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Strong MBG training today, Powerful PB meals!!!

Another strong day at Monkey Bar Gym Chicago!! Trained BJJ again today and man what a workout that was today!! Trained for 2 hours, most of the time with 16 year old little monster Danielo from Rio...he's only a purple best but this kid is honestly amazing!! Black belt technique no doubt and he gives me a hell of a roll!!:) Lots of Fun!!
After BJJ, then taught the noon class and that was even funner!!:) haha we did lots of handstand practice on 1 arm alternated with swinging on the poles and flagpole practice.
After that we did todays workout....As Heavy As Possible (AHAP) for renegade rows and push ups.
This was alot of fun too:)
MBG 1 restoration - EY no doubt!!:)
MBG 2 training - todays training!
5 x 6 of weighted push ups off 3 boxes to get full ROM....used a 60kg
4 x 8s of 40k's Renegade Rows
MBG 3 eating - GREAT MEALS!!
had a coffee this morning:) haha that was cool actually:) then lots and lots of water!!kale, mango, raw protein, pecans smoothiebaby spinach, broccoli, garba…

Road Warrior video, visit MBG Madison, good train, good eats!

Here's a simple warm up drill that is great for you when you travel to help pick you up and liven up your back!  Yesterday (monday) was a busy day and a good one too! Did a 4 hour DVD shoot, then had a great himalayan lunch with my mom, then had meetings all afternoon til stef and i worked out...good one! Then met my folks for dinner, then drove back to chicago last night! Whew:)
ABOVE VIDEO: is the first of many of my Road Warrior videos Jessica and I filmed while driving across the country awhile back....each hour of the drives we'd stop and do a set of something and it felt great! We got so amped up each time after doing it that the next hour of driving was easy and enjoyable! Then over that next hour we'd think of some other exercise to do...basically keeping it alternating all day long (over 8 hours of driving we got about 7 sets in:).  So each day over the next week or so i'll post one of our after this warm up at a gas'll see more:)

How R MBG Chicagoans crushing the challenge!! Vegan Soul Food!

WHAT A DAY!!! Today was one of those days when you know that what you're doing is on the money...well today felt like that!!:) Today i slept great! Ate great! and the MBG Chicago crushed it, and when i say crushed it i mean EVERYBODY crushed it!!:) Then to top it off Jeremy (MBG Chicago trainer) and i went to have a business meeting and decided to go check out place this place makes packaged meals which sell at whole foods and i've been killing them:) haha They make great greens, bean curds and lots more and they're located right on our south we decided heck lets go here. Well as we're driving there i'm telling jeremy about how i use to stay on the south side alot when i was breakdancing with my brother gregs family...anyways the next thing i know is that this neighborhood is starting to look really familiar...then i see some guy selling fruit on the corner and it hits me, i bet this guy is selling for the restaurant that i went to about 20 som…

what a day!! 1 wicked test workout:) 4 Classes, 3 meetings and lots of work:) haha

Man today was a great busy day! Meetings this morning, classes, privates, workout, more meetings and more classes!! Whew! Over the weekend i was in San Fran and ran into a cool young trainer named Charlie who is a solid trainer who lives in SF.  Actually got something cool from his blog that i wanted to share with you all as well.
When in SF it was really really awesome to see my dad in action at the show..he's been doing these fitness shows since 1973 and he's basically a legend at the shows:) he was having a blast, walking all over the place and working out the whole was great! He loves doing the shows and feeling the love folks have for him....and he's still a bad bad man!! Can easily rattle off 10 chin ups no problem!
QUESTION OF THE DAY: What inspires YOU to follow something or someone?
Is it a YouTube of something that you being yoked?  (if you dont know what yoked is, being Yoked is a 1990's term for someone who is in crazy great shape....da…

In San Fran, Yesterdays Box Muscle up workout, Super Strong Greens!

This is crazy cool what jessie is doing assisted with the BXT!! She looks like slow motion!!
Good day of MBG 3 my friends, short and to the point!! haha
Want to bring something up i've talked a bit about before....getting tired and keeping on!!:)
How You Feeling? Lets be honest, if we told people the truth they'd probably walk away:) haha
Tired? Then Why? Think about it....There is something to be said for giving of energy all day long...for many this is mental energy (think of the book celestine phrophecies). some folks stress and take energy from you as their means for living...some folks stress over work, over family, over the way they look, heck anything people can stress over.....all can be mental.
Then there is the physical energy from working out hard, lack of sleep, teaching alot of others how to train in privates or in classes, doing dvd shoots or picture shoots, playing sports....even city stress of smog, traffic and just crazy energy can be added here as well.
All of t…

Crazy Training day 1.5 hrs of beat reps:) haha! Strong Greens and EY no doubt!!!

Finally got the big swing up to a handstand hold!!! hahaha
Dang today was another busy day! Good one though...made crazier by 1.5 hours of beat reps training!
Man it was so fun...the classes were crushing it and loving it big time!! took a ton of videos of it today and i'll get that to you all asap!!
MBG 1 restoration - today was very cool training and what is always cool is doing the Eischens Yoga partner feedback....and to show you how we do it check out the following pics to show the progressions and way to do each section....doing the EY feedback is amazing at stabilizing the shoulders...doing that allows for greater ROM which allows for greater ease to do....back dome and other poses and handstands.  See where back dome Bart (new MBG Chicago student) is having a hard time pressing into the floor...after feedback his hands are flat and pressing into the floor and head is now ready to press off of the floor!!! This happens within minutes for someone w…

Whew! Beat Reps! BJJ! Greens like crazy! and EY feedback magic!!:)

Whew today was a long tough day! Worked alot early this a.m., then trained BJJ with Luiz today for about 75 minutes straight, then taught the noon class, then worked out, ate and headed back to do some more work, teach again, meet again, eat again!:) haha
In todays class we had probably the funnest warm up so far...did all our crawls, climbs, cartwheels and then mixed them into over boxes, adding rolls after the boxes and then to bar 360s! man everyone was diggin' it big time and so was i:) lots of fun!!
MBG 1 Eischens Yoga restoration - beginner sequence in class and then some partner feedback again to improve back dome and DANG!!!! did that work!! All of us had huge improvements in our back dome just after doing some partner feedback in two other it was crazy! 7 students had never even gotten up into back dome and all 7 got up into a back dome with head lifted off the floor!!
MBG 2 training - did this after BJJ with luiz and teaching noon class;
couple sets of 1A 40k sn…

MBG Chicago has Mad Training Skills! Awesome Meals!! Strong workout!!

Got to say Monkey Bar Gym Chicago is off the hook!!! Today was awesome!! everybody here is doing the skills training each class and loving it, then we did beat reps and they loved that even more!!:) Man i'm loving the way folks here are improving each day! Folks who werent close to handstands are crushing it now, getting way way stronger and feeling more and more pain free from the Eischens Yoga and Plant Based nutrition!
Monday night after a full day of shooting new DVD's Jess and i got to go to our first Bulls game:) It was a blast! Gary (new Lifeline CEO) came down and treated us and more to the game and dinner before hand....awesome seats too:) WOW is all i can say the united center is awesome, the game was a blast as i havent been to an NBA game in many years...but most of all the side events at the game were the best:) haha Benny the Bulls mascot should be paid a ton of money!!... he has crazy skills doing handsprings over the chair and lots more!! amazing comic timing! a…

Another Strong Week at MBG Chicago!! Plant Strong Meals! Powerful Eischens Yoga!!

WOW what a week!! Taught alot of classes this week so did not get to train much til today. But i did
get to do EIschens Yoga daily when teaching classes and i loved that! Our MBG Chicago students are
diggin' the EY big time, we extend the beginner sequence to almost a full hour, taking breathing breaks as needed, keeping relaxed and then getting back to focusing on the actions alot! One thing we wanted to do here is show people here how powerful EY truly is and we're doing it every class! For example at the end of todays EY class we did a little partner feedback...first we had everyone see how much range they had on their back dome pose...were the hands flat, arms still bent, head still on the floor? We paid attention to all these points. Then we used Eischens Yoga partner feedback on supine bridge on the arms, then returned and did back dome again....AMAZING!! Everyone had great improvements on ROM and alignment, last night 3 people that could not even get their heads off the…

Fix tight hips/bad back in minutes with my Tip of the Day, strong workout, great meals!

Want a quick fix to some back pain? Here's my Tip of the Day!
Mar 2, 2011 8:47pm Length: ‎1:21 coming out this week we'll be doing supine bridge with some feedback as only Eischens Yoga does you can dramatically bring balance to the hips, which will lessen the tightness and thus relieve back pain. It's so simple and yet so powerful...that is usually how things are that are powerful....they are simple:) And Eischens Yoga with partner feedback is a perfect example of just that!
Today was a good day:) Strong workouts, strong Eischens Yoga and super strong meals!!  MBG 1 restoration - Did Eischens Yoga in class  MBG 2 training - Did todays Top of 60 seconds workout!!.....for 20 minutes:)!!! Handstand Push Ups x 6, 6, 5, 5, 4 = 26Cliffhanger crawls x 2,2,2,2,2 = 10did these two for 10 minutes, then without rest went right to:Jungle Gym XT muscle ups x 8,8,8,8,8 = 40Planche Dips x 10,10,10,10,10 = 50*also trained BJJ this am for about an hour

This was NIIZZZZICEE!! hahaha MBG 3 super st…