everyone else, love everyone else as I love Mother Earth, and love Mother Earth as much as I love Life, and life a life which inspires others to do the same, in their own beautiful way.

    I realize this may seem to be a bit of an odd super power, but imagine a world in which every person loved themselves, all other beings, the planet, and whatever spiritual energy that moves them, so deeply and passionately that it was reflected in their all of their actions. In my experience, loving oneself can often times be the most challenging and a constant practice to work on... I will stop attempting to to explain myself now and end with a little saying that helps direct how I try and life my life, "Lead, Love and Live with my heart"

    ¡Bien salud a tod@s!


  5. When you are doing the EY and living MBG3 daily it's easy to see why people are digging it in Chicago and all over, it's a great gift to the people, and it's fun!!!!!!!!!!

    I've already got my Super Power, I'm a MBG CNT!!!

  6. haha!! all awesome answers again!! tyler man that is a awesome answer, and of course bn a mbg cnt:) haha...lead, love and live with my heart....that is good, simple and powerful:) look forward to cn all of you soon!! peace:)

  7. def good answers, I'm gonna keep mine simple. I wanna fly! As always thanks for the great content jon!

  8. okay folks:) good job on the answers...i began asking this question of myself and others along time ago and then realized each has a very interesting point to it...the more i thought on it the more i realized flying seems the most sincere and non sneaky:) haha
    flying - represents freedom, exploring, seeing the world from another view....openness:)
    invisible - sneaky no doubt!!:)haha
    reading minds - again sneaky but then again if we pay attention we can pretty much do this already....but we're sort of guessing too. on this one though...reading peoples minds all the i dont think i'd like that all the time:) haha
    so all of you either gave great ones you made up OR picked flying:) good job my friends!!:)


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